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  1. Has Anyone Ever Seen A Mirrored Saddle?

    The Breed itself is a good one- as in most extremes it is the owners who are the problems. Parades aren't as big a deal here on the West Coast ( except for the Rose Parade) and the gaited horse classes and practically non existent any more. Can't say I'm sorry- but I have ridden those 'big licks' and they were awesome. My friends never used chains, just wooden beads that clacked. Still, I'd like to see those big shoes outlawed for the horses sakes.
  2. Has Anyone Ever Seen A Mirrored Saddle?

    No, the saddle that I was trying to get a value for is actually mirrors- not silver pieces. I've never seen one, and I'm surprise ( but not very!) that a few others- especially in the mid-west HAVE seen them. As in most things- glitter trumps function here. I haven't seen the saddle for myself. It was a photograph sent to my place of business for an evaluation- and the photo was not a very good one. Still trying to assess a value. Thanks!
  3. Wedding Ideas Please?

    If riding in isn't an option, perhaps just having your horse at the end of the Groomsmens line would be nice. You could dress him up in a fancy silver halter, or a nice black leather one. Have one of your groomsmen handle him ( if they are able) or another trusted friend. Include him in his finery in a few of the formal wedding pictures. Of course make sure you have a fancy decorated wheelbarrow to cart away his 'bidness' should it happen...
  4. Saddle Identity?

    Have your sister also check for a makers mark on the latigo strap (left side near the swell), and behind the cantle. Also sometime the maker marked the stirrups on the top, bar, which is hidden from view by a fender. Could be a Simco.
  5. 2 Year Old Project Gelding

    Congratulations on rehoming Wyatt. He looks very cute. I like a smaller horse myself. He looks a little bit older than two to me. Does he have papers? He has a nice deep hip and the angles of his hocks seem to match the angle of his shoulder. His neck ties in high and he has a shorter neck, which will keep him from being about to flex his jaw very deeply, so you'll have to get him to flex from the wither rather than the poll. Although he is slightly cowhocked, that could be because of the lack of shoeing, but I like a horse with a little cowhock- they can get deeper in a stop and seem to hold up a little better. He has good bone, and looks like good feet too. His weight isn't bad but I'll bet he hasn't had any dentistry and he probably need his wolf teeth removed (if he's two). He has a sweet expression and who doesn't love a sorrel? Good luck with him!
  6. Has Anyone Ever Seen A Mirrored Saddle?

    I'm just looking to assess a value on a saddle like this. I don't think I would ride it myself.
  7. Has Anyone Ever Seen A Mirrored Saddle?

    Yes! Exactly! Do you know this rider?
  8. I know there is a mirrored saddle somewhere in Las Vegas hanging over a bar, but has anyone ever seen a mirrored saddle on an actual horse in or a parade or Rodeo? I work at an Auction house and am looking for comperable sale prices( if any).
  9. Hi, I am trying to put together a four speaker series in the Walnut Creek area for Jan. Feb, March and April. Does anyone out there have any topics that they could suggest? A speaker in our San Francisco area that might be willing to come and talk for a hour? What would bring you out in the dark on a Wednesday (besides free cookies and juice?)Last year we had a vet, a farrier and a CPR class. I already have a Natural Hoof care practitioner coming in Jan. Thanks! Barbara