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  1. Florida Riding Groups?

    Hi, I live in Northwest Florida area and know of several groups in the area that meet to ride. What part of Florida is your niece living?
  2. The "tired Of Mud, No Grass, Rain" Topic

    Tired of the rain in Florida also. We had a little sun yesterday, but storming today. We have ponds in the pasture.....I think the horses are ready for spring.
  3. Frigid Ride At Utah's West Desert Ride

    I feel like a whimp.....I would not ride today because the temperature only got to 50 today. Not use to the cold temps in Florida.
  4. Beautiful Crisp Winter Day For A Ride

    Beautiful country! I am jealous of the snow. I live in sunny Florida and would love to ride in the snow at least once. What breed is your white horse? She looks similiar to my gray arab.
  5. Walker And I Had Our First Solo Ride Today!

    I am glad you had a good solo ride, nothing worse than a barn sour horse. My mare has good days when leaving her pals behind and bad days. Looks like you have a nice place to ride. Do you have to worry about hunters? (the picture of the shooting [Jump]house makes me ask}
  6. Hello From Washington

    I love cooling off in the summer in a cool creek, so do the horses, however, the trails by the creeks that we ride are part of a state park and they have banned the horses from the creeks. You risk getting fined if you get caught. I have not been swimming in Washington, the closes was in a couple ofColorado Rivers and it is very similiar in temperature to Florida creeks.
  7. Hello From Washington

    What is the temperature in Washington this time of year? Looks like a great ride and not to hot. It has been to hot to ride alot in Florida, it is in the 90's to the 100's and you can add 10 additional degrees for humidity. A friend and I went to Coldwater Trails last week and rode from 9 am til Noon both the horses and ourselves were soaking wet with sweat when we got back.
  8. Herd Bound Mare Update

    Just thought I would update those who helped me out with my herd bound mare. She is doing somewhat better. The first time I rode after our post, she was an angel. Left the barn and our gelding without any problems. However, the next two rides she began acting up immediately. I used the crop (lightly)to encourage her to move on and she did. When we were about a half of a mile from the barn she began to rear and try to head for home. I tried to get her to move forward without prevail. I got off her and attached a lunge line to her and put her to work. Got back on went anoter 100 yards, same ole act. I lunged her again. After this workout she decided it would be easier to do what I ask. We continued on our ride for another mile and a half then headed for home. The next trip out was a repeat of the last, I had to lunge her out 3 x before she decided to do as she was told. Saturday I rode her alone again this time with no problems. She behaved tthe entire trip. Yesterday I rode her, but let the gelding go along. I did not want her to think he will never be with us on rides. I am not sure if she is just moody or what. Thanks for all the advice.
  9. Herd Bound Mare

    Thanks for all the advice, alot to absorb. I feel comfortable working her hard, but if things do not improve soon I will call a trainer. The weather should break Saturday late, so maybe I can work her soon and let you know how it goes.
  10. Herd Bound Mare

    Question: I should try to move her feet even we she starts to buck and rear with me? When I try to move on, she will start spinning and trying to buck. What should I do then? I do worry about hitting the ground, I am an art teacher and artist, I can't afford a broken arm.
  11. Herd Bound Mare

    wOW, Lot's to think about. After reading the post, I think I will try working her away from home. Even if it means taking a longe line with me on the trail and getting off and working her if her behavior gets out of control. Then getting back on and continuing the ride. I do not think that I have been scared when she is acting up, but maybe I have and she senses me being a little nervous. I will say I have been mad. Yesterday, we stood still for about 10 minutes until she calmed down before I continued. She became annoyed and turned around to nudge my foot in the stirrup and I nudged back. She went a few feet done the road away from home and started acting up again. Just a note about seperating them. They have been seperated several times in the last 2 years, for long periods of time, about 6 months on one occasion. They have been back together now for about 9 months, maybe the seperation made them worry about losing the other horse. We have had rain all day today in my part of Florida and I believe it is forecasted to continue for a few more days. I will give you an up-date when I can ride again.
  12. How Old Was Your Oldest

    My childhood horses lived to be 28 and 31. I thought mine were old. 50 something, Crazy! My son politely pointed out that wow that is older than you....not by much.... [bat Eyelashes]
  13. Herd Bound Mare

    Thanks for the advise. I have never used a crop on my mare she has never needed one before now. But will try. I have trailered her off to local trails for rides with friends all day and she was fine. The problem only occurs with her when he is near. However, the days I leave him behind my husband said my gelding cried all day and ran the fence line. (my husband and son had to put the gelding in the stall because he tried to jump the fence!!)
  14. Herd Bound Mare

    I have recently starting having trouble with my mare leaving her pasture mate. I have had her and my gleding for 6 years, until recently I have not had trouble with her. When I try go on a trail ride without the gelding, he begins to whinnie constantly and she gets to the edge of our property and starts to act up. She tries backing up, throwing her head, and now bucking. I never go back home, I try to continue down the road. However, recently it takes 30 minutes to go 1/4 of a mile. Last week I took both of them to a local arena. I tied him up while I rode her. She began acting up immediately. Not wanting to go away from him. I managed to ride away from him a couple of times and down to the end of the arena area, but when we got near him again, she began bucking. I walked over by the gelding for a few minutes to talk to a friend on her horse, when my mare pulled the ultimate stunt. She pinned her ears back at my friends horse and tried to kick the horse. She was truly saying "Stay away from my Stormie" Yesterday, I started out on a ride again and immediately she began to act up. I walked her back into the pature and straight to the round pen were I worked her for about 20 minutes and started out again. She continued to act up. I have been riding horses all my life, but have never experienced this behavior from my horse. Any suggestions?
  15. Riding in Pensacola Florida

    Hi I live in the Pace area.(about 10 miles from Pensacola) Hayes' Ranch on Berryhill Road in Pace has riding available and there are several farms in the Molino area with riding facilities. Also, long on to Happy Hoofers they have adds for riding facilities in our area. Hope this helps!