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    It is gorgeous! Can you tell what the average price is for one that is customized all out? I'm in love with Triple Creek Saddles now.
  2. Spring Creek

    Will finish my stats later. <3 Human <3 Name: Madeline Cameron nk: Maddie Age: 20 Gender: Female Personality: When away from horses which is a rare occurance for Maddie, she is fun loving and some what scatterbrained. At the barn it is like a whole new person who is striving to reach the top and shows true determination. Maddie is extremely focused and no one can change her mind once it is decided. History: Ever since she was extremely little, she has been around horses. Her father was a well known western trainer and her mom was a talented barrel racer. At first she started out on western ponies and continued that until she was fifteen then at a show the dressage competition caught her eye. Even though her parents disagreed they supported her and allowed her to seek lessons. For the past five years, she has been training with Margie and is moving up the ranks. Currently showing at the third level. Decription/picture: Other: <3 <3 Horse <3 <3 Name: barn name: Age: gender: breed: height: Disapline: Events: Picture: Other:
  3. These are my people. *closed*

    A strong ray of sunlight poured into the bedroom of Arianna Whitely who had been sleeping until now being awaken. Rubbing her smooth hands across her unmade up face, she looked over to the clock realizing she had actually slept later than usual. Arianna was used to waking to the sound of her alarm clock that signaled it was time to wake up and go to work as a nurse at the hospital. She actually was off work today and had been planning to go to the street fair that was going on today. Pushing the covers off of her, she walked into the bathroom and went through her normal routine of getting ready. Exiting the bathroom, she was now showered, her makeup applied, and wavy hair straightened. Before leaving her bedroom, Ari checked out her outfit which consisted of a blue striped polo, a pair of denim shorts, and blue flip flops. After a short trip down the wooden stairs, she reached the kitchen and retrieved an apple since she was not that hungry. She grapped her keys and cell phone then headed out into her garage. Unlocking the car door to her silver Land Rover, she entered the vehicle and put the key into the ignition. The Land Rover came to life and Ari pulled out of the garage and onto the rode that headed into town. She loved living out of town, but it was sometimes an inconvience especially with the rising price of gas. The drive into town was ten minutes so when she got there it was starting to get crowded. Finding a parking place for her vehicle, Ari inspected the sights closely. Stepping out of the vehicle her finger found the lock button on its own, her eyes spotted a few familiar figures. No way she thought shaking her head figuring she was only imagining seeing her old buddies from school. She hadn't saw any of them in forever. Long steps brought her toward them quickly and in an enthusiastic voice she said, "I can't believe I'm really seeing you guys again." [ 06-29-2007, 01:32 PM: Message edited by: Me and Dan-D Canchasin ]
  4. These are my people. *closed*

    Name: Arianna Whitely NickName: Ari Age: 24 Gender: Female Personality: Ari has always been one that exerts poise and confidence. Will never back away from a challenge and presents much determination. Is an optimistic thinker and always has been one to set goals then work hard to achieve them. Does have a short temper that has caused her to lose it more than a few times. History: After her years with the group all the way into High School, she left Black Forest on a full ride scholarship to become a nurse at the state university. The time seemed to go by slowly without the group, but she met what seemed like the man of her dreams while in school. With this man by her side, she moved through her training, but it all ended when she found out he was cheating on her. Arianna then tried twice as hard in school and graduated with top honors. An amazing job oppurtunity brought her back to the local hospital in Black Forest where she now has recently moved and is working. Picture/Description: Arianna Other: Nope.
  5. The Redneck Yacht Club FINISHED!!

    Logan still had his arms wrapped around Jordin's waist, but pulled back away from her some to observe the scenery. "I love coming here," he said looking from Jordin to the area around them. A wet nose nudged his leg and his hand left Jordin's waist to pet the border collie's furry head. Still having a puppy attitude Skipper lept forward his front paws against Logan's body. The dog then jumped down wanting to play and Logan released Jordin's waist. Reaching down he found a nearby stick and threw it as far as possible, the border collie took off after it giving Logan time with Jordin again. "Puppies you have to love them," he said acknowledging Skipper's run that was rather clumsy and made his ears flop wildly. A loud neigh turned Logan's attention toward his trailer and he peeked around the corner to check on his gelding. "Did you already unload your mare?" he asked Jordin. He shifted his wait as Skipper brought back the stick and Logan took the stick that had been dropped at his feet and launched it once again.
  6. These are my people. *closed*

    Please, please, please! May I have a spot? This RPG is very well put together lovin and Cowboy.
  7. The Redneck Yacht Club FINISHED!!

    Looking up to the sky, Logan could tell it was going to be a beautiful day to be at the lake with all his friends especially Jordin. His long strides took him to the barn in a relaxed manner and his eyes glanced around his facility. He loved this place and couldn't imagine livin anywhere else. Sliding the barn door open, he entered and looked into the stalls of each of his horses that were either his or in training. While he would be gone, his father would be taking care of the horses and riding them for a bit. He reached his probably most talented prospect's stall and looked in to see Digger munching on his hay. Taking the halter from its hook outside, he slipped the latch open and moved beside the horse who was waiting for his morning treat. Okay yeah the horse was a little spoiled, but being Logan's favorite he gave the horse special treatment. It didn't take long to get the sorrel horse loaded and since he had packed everything earlier into his two horse trailer bumper pull trailer that he used for smaller trips, he was ready to go in no time. Logan double checked to make sure the ATV was strapped down in the bed of his truck then called for Skipper. The Border Collie came running out and heeled right beside him. He looked in on Digger and made sure he was settled in with his hay bag then got in the truck with Skipper getting in and hopping into the passenger seat. Logan only lived about 30 minutes from the lake and when his phone went off because of text message, he was 15 minutes away from reaching the road to turn down to the camp. Reading the text from Jordin, he quickly typed back, "15 minutes away. See you there babe." He watched the rode closely although he could drive to their campsite in his sleep. The road signs passed by telling him he was getting closer to the lake. Finally he spotted the road and turned the wheel making the turn smoothly with the truck and trailer. Logan spotted Jordin's truck and trailer and swiftly pulled in beside her. The dog who had been watching out the window the whole time was now focused on the female figure that was standing beside her rig. Roughing Skipper's hair in a playful pet, he opened the door and the dog came flying out then headed straight toward Jordin. After checking on Digger who was resting quietly in the trailer, Logan walked over to Jordin. He moved in behind her and grabbed her around the waist. "It seems like I haven't seen you in forever," he said kissing her lightly on the cheek. "Skipper here," he said as the dog began checking out the campsite then ran over to Logan.
  8. The Redneck Yacht Club FINISHED!!

    Maci Jaci OOC: lovin- Could Logan and Jordin already be dating? Stats Name: Logan Whitely Nickname: N/A Age: 24 Gender: Male Personlaity: Laidback and goes along with the plan. Is fun to be around and has a way of making everyone have a good time. Has always had to work for what he has so hates being around spoiled people. History: Grew up on his family's ranch where they raised cutting horses. He grew up on a horse's back and that is still where he loves to be. His parents always believed in making their two children work for what they had and that is exactly what Logan did. He began working for his father and got his name out in the cutting horse world. Logan finally got enough money saved up and is now training his own cutters. Other: N/A Pic/Description: Logan Number of horse(s): 1 coming along Number of dog(s): 1 coming along Your mudding truck pic: Mudding Truck Your ATV Pic: ATV Dog Stats Name: Skipper Age: 2 Gender: Male Breed: Border Collie Personlaity: Full of life and loves to go everywhere with Logan. Knows when playtime is up and he needs to go to work. Is Logan's best friend. Other: N/A Pic/Description: Skipper Horse Stats Registered Name: Digging For Chicks Barn Name: Digger Age: 5 Gender: Gelding Breed: APH Personality: Never seems to be able to keep his mind on a job for very long. Very curious and gets into everything he possibly can. Loves woman and seems to suck up to them. Other: Is Logan's personal horse he is training for cutting. Pic/Description: Digger [ 06-27-2007, 03:57 PM: Message edited by: Me and Dan-D Canchasin ]
  9. Dare To Dream..Part 10

    My dream that I wish to achieve in the future is be able to run and place well in the pro rodeo circuits. Running in the NFR would also be at the top of my list.
  10. The Mud of Your Mind Part 9

    The problem I'm currently having is really working on my nerves. I feel that my nerves affect how my horse performs and how he comes in the gate. Dan-D is a high strung horse and feeds off my emotions then reacts accordingly. I am working on concentrating harder on the positive and not the negative.
  11. Attitudes And Anger...Part 8

    After a bad run, I always rub my horse's neck then pat him on the rump. Then I go straight to cooling him off away from everyone else, as I don't like talking to anyone after I have a bad run. At this time I review my run in my head while still talking to my horse. After a good run, I do the same with rubbing my horse's neck and patting him on the rump but I'm known for saying loudly 'Good Boy'. Once I exit the arena I go and start cooling him off. Like during a bad run I review the run in my head and still talk to my horse.
  12. "YABUT" PART 7

    I in no way would risk my horse for any amount of money. $20,000 for one race is not worth possibly ending my horse's career. If I heard this I would forget about the money I spent on the entry then load up and take my horse home.

    I am accountable for any mistakes I make during a run. Either I didn't prepare my horse well enough or I cued him wrong. He is listening for my cues and if I did something wrong so will he. Now if we have a good run I feel he is 75% accountable because he put forth the effort and did as he was asked. The leftover 25% I feel is mine because I cued and rode him properly.
  14. FEAR - Part 5

    I am afraid of not being able to control everything during my run. There are so many factors that are out of my control that could cause something horrible to happen. Horses are always finding ways to get themselves into trouble and there are so many little things you don't think of that they find. I'm always worrying that something could possibly hurt me or my horses.
  15. Intimidation...Part 4

    I am intimidated by the other riders around me when I get ready to compete. Often I feel that they out do me in ability because of my size. I see barrel racers that are smaller than me and wonder if my horse would be better if I weiged less and was shorter. (I'm 5'10" and weigh 190) When I am getting my horse ready to compete, I am intimidated knowing at anytime something could happen to him or me. I'm constantly looking for something to happen whether it be that out of control horse and rider or my tack.