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  1. A Paso Blast From The Past

    Infinito practice:
  2. A Paso Blast From The Past

    Thanks everyone. I agree. He definitely was looking for a confident rider to lead him. Let's try a video of Colonia Colonia practice: http://youtu.be/tERFbTm160s
  3. A Paso Blast From The Past

    Thanks Goatmom. Whenever you are ready for a test ride to start learning about the breed let me know. We will find u a good mentor.
  4. Reina Crossed The Bridge On New Years Eve

    Hugs Heidi. Very sorry to hear this.
  5. Hey gang. It's been a while but I thought I'd pop in to say hi. I've been out of the scene for a bit. But I kinda got roped back in (yeah....they had to twist my arm. Hehe). I got asked to ride several horses at an upcoming show. Four awesome horses in various classes. I'm looking for a pink bolero jacket to match some tack I have. Anyone know where I can find one? I tried to get on the trading post here but it needs a password? Amy help there would be appreciated. Ok. On to the fun stuff pix!!! Colonia who I have shown before and done well. She is NOT for sale!!! Infinito a 5 year old stallion by Trovador del Danubio. Supposedly only the trainer could handle him but I found him to be quite ***** cat. Isn't he handsome
  6. Getting Back In Ring ~Paso Fino~

    a little eye candy for you ladies.
  7. Long time no chat, eh? It's been a while since I been on the scene but I'm looking forward to getting back at it. I was asked to ride 3 awesome horses at an upcoming show on the 17th. I will post pix and video soon of us preparing. What you guys been up to?
  8. Blast From The Past

    Im not really new but its been a while since I was here on the forums. I was trying to post on the trading post forum but it seems it needs a password? Can someone assist me? Also what is the best way to post pix and videos here these days?
  9. All Things Paso Fino.

    Im really sorry to hear that Knightrider.
  10. So I Got A Peruvian:)

    Im so glad you feel that way about her. She will steal your heart. Get ready for the horse love affair of your life. And keep us posted!!!
  11. All Things Paso Fino.

    I know Josue! I used to write for Showtime Paso Fino Magazine. I will someday take you up on that offer to visit DR! Colombia is on my list too! I haven't been in the ring myself in a couple years. But I hope to get back in soon. But I will def be at Mundial watching. I'll try to post pix and vids for you all.
  12. So I Got A Peruvian:)

    I'm so happy you decided to take a chance on this mare. Congrats. You will never regret this. Welcome to the wild world of Paso Finos.
  13. All Things Paso Fino.

    Welcome to HC! Sereno....will you be coming to La Mundial in Miami this year? Maybe I will see you here?
  14. Sela De Ouro 2012

    drop dead georgeous horses. I've never had the pleasure of trying that gaited breed. One day..... Congrats on your wins!