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  1. equicrzy, Glad I don't have to make the choice, whatever one you pick, you have a winner. PD
  2. Magic, I thought it was bad when our daughter moved 1200 miles away in Texas, but Spain there is a ocean between here & Spain. Of course the world is much smaller now with jet planes & cyber space. PD
  3. I'm a retired caregiver, I spent 45 years caring for special needs people, now I'm at my wife mercy, & when she speaks I jump , just can't jump as high, as I use to. PD
  4. Danyel, Do hope your brother does have kidney checked out, never been on dialysis, but I been in a dialysis unit many times, & it can be very hard on the body. So I wish your brother well. Best Wishes. PD
  5. While we all have roots from another country, we are 100% American. I'm half Norwegian, & the rest is up for debate.
  6. Red, Sounds like a fly by night scam artist, they can be hard to trap, I hope you find the right bait. PD
  7. no ponies That means, just another way of standing over the back fence gossiping!!!
  8. There are so many places now on social media, that many don't have time to come here, facebook & twitter are the big draws, & I'm not on either of them. PD
  9. When graduating from high school in the mid 60s, wasn't long until Uncle Sam came calling. Good part was I met my wife while in the military. But I do appreciate you& Danyel's Thanks.
  10. Danyel, How was the Ken Burns Vietnam program? I was in Vietnam 50 years ago, & it was a different experience for everybody. Any time you are in a combat zone, things happen, that you prefer to forget, & some you can't forget. Heidi, I feed several feral cats, & have one tame one, he doesn't mind if I use a powder form of flea killer on him, but not sure how effective it is. Can't get close enough to the others to do anything. But they don't run as far or as fast as they use to. blue creek, Both my wife & I grew up in the country, so after living a brief period of married life, in town, we found our way back to the country, we lucked out, & have great neighbors, If we need something, they are there for us, plus we try to return the favors. PD
  11. RRW, We traveled through your area yesterday, coming back from a short road trip to Lake Superior, My wife felt up to getting away, & Bayfield is where she wanted to go. Pretty area, a nice place to visit, but still there is no place like home. bluecreek, I'm sure there are people that love Houston, even through they have to put flooding from weather conditions now & then. Good thing we don't all like living the same place, or it might get kind of crowded. I hope this farm you & husband are buying, is everything you dreamed of. My wife & I bought a house in the middle of a 40 acre woods 40 years ago, no out buildings, now I have a barn & 2 other buildings for storage & runin for 3 horses, & 5-7 acres cleared off for pasture. But most of all, I wanted our daughters to grow up knowing only one home, they are now 39 & 42. Don't know where the years went, but most have been good years. Best Wishes. PD
  12. blue, Welcome to HC, & congratulations on the new farm, sounds like a place that has alot of potential, a place where you can do what you want with. You can get alot of ideas off the internet, so take your time & have fun as you go. But would be nice if you keep us updated as you go, Best Wishes. PD
  13. Red, I like your choice of color.
  14. Pink, Hope your mare gets better soon, sounds like you are doing everything you can to make her comfortable. Best Wishes. PD
  15. I wish those in Irma's path, The Very Best, & His Strength & Guidance. . . PD