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  1. Horse's Leg...again.

    Did she happen to get stitches 6 years ago when she mangled the leg? Shot in the dark here....but I had a gelding who had gotten stitched up just above the coronary band....after he was all healed up he'd randomly swell and get grumpy. 5 years later I was shaving that leg for a show and my clippers caught on something in his scar. Turns out, the vet had missed a part of the stitching and it'd been working its way out of the leg all those years!
  2. So, how was it from your view?

    It looked a lot like this, here: very windy, baseball sized hail, 7 inches of rain in a very short time (like, and hour?) and basically very apocalyptic.
  3. The view from a mother's eyes

    Did he end up high score?
  4. Serah Rose

    Pinto only has a quarter of Arabian blood in her, alas. I do plan on breeding her to an Arabian in a few years. And I'm seriously considering breeding her to a Lusitano (Saphiro) next summer . PD - I let my horses choose what they want to do. Ideally we'll do a bit of eventing, with a primary focus on dressage. My neighbour really wants me to go to pinto worlds with them next year, and compete in the versatility class (we watched it live online this year, it's REALLY fun. First the horses are judged in halter by type - stock or pleasure- then you have 5 minutes to tack up and warm up for an English rail class, then 5 minutes to change tack and do a western rail class, then 5 more minutes to change and then everyone runs a barrel pattern. Then it's all tallied for a grand champion who wins a few thousand dollars) so I MAY try to train for that over the winter. We'll see! So many options, and all I really want to do is ride my old grey nag.
  5. Serah Rose

    Sorry for the delay in replying! I've been on vacation with little to no internet access. PintoThing is doing fine. I really have been slacking off on working with her, but every time I do she's just steady and listens well. Her random spooks in-hand have reduced greatly in the last year, and she's never done it u/s. I measured her just over 16h a few months ago, I'm hoping she's done growing. I also changed her "accessories" colour from spring green to dark blue. Lol In the bg of this pic you can see the adorable tack shack we built this spring! I love it so much. Super handy to have.
  6. The puppies are born!

    Congrats on the pupster! Picking from a litter can be super hard. When I picked my pup, she was only a week old. I knew I didn't want huge, I wanted female, and preferably the rottie markings (they were mutts, rottie dad, lab/border collie mom, oopsie litter) and while it narrowed the choices a little, I still had 7 to choose from! I just kinda looked for the smallest one and said "that one" and hoped for the best! Lol What kind of personality do you like? Since you'll be picking something out when it's slightly old, personality traits will be popping up, and I looove noting the difference in littermates.
  7. BREAKFAST!!!!

    Rrw--mouse poison? B-Day cake muffin is just plain muffin batter w sprinkles in it, and a little dollop of frosting on top. Delish
  8. BREAKFAST!!!!

    Eggs Benedict w hashbrowns and a birthday cake muffin, and a OJ.
  9. Anybody Else?

    Strangeness is afoot
  10. Not again...

    Cellulitis was my first thought last year. So strange. Hope she turns a corner soon.
  11. Not again...

    Ugh I feel your pain! Here's hoping there's an abscess somewhere (abscesses are my go-to hope when I have a lame horse, as they're generally easy to care for) and that the vet shows up soon!
  12. It Is Friday

    HnQ -great minds...
  13. It Is Friday

    I'll be thinking of you today, Equi! I always tell myself "better a day too soon than a minute too late" Not much going on here....brutal week at work and I'm just counting down the hours til quittin time. I have to coach a student at a show on Sunday, but will probably be pretty darn lazy on Saturday!
  14. Anybody Else?

    Nothing here. I doubt Nick was behind it. I've kinda always appreciated Nick's opinion when it came to horse stuff. I stay away from the debate board for the most part....too much nastiness from all sides, imo.
  15. Poor Friday

    I'm already waiting for next Friday. Lol