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  1. Spring Training Pics/update

    She's got a solid lope outside the arena. On trails we lope all the time and she's fine. It's in the arena that she's lazy and just doesn't want to. I do push her through the bucks. They're nothing huge or scary, just little hops because she doesn't want to go. I hate the arena as much as she does, so we're rather behind in the arena compared to out in the open. I won't be working on much speed with her just yet. We've just hand galloped a few times out in the open. Your advice is appreciated!
  2. Spring Training Pics/update

    Thanks! She's not green on trail, but I still consider her green in the arena. We still have a lot to work on and haven't mastered cantering without occasional bucks and not wanting to keep in it.
  3. My qh mare Luna is now 5 and we are FINALLY getting somewhere and learning to get along. She's been greenbroke since 3, but I've been inconsistent, she's had some injury layups and we just butt heads a lot. We are both hard headed and just very good at pushing each other's buttons. But in the last month since some decent weather has arrived, I've been working a lot harder with her, and she's calmed down and matured and I've finally been able to give her the time she needs. Both of us hate arena work, so we try and do just about 20 mins of it and then go out on the trails and that's been a good way to do it. She's cutting bred and LOVES working cows, so that's always a good reward for her. We actually hand galloped several times in the last few weeks with her getting hot headed and throwing in some bucks!! She doesn't buck to dump me, she just loves running and gets too excited. She's always the loser out in the field running laps by herself and bucking lol. Playing with the cows She loves swimming too! Can barely get her out of the water. Holding friends horses while they untangled a calf from a fence. She is excellent bridleless. Steers and stops off of leg and seat very well. I know I need to look up! It's a bad habit of mine. My dog likes to ride too(unless Luna moves) It's so nice to end rides not frustrated with her!
  4. A Few Snow Pictures

    It was Echo's first snow! She's 8 months now and she thought the snow was the most amazing thing! She tore around like her tail was on fire. Chessa Reese(the black dog) hates the snow and just stands there lol.
  5. I had that happen once to an almost brand new 150 gallon tank. It's incredibly maddening! Luckily now we have auto waters that are solar heated. I was always having trouble with the horses playing with any heaters I put in, even the ones that go in the drain.
  6. What Do You Call The Vet For?

    I'm not one to call the vet easily. I've dealt with enough injuries that for the most part I can deal with them on my own. Plus it's expensive haha. But if I feel that the horses life is in danger, or that there may be irreparable damage if not seen by a vet, of course I will call. A year or so ago, my mare got a gash beside her eye. I didn't call the vet because although it looked nasty, there was no damage to her eye and I felt as long as I kept it clean and left her in, it would heal quickly. But a couple people at my barn(that are extreme worrywarts) were making a big deal so I did call the vet. I regret it because all the vet did was wash it and put ointment on it, just as I would have done. And it healed right up. Now I mostly go with my gut. Wasted 330 dollars!
  7. I've lost some horses, but I've not had to lose a dog yet. It scares me much more than a horse passing away. One of my dogs, a cairn terrier mix is about 13 now. You'd never know it though except by how grey she is. She still runs and wrestles and keeps up with the 6 month old puppy. Never acts stiff or arthritic at all. But obviously she is getting up there in age. I definitely wish dogs lived longer!
  8. Went to Cumberland falls with 2 friends and 5 dogs! Kind of a circus, but lots of fun. Chessa is a seasoned hiker, but it was Echo's first time. She did great! And had a blast with so many dogs around. With my friends hound/whippet mix, Stella Enjoy!
  9. Favorite Breed Of Horse?

    Quarter horses. They are so far out in front as my favorite. Only breed I have ever owned other than one quarab. I've been around many many other breeds, but never had any desire to own any others.
  10. Puppy Pictures

    Chess is a JRT/Beagle mix. She is quite the diva. She's an amazing dog in most ways, probably one of the best behaved I've ever been around. But her one bad point is other dogs. She just does not enjoy them. She won't attack them, but she does not share food or toys or me. Her middle name is selfish. Haha.
  11. Puppy Pictures

    Echo is now 14 weeks old. She's coming along very well She comes, sits,stays, is crate trained and house trained and knows to drop things. She's definitely more of a normal puppy than my last dog was! Chess was the easiest puppy ever, practically trained herself. Echo takes more time, but overall its fun! This picture says exactly what Chess(in the middle) thinks of Echo. She despises her. She'd never hurt her, but Echo doesn't understand that Chess has a huuuuuge personal space bubble, so Chess does a lot of growling haha. On the other hand, my other dog Reese adores her! They wrestle and play for hours. Reese is 12, but you'd never guess it by how she plays. Echo loves her toys
  12. Little Dogs And Attitudes

    People so so often fail to train their dogs, and it kills me. They just laugh at or ignore bad behavior, and I just don't get it. I am a drill sergeant with my dogs. They are all expected to be polite and well behaved no matter what. No excessive barking, no aggression. They sit, stay, come and behave off and on leash. No pulling or stopping, staying right at my side. They're to ignore other dogs/people unless I give them permission. Even the 12 week old puppy is much better behaved than most of the other dogs in the neighborhood. I do a ton of socializing and desensitizing. To me, dogs are only fun if they're well behaved. I don't want to worry about my dog hurting someone or running off. Even if I drop the leash, I know they're not going anywhere.
  13. New Puppy Pics

    Oh yes I forgot her name! Hahah. Her name is Echo.
  14. New Puppy Pics

    Sooo I stumbled upon a 9 week old beagle/rottie mix, and I had to have her. I adore beagle mixes and looove rotties, so i was a goner. She's super spunky and smart so far, and very good about saying when she has to potty. But sleep will be scare for awhile lol. Enjoy:)
  15. Tendon Trouble

    I did have the vet out when she first injured herself. He wasn't very concerned, said it was minor, she should just have restricted activity for a few weeks, and not be back to work for around a month. I simply don't have the money to to call him again. I just bought a car when mine died, and things are tight at the moment. She is currently in at night and out in a small paddock during the day with one quiet old gelding. I guess I'll continue with that for now!