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  1. The Elephant On The Forum...

    Or we could let this thread DIE. Like it is so valiantly attempting to. :)
  2. The Elephant On The Forum...

    Doesn't work for me either.
  3. The Elephant On The Forum...

    I like this horse! The older I get, the closer to the ground I want to be! LOL
  4. The Elephant On The Forum...

    I think this is the first time in 4 years that I am NOT pregnant! Amazingly. I had hubby "gelded" to make sure we were done. lol With well made tack, if you search around, you CAN find nice tack for very reasonable. Sure, it may have seen some miles before it gets to you, but often they are still VERY VERY useable! :) ~stars
  5. The Elephant On The Forum...

    I'm heavier and my horses carry me just fine. I am a heavier rider, but I am a decent rider. My horses are not in distress when ridden and often times are still ready to go after I am well done.
  6. Wwyd? And A Question...

    It isn't so much about weight as it is about balance and distribution. A heavier well balanced rider, will have less impact on a horse than a much lighter rider pounding up and down like a jackhammer.. Following with what the original question. If a horse was in eminent danger of severe injury or death, I would take action. I wouldn't go on a website and lollygag and BS about it. ~stars
  7. Wwyd? And A Question...

    You might want to have a chat with some of the biggest trainers out there who ride pretty darn small reiners/cutters and other performance horses. I'm sure Shawn Flarida would love to hear your advice. ~stars
  8. Wwyd? And A Question...

    This is honestly why I've left HC for dang nearly 2 years for the most part. These posts are honestly getting ridiculous. The- I don't like how they feed,water,ride,brush, shovel their horses poo posts are the lowest level of crud possible. I can't be the only one completely sick of it. If you feel that this person is not capable of correctly taking care of their horse, then DO something about it. Quit coming on internet forums, to bad mouth the person without directly talking to them. PS, I don't agree with obese/thin whatever anythings. Horses, dogs people. But ya know what, if they want a fat dog/cat/horse/themselves, they will HAVE a fat dog/cat/horse/themselves. I am not thin. My horses are not drafts. But by all the standards set on here that is all I apparently should be riding as well. I'm SURE if we took a look at how others on here care for their horses I could find fault. I'm sure you can find fault in me. It is what it is. You more than likely won't change how I , my vet, or farrier care for my horses, and I'm sure I more than likely wouldn't change how you care for yours. A finger pointing thread, without calling out the reasoning for the thread is cowardly. ~stars
  9. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I've been around since 02. Same name. While I no longer have my very first horse, who was a Morab, and am now working with stock breeds, he'll always be in my heart. So I kept the name. :) Amazing the changes that have happened here, and in all of our lives that have been shared right here on HC. ~stars
  10. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Its hard to think that I've been a member of this board for, over 10 years now? Crazy. ~stars
  11. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I have been MIA for a while here and busy with other areas in my life. But I guess I qualify as an "oldie" :)
  12. Michael Jackson Is Not Dead

    As long as we're talking about this subject, I'd like to plug my hero. Andy Kaufman is still alive too! LONG LIVE THE MAN ON THE MOON! ~stars
  13. Massive Business Failure

    Eskie, I love ya, but I have to interject. If they aren't supposed to transfer pictures, and the kid did if for you. I'd take that as he did you a HUGE favor! Now putting his butt on the line for doing you a favor? I would laugh, and let it go. Crap happens. Its not that big of deal. Delete the pics on your phone that aren't yours, and let it go. at least that is what I would do. ~stars
  14. Minnesota Folks

    It is beautiful. I will say, there IS something to the MN nice. People will hold doors open for you, and most will wave even if they have no idea who you are! lol An honestly, I've driven all over the US, driving sucks EVERYWHERE. ~stars