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  1. Welcome To The Usa

    I recognize that face from FB! He's beautiful, congratulations!
  2. Lucky The Umbrella Cockatoo

    He looks like he's adjusted well to his new life and is happy. Keep up the good work.
  3. Kings Hawaiian Bread

    Report on King's Hawaiian stuffing: Keep in mind that I don't like KH bread so my opinion doesn't really count - I thought it was OK but a bit sweet for my liking. Everyone else loved it though. So, if you like KH bread you'd most likely enjoy it too.
  4. Thanksgiving Dinner

    Traditional meal here, Mom put the turkey on last night. Brother-in-law will be making his version of green bean casserole, it's to die for. My sister and I will be handling the rest, my husband and Dad are only there to help eat. We'll also be having a small Christmas while my sister and BIL are here from Ohio, so we'll be opening a few gifts this morning also.
  5. Again Cardiologist

    Hope all works out for the best, you're in our thoughts.
  6. We Need Names!

    ...or how about Raven?
  7. We Need Names!

    Awwww, she reminds me of Waldo, a mini we used to have. As for names, here's a few I came up with: Ebony Treasure Inky Night Midnight Starshine Luna Elvira
  8. Kings Hawaiian Bread

    Ick, can't stand the stuff personally, but... I'm in charge of the stuffing this year so bought a bag because everyone else in my family loves the bread. And of course I'll try it because, who knows, I might just like it in stuffing.
  9. Spirited Experiences

    My mom says she seems to remember her mom having a dress like the one the woman is wearing but dosen't understand why the woman is headless if it's her. It is curious though.
  10. Spirited Experiences

    More... 1. We spent the night at my parent's house not too long ago. I was laying in bed awake when I saw the door open just a bit and a man come in. It was totally dark so the figure was just a black silhouette. I just figured it was my husband coming back from the bathroom...till I realized he was sound asleep beside me. 2. My mom often sees the apparition of a headless woman in a blue and white dress. The woman generally makes a circuit of the living room area then disappears. She's been seeing the woman for years and it even moved from FL to AR with her. 3. Staying at a motel with my parents, separate rooms. My mom saw a little boy peeking out of the bathroom, just looking at her, she thought she was dreaming. The little boy would peek, then jump back and hide, then run across the vanity area and back into the bathroom, repeating this several times. He was dressed in a tuxedo. My mom mentioned it to the motel owner the next morning and was told that a father and little boy stayed there several months ago. They were there to attend a wedding, hence the tux. Both were fine when they checked out of the motel and they have never been back. Makes you wonder if something happened to the little boy dosen't it? Or maybe it's just residual energy. 4. At work. I went into the restroom and entered a stall. Heard the main door open and someone walk in. Saw the shadow of someone walking down the row of stalls, then all was quiet. I thought it odd that they weren't making any noise at all. When I came out I realized it was so quiet because there was no one else in the restroom. I even checked for feet under the stalls. 5. Again at work. Walked into the receiving area (w/a co-worker) and heard what sounded like someone tearing off packing tape. You know that kshhhh!! sound - that's the best I can describe it any way. No one else was back there. We both stopped dead in our tracks and, without a word, turned and walked right back out.
  11. Got A Call From Dr's Office

    Anything we can do, just let us know...keeping you in our thoughts.
  12. Spirited Experiences

    Dang, some of these are unnerving. Looking forward to reading more!
  13. Spirited Experiences

    OK... 1. From long ago in another house: I called this ghost Shorty due to the fact that my boyfriend (at the time) insisted that the light being turned on/off in the hallway was a short in the wiring - till Shorty proved him wrong. Some of the things Shorty did: * turned the hall and bathroom light off/on * stole a frozen steak, just one, out of a package of 2, put the other one back in the freezer neatly wrapped. This incident prompted me to ask my boyfriend, "Still believe it's a short in the wiring?" * stole a nerf basketball when it rolled behind the stove, it was just gone, reappeared in the middle of the living room floor one day * my last encounter with Shorty was when I had to go into the attic for something, no light up there so I had the hall light on. It turned off when I stuck my head through the attic door. I said, "Shorty, I could sure use that light right now", and it promptly came back on. I just said, "Thank you", and went on about my business. 2. Stayed in a haunted hotel: * got a picture of a face at the top of a window that's at least 12' tall * actually an encounter by my husband... He was taking a shower when the water came on full force (explainable, early morning, lots of others probably taking showers at the time). Then the water got really hot (explainable), got really cold (explainable), then the corner of the shower curtain flipped up and fell back down again (not explainable)! 3. The house we live in now: I call our current 'room mate' Smokey due to the fact that we always smell cigarette smoke when she's around. Neither of us smokes and the house had been empty for at least 3 years when we moved in. Smokey... * appears as a sooty looking, small, oval shaped 'cloud' (for lack of a better word to describe her). Generally you see her from the corner of your eye but not if you look directly at her. My husband didn't believe till he saw her one day. * has pulled the covers over my feet at night * although she's never been mean she tried to scare off our neighbor who was watching the house while we were on vacation. She would not let him turn on the living room light but would turn it on herself when he was half way across the living room. Even the dogs reacted by running out of the room, they never had before nor did they after we returned home. I guess she was letting him know that strangers were not welcome while we were away. * spoke to us. This is why I refer to Smokey as 'she'. Sitting at our computers one night, mine muted, husband wearing head phones, when a woman's voice (loud and clear) said "Hello". It came from right over my shoulder like someone was standing directly behind me. After the initial shock we tried speaking with her to no avail and have heard no voices since. If I remember more I'll post them here. Yes, I'm a firm believer.
  14. Monday. Got Coffee?

    Not a whole lot going on here, just dropping in to say hi to everybody.
  15. Spirited Experiences

    I've had several experiences over the years and am loving hearing about ya'll's...please continue...