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  1. My Dog Is At The Vet Clinic.

    Thats terrible, i'm sorry! My boyfriends parents have a paralyzed dog. It deffinatly is a task taking care of her because she can't potty by herself, we have to bathe her almost everyday...
  2. Snow Pictures

    Where abouts are you located Vito? we have about 3 inches when I woke up this morning
  3. Snow Pictures

    Thanks Guys [smiley Wavey]
  4. Hair Color Advice

    Just to warn you... Dark red looks really nice, but I dyed my hair wich is just a shade lighter than yours a dark chestnut color, like liver chestnut (haha) and I couldn't get the red out, I dyed it every color darker (except black) and even bleached it and It still has touched of red here and there. So you have to really like red, Mine fadded to almost a pink color too
  5. Snow Pictures

    Well I see there are a million posts, but i'll ad to it anyway [bat Eyelashes] I've moved into town therefore my horse is at the barn and the roads are to bad to go get pictures, so this will have to do, haha. Ruuuuuger! He tried a summer salt Pointing I wish it wasn't blurry
  6. Spence Academy: Class Of 1895

    -Stats- Full Name: Dean Corbin Masterson Age: 18 Gender: Male Appearance: Shining black hair kept alittle longer fallign right about his ears yet still trimmed neatly. Deep Chocolate eyes that captivate your stare and seem to hold it there un-willingly. He is of normal skin tone with a small gotee bellow his bottem lip. He's actually quite short compared to most men only measuring around 5'8". Dean is the type of man you may pass in the hall and pay no attention to but the moment you stop and look you see how handsome he really is Dean Personality: Dean is charming, Dean is whitty, Dean is a whomanizer. He can woo women with the tip of his hat and will go to any length once he decides he wants one. He'll sweep you off your feet with flowers, dancing and opening doors. Yet once you've been with him awhile you'll start noticing a change, he'll become withdrawn, sullen, but for most their so deeply infatuated at this point they bend to his will. Mostly Dean is a pretty nice guy to be around. History: He grew up in a slightly welthy house, nothing to brag about but he's always done well in school. His father abused his mother mentally and physicly, though he has never gone that far. Other: No -Animal Stats (optional)- Name: Shaker Age: 6 Gender: Male Species: Equine Breed: Arabian Color: Bay Other: Shaker
  7. Maverick Leaves Today

    It's amazing how much his white fadded on his face... Anyway, thats to bad but it sounds good for him :)
  8. Blue Mountain Pony Club

    OOC: You know, I don't think my character is vital to this game and I'm tired of playing with myself, therefore, I bid you farewell and I shall take my RPing elsewhere.
  9. Re-introductions, Updates Etc.

    Alright, my names Ashley, most of you PROBABLY do not remember me... I've been on here for quite a few years but I mostly stuck to the RPG boards. But I do lurk on here alot and know almost everyone, hahaha. Anyway. I'm 19 now, last time I posted on here I had 3 horses, Snickers my stud, Wy my Mare and their love child Moss. NUW due to the fact that I moved out and burnt out I ended up selling the 2 boys and just keeping my mare. Right now i'm not doing anything as my work of 3 years closed and it's nearly impossible to find a job right now, therefore i'm planning on going to school! yaaah for college! haha. Oh, and i've always been Linkin Park Me and my boyfriend Austin The half insane Pheasent hunting dog Ruger I Sparkle To Impress -or- Wy
  10. Blue Mountain Pony Club

    Dylin was amazed by all of this, two in a row falling off their horses. She didn't understand how these girls where expecting to compete at a huge show in a couple days. Sure she had her bad days and Vinny had been a jerk but this was all quite appalling to her. Gathering up her reins and fitting her feet in the irons Dylin proceeded to trot Vinny around the arena slowly, once she felt he was ready she lengthened his stride making a 20 meter circle and cantering him toward the jump. Giving a subtle half halt the little gelding compacted himself and sprung over the jump, knee's snapped to his chest, ears pricked and eyes alert. Once they had cleared Dylin turned him around and made him go at the jump in the opposite direction. Once satisfied she loosened her reins and did some stretching for herself and Vinny.
  11. Anyone Remember....

    Whoo! ok, I didn't know I was supposed to, haha
  12. Anyone Remember....

    Haha, thats funny
  13. Anyone Remember....

    Yep! just got it Hisoka... I know! I used to get in soo much trouble for being up until like 3am haha
  14. Blue Mountain Pony Club

    "you know, I'm sure everyone would be more than happy to hold there breath at the competion. I'll make sure to tell the crowed" Dylin sighed and rolled her eyes letting her feet our of the Irons and losening Vinny's reins
  15. Anyone Remember....

    Haha, Nice!