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  1. Keep Your Fingers Crossed...update!

    beautiful horses! good luck!
  2. she is very pretty, she also looks like she is starting to bag up! will be interesting to see what color foal you will get.
  3. Please Welcome -

    good lord hes tall! and very handsome too!
  4. I Can't Believe Its Been A Year Already.

    i am so sorry, i lost a foal 3 yrs ago at two days old. she was born on my birthday and died two days later. i still think about her often. again i am so sorry.
  5. Update On The "prince"

    he is so handsome!! what are you going to do with him?
  6. Horribly Sad News.....

    i am so sorry for your loss, i too know how hard it is to lose a foal. hang in there.
  7. he is absolutely stunning!
  8. Whos On First? Make That Fillies !

    they are both gorgeous! congrats to you and the mares!
  9. Prayers For Sanga

    that has got to be one of the worst wounds i have seen due to wire. i sure hope he heals up soon! my prayers are with you and the little one. [Angel]
  10. A sad day yesterday

    quote: Originally posted by Jazzmatazz: The owners were waiting what out? Obviously they did not understand there are only two choices with a twisted gut. You either do surgery NOW and hope for the best, or you euthanize. Good lord. Ditto!
  11. He is now 2

    he is beautiful!
  12. Everyone, Meet Caspian *New Pictures P.3

    he is growing so fast! he looks awsome!! i just love his coloring!
  13. The Girls

    they all look fat, happy and sassy!!
  14. i feel your pain, the first time my most favorite mare was due to foal, we sat at the barn for days and days waiting and wanting to see her foal, then one night when my husband was on watch, he dozed off for 5 minutes and she had the foal during that 5 minutes! he peeked around the corner to watch the birth and the foal was already out!! we finally got smart and bought a foaling cam and caught her second foal on cam! hang in there she will have that foal soon i hope!! [ 05-25-2008, 09:45 PM: Message edited by: Circlea ]
  15. Mare in heat

    doesnt sound normal to me, that she has that much might want to have a vet look at her. does it smell bad?(the discharge) i have 3 mares and when they are in heat they squirt urine, not a discharge.