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  1. Dealing With Vegans

    My family and I try to eat at least one-three vegetarian dinners every week. I cook dinner once a week and ever since I watched 'Food, Inc' that meal has been vegetarian, except for on special occasions, like my mom's birthday. I've also "drastically" reduced the amount of packaged, ready-to-eat, chock-full-of-meat meals I like to eat. I used to have one or two a week, but I only have one as a treat, when I want to kick back and relax and indulge in something completely unhealthy [Crazy] . My family sometimes looks askew at some of my meatless meals but I'm trying to find good ones...
  2. Dealing With Vegans

    I go to a website called for environmental news. It also has discussion/news of other 'activist' issues, womens' rights, animal rights, etc... Some of the comments on these animal rights-related news articles are ridiculous. Many are intelligent and encouraging, promoting vegetarian/vegan lifestyles, but others downright abuse or insult those who eat meat...even those who may live active full lives helping animals anyway. And it's not always about the treatment of animals being used for food, it's about eating them, period. Yet I've never seen an answer to the question of, if humans shouldn't eat meat, what about lions, leopards, sharks, etc.?
  3. Painted Ponies

    Who collects the Trail of Painted Ponies? They aren't a hobby for my like my Breyer horses but I have asked for--and gotten--one as a gift and recently splurged and got one I couldn't pass up. And it was on sale too. If I WEREN'T doing a 'natural horse' theme with my 40+ Breyers I might collect more. I have these two: My sister bought this for me for Christmas, almost right under my nose and I didn't know it. It reminds me of an old fashioned carousel I rode when I was a kid and it was so much fun. All the artistry of old carousels... The owner of the store I got this pretty steed from was trying to get her 'old' ponies out and 'new' ponies in so I got this for a pretty awesome price.
  4. New Puppy

    Almost a foxhound-type head.
  5. Long Time, No See

    I used to be addicted to this site, but then I got a life (shocking!) and now I'm here again. I am doing well. I was in graphic design for a while, but I decided it was too unpredictable/competitive at this point in my life and the economy. I am now going for a Professional Office Tech cert until I can become a vet tech :) I've been working on those classes, then. I have had a cat and a dog and a bird. Two months ago we added a new dog two our family, an 18+-month, black flat-coated retriever named Fonzie. He's a BIG boy. My current interests are the usual. Horses, pets, reading and horse racing. Guess who I remember most? Psaint the Arabian...
  6. Should Obama Control The Internet?

    The World Wide Web Consortium sets standards for Internet technology, such as how information is transmitted. If anything, the least we should do is give them to power to block certain areas in the case of a VERIFIED alarm. Honestly, though, we're getting too scared and it is making things WORSE. The more fear and protection we allow without ration, the less protection we have. If the lead mare spends most of her time pacing back and forth looking for a cougar that MIGHT COME...and doesn't seem to notice a rebel mare inside the herd!
  7. Thanksgiving Isn't About Food!

    We live in a rather "upper crust" neighborhood. It's not rich, but upper middle class, and we just moved here because of Dad's job. My parent's aren't divorced, but are just going through some "difficulties". Because of the type of neighborhood, our neighbors either already have family or are the "Coach purse and catering" type who've already got it down... so nobody to share it with, though it would be nice. I wish our elderly neighbor, Norma, who just lost her husband a year ago, still lived near.
  8. So my brothers and eldest big sister (all older than me) aren't coming for TG. My other big sister is having TG with he bf\engaged-to-be-engaged's family, so it's just me and my parents, but my mom's still planning a huuge dinner. I know she's feeling upset about not having them here and I know she loves tradition but we're going to have way too much food and she's already freaking about the grocery shopping tomorrow, since she's still recovering from a major bunion\toe surgery...I'll be helping her. Normally I don't mind helping her but she's going to get really snorty... There's just going to be way too much food and fuss, and she hasn't been talking to my dad. I just feel really lonely and upset. I want a simple TG, but I guess what I want is just some words of reassurance of some sort...really, I guess I just wanted to let it out.
  9. Etiquette Question

    Hmmm...I guess you have a point. For some reason, though, my dad baiched when I offered to help, said if they want it, they haul it...I don't know why I listen to him (lolz). But I will make sure that they come on time or they don't get it. It's funny, people think if something's free they can give a runaround.
  10. Etiquette Question

    I recently put in the classifieds an ad--giving away our rabbits' (they're deceased) old hutch free. I disclosed in the ad that if the interested party could haul it away (i.e, truck it) and clean it up they could have it, however, through oversight I neglected to indicate that it needs two people to lift it. How do I say to the interested person that she'll need someone to help her without sounding rude (I.e, gee, I'm right here, but I'm not going to help you?) because the hutch is very heavy and I'm not going to put myself out when I'm doing someone a favor.
  11. Finding The "book Me"

    My dad is one of those really intellectual types who loves literature...and history...and, well, you know. While he was a large part of encouraging me to write and encouraging my interest in reading in general, recently, he's really pressured me to read--because I've announced my interest in reading more serious lit. I tried Moll Flanders but I couldn't finish it because I just couldn't stick with it, that was a few weeks ago. Then when I was for real, I changed meds and they really screwed with my mind, and I can only concentrate on writing, light reading, 'fun' stuff, and exercise. He now says if want to get into literature, I need to make a habit. Even if it's hard, it won't always be pleasant...I need to GRIND. So, essentially, now he's scaring me away, and making me feel a little sad. Our relationship's gotten a lot better, but we've always been a little uneven on the academic side. For ME, I'm doing a professional office technology certificate, which will fit my life, my learning disabilities, and help me find a job. He doesn't have any problems with it, I know, but I do feel a little strange when I feel him talking and talking about my brother who's working on x software at Google, or x project at Sandia weapons lab... I wish he were the type that took a 1\2 & 1\2 approach to literature--both the academic side, and a joyful approach. I think the reason I stuck with light literature and YA for so long was because I always heard about looking for x point or x context. What about approaching it for its meanings or know, just the joy. Basically, should I just drop talking about books at all with my dad for now and approach books on my own time? Because I really want to do literature...
  12. Has anyone found the recent jokes floating around the 'net, regarding McCain's appearance, a little sickening? Whether or not he's a good candidate, it makes me ill. I've heard quite a few cracks and digs about his cheek and jaw appearance and even a couple about how he holds his arms. Laughing at someone's appearance in the first place is awful enough, but if these people would just listen a little they'd find out...McCain's face is disfigured because he was HIT BY SHRAPNEL fighting for our freedom and he can't hold his arms properly BECAUSE HE WAS HELD IN A POW CAMP and it's a miracle he didn't go mad! So my question this kind of ignorance excusable? Do you think this is from people who don't know better? To me, it's not. Because these people are also clamoring for McCain to show more backbone and proof that he'll improve America. Well, prove why you can vote first!
  13. Can Someone Id This Dog?

    My sister's taking care of a cross between a Yorkie and a mop...but what's the breed name?
  14. Is Palin Failin? Comments On "big City" Wardrobe

    So, the McCain crew is spending $$ in campaign money on clothing. Is it careless and insensitive in these times? Yes. Are they the only ones doing it? Ha, ha, ha. I'm so sick of hearing the McCain camp picked apart for their gaffes, mistakes and eccentricities while the Obama front has just as many corruptions and mistakes. But no, the Obamas are unique (read: African-American, we don't want to look racist!) and new. I am undecided, but I still hate biased media!
  15. Do Schools Put Too Much Emphasis On College?

    I think it is a very big step not to go to college or a similar vocational program is your choice, but you just have to REALLY think about it and do a lot of research. My 'beef' is that a lot of schools have a huge mix of both problems that plague public schools: a lack of decent supportive education and good teachers, and... A lot of schools put far too much emphasis on awards, final grades, perfect grades, IQ, etc. It's nice to be valedictorian but I've known of schools that go so crazy over it that it screws up the other kids. Some schools just go far too high for 'top finishers' and perfectionisms.