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  1. I Want An Update On Everyone's Riding Lives!

    PSmitty - I'm sorry things are rough right now. Lots of virtual hugs to you and keep your chin up. It will be a year next week Thursday (also my birthday) since I sold Joker. He is doing well at his new home and his owner really enjoys him. I have been continuing to ride and take lessons at my trainer's farm. I primarily ride a WB/QH gelding named Mars. I really enjoy him. He was off for a month with lameness issues, but now has front shoes and is doing much, much better. He had a lot of bruising in his toes. While he was off, I rode a QH mare named ChaCha, who is greener, but tries very hard. I've also been grooming horses for my trainer and really just enjoying the horses.
  2. Couple Pics For Those Who Know Us :)

    Glad to hear you are both doing well! The pictures look great and the truck is very pretty.
  3. Share your horse show names!

    Troll or not, what a spoiled little brat! My first horse was named Hilltop Suzanne and was an Arabian mare. Barn name Suzanne. Second horse was a bay TB mare named Cherokee. Registered name Gay's Hope. Shown as Miss Behavin' and Made Ya Look First lease horse was a TB/DWB bay gelding. Barn and show name was Fievel. Second lease horse was Merritt's Crew, a bay TB gelding. Registered and show name the same, barn name Cruiser. Third lease horse was a black TB gelding named Iron Monarch, barn name Sly. I showed a bay TB gelding named to the 9's A Crabbet Arabian named Tomahl Cheiftain A chestnut TB/Hano mare named Gingersnap Then I had Joker, my chestnut TB gelding. Came with the name Nashville, changed it to Joker. Couldn't track down papers, so gave him the show name Why So Serious. Later tracked down his registered name via DNA testing through the Jockey Club, which was No Carbs.
  4. Working Student

    Oh brother!
  5. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    This is one of the strangest things I've read in a long while. Not sure whether to fall off my couch laughing, or pick my jaw up off the floor. Troll if I've ever seen one. No real person would ask for advice on this publicly,
  6. This Place Is Dead

    Hi everyone! I've been riding a horse of my trainer's and having a lot of fun with him. We went to a local jumper show a couple weeks ago and had a few hiccups, but the show ended well.
  7. They Don't Make Jumper Courses Like This Anymore!

    He's got guts, I'll give him that.
  8. Need Your Expertise!

    When I think pins every time out on the A circuit, then see the photos, I don't connect the dots. I would get some different pictures, personally. Age would be the biggest concern here. How sound is she? What will the pre purchase show? With the information given, I'd say anywhere from 5 to 8k.
  9. Jumping Vests

    I like my Charles Owen Vest. Big difference between Tipperary and Charles Owen is CO is beta certified, Tipperary is not. With the CO having Velcro closures, it's a bit more adjustable.
  10. Ponykins First Ever Horse Show

    She is just precious!
  11. I Think He Is Finally Getting It!

    Looking good!
  12. Help Me "read" My Saddle Pad, Please...

    The sweat marks look pretty even, so that's a good sign. I could be way off base, but it almost looks like there's some pressure on the withers.
  13. Horse Trailers For Sale?

    Try horsetrailerworld.com or you may check craigslist too
  14. Problem..

    I think this is actually a very good option due to lack of funds. Bute is cheap and if it is a pain issue, you can do more researching to see if you can pinpoint it. How old is Indy? Could it be some sort of arthritis or other stiffness?
  15. Weird Habit Over Jumps

    I would work on some gymnastics and grids to try an get him to snap up and be tighter with his knees. His dangling legs would concern me over larger fences, though chances are he's like my horse was and doesnt want to put out more effort than what's necessary.