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    ARKO lil mare :)
  1. Happy Birthday and May God Bless You Today and Everyday!!

  2. Photos Are Up :)

    Oh bugger. I completely forgot you had to register with them Sory guys, ignore it then.
  3. Photos Are Up :)

    Prof ones are up now's the links :) Not decided which ones to buy yet! [^ winning it!] evening performance:
  4. We Did It!

    HAHA!!! I'm so doing a showman class to that song next year now Thankyou! He looks disgustingly different since having a well deserved weekend off in the field......
  5. We Did It!

    Thankyou!! Haha I love beaglers too.....on the 18hh oated off their head show hunters I'm sure it feels a bit more hairy scary having no strap lol....but for showing the cobs at least it's fine, they're not too tricky or death defying to ride lol People go HUNTING in them over here!! Mental. Haha. They're not toooo bad to keep tbf, they dont tend to get tangled and they're pretty much just left and washed out every now and then :) His mane\tail's left in loose plaits most the time if he's turned out...or just loose if he's in. And that's about it lol! In all fairness, I need to put more effort into his feathers next season...they got too long and he steps on them and takes them out [especially on his hinds if you look on the inside - you can see hooves]. So for next year....he shall have his ends trimmed until a couple of weeks before each big show I think lol! Should have double the amount of the hair on him next year fingers crossed :)
  6. We Did It!

  7. We Did It!

    Few non-prof ones the kids took for me :) I'll put the prof ones up when I get them
  8. We Did It!

    :D He is soooo tired this morning bless him!!! Thankies!!!! I knoooooow, I don't have any on me lol....waiting for one's taken to go up, and shall be ones from the photographer up at some point too :)
  9. We Did It!

    HAIRY IS 'SOLID OF THE YEAR'!!!!!!!! HE WON IT!!!!! Sorry enough of the caps. Just woke up. Was going to update last night, but had been up about 19hours and fell asleep in bed on my laptop when we finally got back in! Had 2 of the finals classes, solid of the year and ridden of the year. Had ridden of the year first [mixed class for coloureds and solids], and got pulled 4th overall. The ones in front were gorgious and fully deserved their places [HOY's champ, International Champ and reserve etc!] I was thrilled at where we came overall in that. No shame in standing below them!!! In the Solid of the year....WE WON!!! I was shocked and the look on my face....I think my grin touched my ears both sides! Honestly. It was the most immense feeling ever. We were champion in that, which then put us through to the Supreme Ridden Championship in the evening performance. The glitter puff DID come out and he looked absolutely bloody awesome [if I can get away with saying that myself!!!]. He did the ride of his life and my GOD did we pull off a **** good gallop! The Champ and reserve in that went to this years HOY's and Int winner....but Hairy was just underneathe the two of them! So again, NO shame whatsoever there!!! Congrats to them, they fully deserved it. So yes. We're currently home to the official 'Solid of the year'!! Not bad for the little hairy cobby hacker we found 6 months ago!!! I am SO happy [and v.v.tired!] right now, words just cannot talk really. All I can say is thankyou Hairy and sing nothing but praises for him. He was an absolute gent all day and gave me the best ride EVER. Photo's to follow shortly!!! And LOTS of drinkies to follow tonight!!!
  10. Eep This Time Next Week....

    Obviously shall be back with a photo heavy update! ;) x
  11. Eep This Time Next Week....

    Wrong cob....that's Duke lol. Hairy is, well just that....the Hairy one lol!
  12. Eep This Time Next Week....

    It's the National Finals with Hairy. Qualified for the final championship classes... but to get through to the supreme championship, means we've got to get 1st or 2nd in the finals first. And he has acquired a rather portly gut on him, which I'm trying like mad to shift doing 2 hour+ hacks each day and a lunge session once a day and started giving him a good gallop to tone it up a bit. He's going like a dream and better then ever though luckily. Our whole year has been gearing up for this show and now it's less than a week away. And in our classes there may possibly be the reining HOY's champion and other similar in there. And it's Hairy's first 'big' show. Eeeeep. Eeep eeeep eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!! No stress. :s
  13. Your Horse Of A Lifetime

    And Hairy....because....well he doesn't need words. One in a million.
  14. Your Horse Of A Lifetime

    My horse of a lifetime that wasn't 'mine' then it would be Splodgey, 17.1hh ISH youngster. Not 'mine' just one I had to work with for a year and had fun on. He was sold the other week. Miss him likemad as he was ultimate jumping buddy really. I was going to quit jumping if it wasn't for of the wings nearly by end of winter, no problem! My own pony of a lifetime would be Cassie. She was my super awesome first pony who I'd begged and pleaded and bratted for years for. 9 y/o broodie, not done much ridden work and needed rebacking completely. Took me through everything though....pony club, XC, affiliated dressage, showjumping, top of the wings again, showing....ultimate all rounder! My own horse of a lifetime currently would be Bustie...had our ups and downs but he really is the most gentleman of a fella and puts up with me and takes of me. We love each other in our own wierd little way and like to think we're suited!
  15. I Jumped Without A Trainer...

    I honestly wouldn't give a rats arse tbh. My horse. My riding. My money. My decision. But of course joys of our own yard at home ;) ETA - No yard insurance we've ever had has had an exclusion of people jumping on their own. Only hats to be worn at all times.