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  1. New House Update(pics)

    Now that I finally have unlimited internet I can post my pics. We bought a house in April and I have before and after pics. Before: Formal Living Room/Game Room(walls are a horrible Sooner Red) After: Walls are now K-state purple and all thats missing is a bar. Hubby is looking for the right one. Before: Kitchen with Dining area. They did have the worst wallpaper. After: Walls are now a soft kelly green color. Before: Master bedroom was a really wierd camo green color. After: The walls are now a beautiful turquoise color. It's my favorite room ever. We have 2 guest bedrooms left to paint but are in no rush. One of them is still full of boxes that our parents have determined that we just have to have now that we have a house. Our next big project is to get a portion of the backyard fenced, so that we can let Shadow out instead of having to walk him.
  2. Autism?

    "I'm thinking of things like... -What his triggers are -What his average day is -Routine tasks -His cues/body language" These are excellent questions. I work at an early education daycare center with the school-agers and I have a "high-functioning" autistic girl. When she is calm and collected, she can carry a conversation, and do tasks asked of her. However, she cannot handle change in routine AT ALL. Let me tell you, the 6 snow days that school got cancelled, were very interesting. Melt downs every 30 minutes with screaming and crying. So good things to ask/know are: --What is his routine? --What is his comprehension level? --What are his dislikes? --Does he have any medical issues? --What works to calm him down/relaxe him?
  3. Oy, Your Inquiring Minds.

    Yay!!! Congrats!!!!!!! [Yay] [Yay] [Yay] [Jump] [Jump] [Jump]
  4. Our New House

    This is the 1st room you walk into. The current owners are using it as a game room but I'm not sure what we are going to do with it. The kitchen Dining room into living room Living room with fire place From fire place looking back towards the kitchen Master bedroom with office suite Master bathroom: big tub, seperate shower, his & hers sinks OK, thats all. We are super excited. I guess we need to start packing up the apartment. Can't wait til we can actually move in.
  5. Our New House

    Hubby and I have been looking for the last year and a half for a house to buy. We had found some that we liked, but didn't qualify for our loan. Then we found one that we really liked, but lost it in a bidding war. Now, we have found our house. We love it and it's out of the city. Closing date is April 15th and we are getting super excited. Ok, on to pics. Sorry for the quality, my camera throws fit about taking inside pics. The wall colors really aren't as crazy as they look. Our house: 4 bed, 2 bath, 2100 sq ft. on 1.5 acres 1st guest bedroom. 2nd guest bedroom 3rd guest bedroom that hubby has claimed as his "boy's room." lol Main bathroom-double sinks, shower/tub combo Utility room Don't post yet. More to come.
  6. What Kind Of Car Do You Drive?

    My car is a '01 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. 4 door. I love my baby. He's been very faithful and has been very little trouble. Lots of room to pile tons of stuff or people into and gets good gas milage. My truck is a '07 GMC Sierra 4 door. It's been a very good boy as well. Love them both and yes they are both boys.
  7. Introducing Laycee Mae Watson

    Aaaaawwwweeee!!!! What a cutie. Congrats you guys!!
  8. Heeheehee

  9. Need Western Hoe Down Centerpiece Ideas

    For our wedding reception, we were country themed and since my dad is a farrier, I had horseshoes out the wazoo to work with. For the tables, I bought the mini bales and put 2 bales on each side of the candle holder and then put 1 mini white cowboy hat and 1 mini black cowboy hat. For the candle holder, I went thru all of my dads used shoes and found the ones in the best shape and then spent 2 weeks, dremmelling them clean. Once they were clean, dad welded one standing up on the other one laying down flat. I then found little candle jars that had lips and used thin, fine wire to suspend the jar from the standing shoe. Inside the jar, I put either teal or purple sand(my colors were purple, teal, and silver) and then a tea candle on top of that. I thought I had a picture of just the horseshoe candle holder but I can't find it, so I'm putting these 2 pics on that I could find. Other ideas: Mason Jars filled with whatever she wishes: flowers, straw, pennies, gingham and lace Straw bales--You can get the itty bitty ones or they do make bigger ones Miniature cowboy hats or cowboy boots Bandanas Thats all I can think of off the top of my head
  10. Just Dropped Out Couldn't Do It This Summer?

    Hi charley! [smiley Wavey] Glad to see you poppin back in.
  11. I Am Proud And Embarassed At The Same Time

    Wow!! Taz you look great!!!!
  12. Any Okc Buddies?

    Does this mean that you're coming to our little city?
  13. Prayers Needed For Barrelburner83

    [Angel] [Huggy]
  14. I Could Use Your Prayers Or Good Thoughts.

    Oh wow!! You definitely need some hugs. [Huggy] [Huggy] You are in my thoughts and prayers. [Angel] [Angel]
  15. Facebook

    Hey guys! I'm starting to add you guys on Facebook, so look out for me! Just please don't put my name on that spead sheet. It's just a little too accesible for me. Thanks.