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  1. Educate me on Miniature Horses

    How tall are your minis?
  2. Holiday Shopping...Argh Who else is slacking?

    We just do gifts for the kids and either draw names amongst the siblings or do a white elephant exchange. It doesn't sound like much but I have ELEVEN nieces and nephews! so....I should probably start shopping....
  3. folks have taken the next step in their lives and are abandoning us for warmer other parents are semi retiring and going to florida for the winter! In the spring one of my sisters and I are traveling down to visit! We will be going from Indiana to somewhere in Florida. (My folks aren't sure where they will end up down there...have rv and will travel is their new motto!) We are wanting to hit some hot spots on the way down since we haven't had a chance to sightsee in the south. We are currently thinking to head the south Carolina/ savannah Georgia route and see some of the coast! Any tips for the area from anyone who ahs been there before? Also....I'm taking my dog so for those who travel with their dogs what hotel chains do your like?
  4. So my mom brought one of my nieces out to the barn today to see the horsies! Heidi and Ellie were both awesome girls!!! Ruby LOVES the horsies!!!!!
  5. West World-Gag Me With A Shovel

    I've heard of it.....but had no desire to even give it a try
  6. Decorations Are Up! :(

    I work retail so bad humbug and all that!
  7. Decorations Are Up! :(

    I love Christmas too...IN DECEMBER WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!
  8. New Music

    I am pretty eclectic with my last two concerts I went to were Alabama aND just last night.....Alice Cooper! I have a friend that likes going to concerts so I normally get the extra ticket!!!
  9. Tgif... Friday!

    Went....went off course....not wet
  10. Tgif... Friday!

    We won! She was a good girl and did everything I asked! Our only other competition in the class wet off course but my dressage scores were better so..YAAAYYYYYY
  11. Almost Showtime!

    WE WON!!!! technically there were only 2 in our division and the other lady went off pattern in cones but...I beat her in dressage and since she's from my barn I have a feeling I would of beat her in cones so...I will take it! The most important part is that she was well behaved and we had a nice dressage pattern!
  12. Tgif... Friday!

    AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! It's my big combined driving debut with my mini Ellie!!!! I will try and have someone take pictures. She was really relaxed when we drove last night so here's hoping I hAve a good drive today!
  13. Almost Showtime!

    Oh it's this coming weekend. We go Friday at about noon
  14. Sunny Sunday

    Mom will freeze them and we will have a big fish fry later once we catch more!
  15. Sunny Sunday

    I went fishing with my folks! We caught 5 nice catfish and about 20 bluegill!!!!