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  1. The Front Porch

    LC, Do hope you can get some rest, & feel better later in the AM. Take care & God Bless, PD
  2. The Front Porch

    LC, Good to know that things are slowly returning to normal for you, the power of nature can unlease is a bit over whelming at times. Take Care , PD
  3. The Front Porch

    LC, Neat Story about Gus & the ladies grandson having Gus in kitchen getting snacks for his friend. Sounds like Dorian is going hit parts of the east coast of Florida, & then heading north to the Carolina's. Either way the rain it brings inland will still cause flooding & many other problems. Stay Safe & Take Care, PD
  4. The Front Porch

    RRW Hello I felt the wind blow when you waved, I'm only 5 miles north of 29 at one point, so I could almost see you from home. But wasn't home most of the day, was helping my sister get settled into a condo, that she just moved into. She is disabled so can't do alot for herself. So she really needed our help. Glad we could give it, but now we are both tired. Take Care, PD
  5. The Front Porch

    LC, I wish you & your family & all of the south-east as hurricaine season begins a journey north. Take Care & you'll be in our thoughts & prayers. PD
  6. The Front Porch

    RRW, Thanks for taking us along on your trip, I enjoyed the ride through pictures. I'm seeing a lady right now & her roots run deep in Michigan, & I knew she was familiar with the many different areas your pictures were from, so we enjoyed them together tonight. So we both thankyou. Take Care, PD
  7. The Front Porch

    RRW, Your pictures are always very good, & very scenic, what I noticed most, was that shortman is growing, & looking like a very nice young man. You must be proud of him. Thanks for sharing. Heidi, I have several feral cats, I now spend more money on cat food, than I do horse feed. Only problem, 2 feral moma cats had 6 healthy kittens between them. Both momas & kitten keep their distance from me. One kitten likes to play, so I put a plastic object on piece of baler twine last night, & entertained it for 15-20 minutes. Take Care All. PD
  8. The Front Porch

    RRW, At least he is good looking & wearing a smile, that's a positive thing. PD
  9. The Front Porch

    Hi All, I had internet problems for a couple weeks, but I think it is fixed now, but I do have my doubts. I found video of the table being made very interesting. Hope you al yhave a great weekend. Take Care & Best Wishes, PD
  10. The Front Porch

    LC, Very understandable since your herd is on small side, your cows can notice the difference very quickly, with loss of their buddies, but you did it so the others so they would have something to eat. your intentions were good, & they will adjust with time. But I'm proud you are a feeling person, & care deeply about your critters. That is awesome. Take Care PD
  11. The Front Porch

    LC, I had my gall bladder out 25 years ago, I had one attack, & didn't want another one. Had it out 2 days later. A neighbor had one about a year after me, 7 ignored it, until he had gang green in his. he spent 3 weeks in hospital recovering from it, I spent 3 days in hospital, but couldn't return to work for 3 weeks, as they wouldn't let me. I had what they call band aid surgery, healed up in no time. I'm big on being pro-active as I can with my health. I can understand not liking hospitals, & they get expensive, but you heal quicker when it i8s just a small problem, than you do when problem gets bigger. Best Wishes. PD
  12. The Front Porch

    Must have been a busy day, or is the humisity that has you feeling played out? PD
  13. The Front Porch

    QB, Sending good thoughts & prayers friend. Best Wishes. PD
  14. The Front Porch

    I'll keep that in mind.
  15. The Front Porch

    Hey RRW, Someone sent me a notice about Spooner train rides, my lady friend thought sounded fun, & wanted to know if I wanted to go. I'll see her over the 4th, so we'll talk about it, & see if you have an opening. Take Care PD