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  1. My Squeaky Wintec Saddle

    Wintec trees do tend to crack and break with little use, so check the tree out well, and regularly. They crack primarily around the points and the screw holes. Aside from that, almost every Wintec squeaks. Nothing you can do about it aside from not wearing leather boots (suede half chaps only), some baby powder, and earplugs if it gets too annoying. The fake suede ones squeak less, but with time they will start squeaking too.
  2. Cross Post

    Google the study done on Conquer gel vs. Legend. As I mentioned above, it's for HA only. I've never seen any research for oral vs. injectable for other supplements, just HA. It's a pretty good study, double-blind, with controls for both the intection and oral groups of horses. No one did anything to my cornflakes. If you give something IV though, it obviously uses the bloodstream to get to its intended location. Thus concentration in the blood has to matter. It doesn't vanish at the site it enters the vein and just appear into the joint.
  3. Cross Post

    So it just magically gets where it's going, without traveling through the bloodstream, despite being given IV? Cool! And in case you didn't notice, I specifically mentioned HA, not Glycosaminogylcan. For HA, concentration in the blood is relevant. That's how it gets where it's going. Legend is given IV for a reason. Not sure about Adequan, if blood serum levels mean anything or not.
  4. Cross Post

    Previcox absolutely can be hard on their tummies. It's an NSAID like Bute, and while some are less hard on the stomach than others, they can all contribute to an upset belly. According to the FDA, it's actually illegal to prescribe Previcox to a horse, so you might have issues getting certain vets to do that. I keep my mare on GrandHA. I've tried a couple other orals with no results, but this one helps her a ton even at the 100mg dose (buckets say 300mg per day). I use MSM, but don't notice any difference with that one. It is a mild anti-inflammatory though, so it can help with the stiffness. It isn't hard on the stomach and is safe for long-term use. I've not used the injectables, but some research on HA shows that oral HA supplementation, as long as it's given in a liquid form, maintains higher blood serum levels of HA than Legend does. Since I soak alfalfa cubes for mine anyway, they just get their GrandHA in there too.
  5. Vienna Reins Vs. Draw Reins

    The difference is that one is used for lunging and the other for riding. Aside from that, the vienna reins can't be cranked shorter and shorter without the handler noticing it. I don't really like either much, as neither deals with the problem well, and both are easily mis-used. If you have to use something, a chambon is the best and hardest to mess up. it releases correctly when the horse stretches, thus actually encouraging correct movement vs. just the headset.
  6. New Dressage Prospect.

    She's actually pretty short-backed, just long-coupled and with a nice long hip. She looks like a fun little horse! I was going to guess part draft though. Maybe sire was Hano or something crossed on a draft mare. Doesn't necessarily look half-draft. But there are tons of nice draft-crosses, some of whom could be mistaken for a WB. They don't tend to have the lameness issues many WBs have either :)
  7. Is This Right To Do//spice Update 5/25

    So glad he's safe now! But he's not 500lb under weight. He's emaciated, yes, but not 500lb from able to trailer. He will recover :)
  8. Saddle Suggestions

    I disagree. The PFs I've seen left a lot to be desired. Oddly-shaped panels with wrinkles in the leather, really tight where the stirrup bars sit (which is NOT want you need for a wide horse). The top of the saddle looked nice, but the side that sits against the horse isn't something I would spend much $$ on.
  9. Saddle Suggestions

    The Stubben is nice, but it will only fit a horse with a pretty curvy back. If the horse isn't curvy in profile, nothing Stubben will work. That's why I mentioned pictures :)
  10. Saddle Suggestions

    Avoid Wintec, Collegiate, and Bates. Their trees are prone to cracking, and good frickin luck getting the company to care enough to fix it. It took them a year to fix mine, and they set it back with the panels stapled on 3/4" off-center. I had to have that fixed on my own because they didn't care. Aside from that, go with something nicer but used. Most important is that it fits your horse and you. If you want new, Ovation makes a nice saddle that's quite similar to Pessoa, but half the price. Quite a deal. If you post pics of your horse's back and of you in your cirrent saddle, you'll get better feedback.
  11. A Little Update

    Um, "not sound" = "don't ride". That doesn't mean "he won't get more sound so we will ride anyway". That means "don't ride". Might sound harsh, but if you care about them, you put their needs first. That means not asking them to work when they are hurting.
  12. "you're Going To Have To Sell Indy To A Kid."

    It's amazing how fast they grow up! Mine will be 4 in a bit over 2 months.
  13. Bring On 2012...cap Chat!

    Let's see... Was unemployed for the first 4.5 months of the year, finally found a job and had to move (which was a good thing). Well, the move proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back for my marriage. There were problems prior to the move, but the move just drove the nail into the coffin. However, I love my job and I love where I live. It's beautiful here, the nicest people ever, and awesome food. Big mare stopped sweating this summer, hoping to get her through 2012 without having to put her down. The Arab is the best little horse ever. The filly was started under saddle, and while initially she was a holy terror, she is getting a bit better. She no longer rears continuously, and it's been 3 months or so since she almost flipped over on me and then ran my leg hard into a t-post (capped, thank the Lord). She now has a stretchy trot. She's absurdly athletic, but she just doesn't seem to want to get past 15.1h. Hopefully 2012 will be more stable. And may the filly continue being sane and get those last few inches.
  14. Best Leather Conditioners

    another vote for leather therapy. I used to use the Passier stuff but it's really nasty if it doesn't soak in all the way.
  15. Could Use Some Affirmation

    Mine has been a husband-type horse since he was 3. He's just lazy and easygoing, but will crank it up a notch if you make him. He's also super athletic and super sweet. I wish he were my heart horse, but he just isn't. I still adore him though. So look at Arabs. They aren't all hot and crazy. I grew up riding them, and most of them are very sane, sweet, and sound.