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  1. Toilet Paper Roll

    Under, but my husband usually changes it
  2. Top Shot

    I love that show. No ideas but I will think about it and get back.
  3. Pen Pal?

    If anyone is interested, please shoot me a PM and we can exchange addresses.
  4. Pen Pal?

    I am trying to encourage my 1st grade daughter to write more creativly. She has been writing my oldest daughter that is currently in the Air Force and deployed but she doesnt really have much time to write back. I thought I would see if there are any horse-crazy girls that might want a pen pal. Scarlett (my daughter) just turned 7 and is the first grade. She loves horses and has her own pony. She loves all things girly. Really I am looking for someone that would want to recieve letters via regular mail and want to write back. Anyone?
  5. Full Metal Jousting Show

    I have only watched a couple shows and got bored pretty quick. I just have to comment that any true horsemen (which, most of them claim to be) would not be all that squeamish about cleaning a sheath. It is something that has to be done and gets done by any mature person without any drama. I liken it to walking into a dirty stall and sqealing because there is poop in there. Why use is for punishment? Doesnt make sense to me at all.
  6. Involving Children In Adult Things...

    We went to an abortion rally a few years ago in Columbus, Ohio. My teenagers and my young daughter was with us and I was hugely pregnant. While I think it was a great learning experience for my teens I was very uncomfortable and wary in that environment. I would not choose to do that again with my kids. If I had older teens that were aware of the topics and wanted to attend I would go and support them. I would not take younger teens, tweens or young children again.
  7. Any Migraine Sufferers Here?

    I usually take Excedrine Migrain and it works well. A lot of mine tend to be less pain and more spots and a weird cold feeling in my head. Hard to describe. I THINK but have not talked to my Dr, that mine might be hormone related. They got worse after I had a miscarriage a couple years ago and I dont really think my hormones have been quite right/normal for me again. Then tend to get worse one week a month.
  8. My Dream Horse!

    I am not a fan of color, but WOW!!! Very very pretty
  9. Beware Of Rant-I-Tis !

    its not only affecting HC it is in my home too. My brother-in-law, who is disabled and lives with us, just had a major temper tantrum as my very proper daughter-in-law was walking in the door to pick up her kid. Luckily DIL is proper but still has a sense of humour, LOL.
  10. Respect - Given Or Earned

    When I read your topic my first thought was respect should be given, and earned to keep. Looks like we are on the same page, LOL
  11. I just finished looking over the daily horse classified. Its a habit, I am definitly not in the market for another horse. I kinda got me thinking though.... When I bought my OTTB 10 years ago, he was my dream horse. Perfect color and zero markings. Perfect height, temperment and personality. My life has changed over the years so he is not quite perfect for me these days but I still love him and actually have been able to get a lot more riding time lately. For a while I thought my dream horse would be (I mean the one I buy when I win the lottery, LOL) a freisan. They are so pretty and magical looking. That dream only lasted a couple years. Now my dream horse seems to be a thoroughbred/percheron cross. The heart, size, grace and athleticism of the tb and the coolness, size and possibly coloring of the percheron. How has your dream horse evolved? or has it? Whatever my dream horse I find that my eyes almost always only catch on thoroughbreds. They have my heart.
  12. Back To Ozland.....

    This thread makes my heart happy
  13. Westboro Church Is Coming To Town...

    I just googled the patriot guard riders. I have never heard of them. What a great group!!
  14. Its Muddy Outside Chat

    Mud here too. I would much rather it be cold and frozen.
  15. Back To Ozland.....

    I love skiz's face as Notyo is brushing him. He looks like he is in heaven