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  1. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Crickettgirl.....Hey how are you.? No I do not ride my bike any more. I sold it and bought a Jeep. I love it!!! I still ride my horses though. I have Sam Riley ( the rescue that is 29) and my newer horse Dakota. He is a huge QH / percheron cross, He has foul temper though, But we are working through it, Good to see some of you "oldies " here. It has been awhile. I need to stop in more often. I am now single after 25 years of marriage and have time now. Well see yall later.
  2. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Hey yall. Yep I am still around and lurk here sometimes. How is it going?
  3. I Have To Share!

    AWWWWW That made me smile.
  4. Getting Married In 10 Days....

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! hope it all goes well and you have the time of your life on your honeymoon.
  5. Hc Oldies

    I just came back after being off nearly a year adn wondered what happened to some of these people as well.
  6. Long Time No See

    YaHoo!!! We got 2 inches of rain yesterday, We needed it soooooo bad. Horseles...."take care of him"..hmmmmmmmmm that is a thought. lol There has been more than one occasion I wanted to "take care of him. " He has been somwhere in the horth east corner but is in Arkansas right now and will be in Nebraska in a few months. He may get to finally see a good snow. Nebraska in December. Peppers Dad...Good to see you again. Yes they say what don't kill you will make you stronger. Call me wonder woman then. hehe I am really doing pretty good though. Sorry your horse is complaining. Tell him to lose 10 and it will balance out.
  7. Long Time No See

    Foxie...your hubby is about a 20 minute drive from me. Yes he has been hot and miserable if he has had to be outside. You should not tease him with your weather.....any of us down here for that fact. lol I wish you could send some of the hurricane to us. We have not had a drop of rain here in 2 1/2 months now.
  8. Long Time No See

    Mestengo....good to see ya. Yes please send me some rain but you can keep the misquitos.We ahve plenty of those and flys are horrible this year too. Greenhaven..Yes they do seem to just pick up and leave when they get ready. It was quite a shock at first but it has been long enough I am dealing with it pretty good now. In one week I my very very best friend moved out of state , my son took a job in Penn and my husband left. I was one lonely person at first. Well good to "see ya" again.
  9. Hay Prices

    Northwest Louisiana...Major drought here and I usually pay $4.50 a bale for heavy square bales. Thsi year I paid $10 a bale and it rose the other day to $12 a bale. I have to have 120 bales. My barn is full though and should take me through winter, If we have a winter.
  10. Long Time No See

    I saw his pictures. He is a gorgeous baby.
  11. My Summer "project"

    WOW! He is a beautiful baby. Look at all that hair.
  12. A Boy & His Dog

    Very cute picture. Love it. I am loving your green grass. We have not had any of that here for months.
  13. Long Time No See

    Crickettgirl.....Don't know if I should ask or not but what happened. I must have missed something while I was gone, teampenninglady...I am in Shreveport which is in the north west corner. RA..Thanks..My pasture if GONE. Totally brown and crispy. My pond is just a mud hole down at the very center. It is going to take a lot of rain to bring us back this year. Megs...Good to see you too. How is it going? Well we seta new record here today. Most days over 100 degrees. I think it is 60 and no change in sight for us. I might as well move to Pheonix so I would expect this kind of weather. This is the hottest driest summer on record now. Well better go get ready for work tomorrow. Need to se if I have clean scrubs. You all take care and send some rain if you can,
  14. Wanna See Pics Of Me In My Dress?

    Pretty dress and looks fabulous on you. The one pic of you hugged up to the fan made me laugh. I like the picture of you standing in the corner of your deck. Good picture.
  15. Long Time No See

    Hey crickettgirl.....Yea the hubby leaving was definitly a blow to me. Once I decided to get off my rear and quit my crying I got a better attitude and life goes on. Sam is still handsome as ever and really doing well on barrels. Heat has kinda put a stop to riding for now though. We reach at least 105 or more every day. No rain for 2 months here and it is hard to find hay and when you do it is expensive. I paid $10 a bale for a square bale this year. Had to have 125 of them. But you gotta feed them. I usually pay $4.50 a bale. Hope all is well with you.