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  1. My gelding can be a handful for most people to handle. Recently he kicked the farrier during a visit. The farrier admitted to me afterwards that he has been difficult to handle for a while. He had never mentioned this to me and I thought they got along well. I am not usually there when he comes out, but would have gladly been there to assist. That evening I set my gelding up- tied and began cleaning his hooves. I got 3 done with no problem, but when I went to pick up his left rear, he began side stepping away from me. I was persistent and followed him around until I could pick up his hoof. He immediately began pulling and jerky his foot away and ended up smacking me in the side. I then worked with him by picking the hoof up with a rope and making him hold it up. As long as I kept his hoof low - about 6-8 inches off the ground he was fine. Pick up higher and he began resisting. Later I tried to lunge him and immediately noticed he was limping. Did not notice any heat or swelling. Wondering if this had anything to do with his behavior? I have owned this horse for 10 yrs. and have never seen him kick at a person or even our dogs. I now have to find a new farrier, but don't want anyone to get hurt. Advise please???
  2. Suggestion's On Putting Weight On A 28 Yo

    I started adding Stabilized Rice Bran to my senior's diet. He was already getting Sr. feed and beet pulp, but the beet pulp didn't seem to the the trick for him. Stab. Rice Bran is a fat supplement used commonly for race horses. The one I feed is made by Max E GLo. My horse loves it!! Licks his feed pan clean like a little kid! Really puts weight on, and helps with their coat.
  3. I pushed for an ultrasound in November....the vet said an ultrasound of the head would not work due to ultrasound bouncing off facial ones. He said an MRI would need to be done, and few vets are set up to do that. I did finally get to talk to the vet yesterday and he said I could continue the pen injections for 3-4 more days. Said I could go longer, but the problem will be that the horse is getting sore at injection sites, and will not be happy. I am injecting in the neck, alternating sides, but still after 10+ days.....he is getting sore. I know there are a few other places you can give injections.....what are the safest you guys have found?? The vet also agreed the Vetericyn should be a big help. Thanks for everyone's suggestions and comments.
  4. DM-- Actually one of the vets made a referral to A&M for me, but no one ever contacted me...of course it is during the holidays, and I know they are operating on a skeleton crew now. The culture that was done, according to the vet was supposed to determine if there was still a foreign object present or a resistant infection. The result was the presence of a resistant infection. It does seem a lot better today, very little drainage and it does not seem to bother him at all. He lets me clean all around the wound site, including the outer edge with no resistance. Another question I have is, can I continue the pen injections for 2 more days w/o harming the horse? Tomorrow will be the last of his 10 injections, and I feel 2-3 more days may be enough to completely knock it out. I also started using Vetericyn on it today. I called my vet yesterday and today, but am yet to get a call back. I am really put out with him!!
  5. Mini Donkeys?

    I have had a mini donkey since he was 6 months old....he's 4 now. He's a real cutey! He loves to pester the horses...he's like a little kid. He is still a stud, although he is very gentle even with my kids. He allows my 8 yr. old daughter to jump on his back in the middle of the pasture. He gets no feed, only pasture and hay. He gets his hooves trimmed on the same schedule as my horses, although the lady I bought him from said he would only need trims one to two times per year. You could probably get by with less often if you rasp yourself in between. Be careful, some donkeys bite and kick. Make sure the ones you are looking at have been well socialized. I can never get my pictures to attach on here....they are always too big. If you give me your email, I will send one to you.
  6. I have now given my horse 8 of the 10 pen injections, and while I have noticed a slight improvement, is only slight. After 8 injections, should I not have a more noticeable improvement? I called my vet this afternoon to check in with him, and did not receive a call back. I have ordered some Vetericyn to start using on the site. Any suggestions?
  7. The vet said resistant strep infection. But when I researched it, it appears that strep and staph are very similar, or at least can be treated the same way. The pics I posted were taken on the day of the initial accident in August. His wound now is a small hole above his left eye, a little larger than a pencil eraser and is draning yellow pus. The infection is deep down inside. He has been receiving pen injections since Tuesday, and it appears a little better, not as much drainage. I have my fingers crossed!!
  8. Don't know why the vet said Penicillin. He looked at another oral antibiotic, but said it would be way too costly, said we needed to go injectable and that the Procaine/PenG, according to the culture, is what I should use. Thanks for the advice on giving the injections. My husband usually does this, but he will be leaving town this weekend, which leaves me having to do it!! I'm hoping this will take care of the infection. Next week will be 4 months I have been battling this!!
  9. Got the results of the culture yesterday, FINALLY!! Vet says he has a resistant Strep infection. We are trying 25cc Pennicillin daily for 10 days and hoping that will knock it out. I have pictures of original injury back in August, will try to attach them. Is there anything I need to be watching for as far as risks of using the Pen??
  10. Had the culture done on Monday. Vet said it will take several days to get the results.....not sure why so long?? Vet seems to think the site looked better than when he saw it last....don't know if I agree with that. He did flush it again with some type of antibiotic liquid. We are on wait mode until results of culture are in. I continue to wash daily with water. I'll update once results come in and we have a plan of action. Thanks all for the comments.
  11. We are going in the morning to have the culture done. Still waiting on a call from A&M to discuss options.
  12. Okay, I will try to keep this brief. End of August, came home to find my nine year old gelding with his forehead sliced open, head covered in blood and his left eye almost swollen shut. Took a trip to the vet. He cleaned him up, stitched him up and he stayed there for a week, as an infection set in. We brought him home for about a week, with daily antibiotics, and then back to the vet as he had a large squishy area just about his eye. The vet opened it up, said he had a bone chip in there, flushed it and sent him home 3 days later. I have been flushing daily, at first with saline and then plain water. The incision that had to be stitched healed up, no problem, not even a scar. The problem area is the hole over his eye, right in the indented area about the eyeball. Two weeks later to a second vet, who flushed it and pulled two small pieces of wood (tree) out. Continued daily flushing. Three weeks later back to original vet who opened him up and flushed him out again, found nothing. Three weeks later back to second vet who again flushed him and said if not better in 10 days, take him somewhere for an xray, he is not set up for it. Two weeks later back to original vet, who opened him back up and removed a two inch long, one inch in diameter chunk of wood, that he said was lodged back behind his eye. Sent him home after 3 days with more antibiotics and daily flushing. After 7 days of antibiotics were gone, it looked better, but still not completely healed. Called vet again, he said come in for another round of antibiotics. Did that for 5 more days and 1-2 times a day flushing with water. It looked like it was improving. Now, it has been draining nasty yellow puss this entire time. Last week it had started to lessen, looked to be healing up, but this week it started draining more again. I am so frustrated and not sure where to turn. Second vet referred me to Texas A & M, but they have not contacted me yet to discuss price. I have been dealing with this for three and a half months and have spent close to $1000.00 on six trips to two different vets and have been flushing the area with water one to three times per day. I called the original vet yesterday. He said bring him back in, he would take a culture to see if it was a resistant strain of bacterial infection that is just not clearing up or if there is still wood/splinters in there. I am at my wits end wit this already, and of course worried the infection will cause him to lose sight in his eye. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Any experience with this type of situation?? My pateince and bank account is running low!!
  13. Horse Reared Up And Flipped Over....keep Or Sell?

    Thanks all. I have contacted the stable that we purchased him from.....although I don't exptect much from them. I also contacted the Better Bus. Bureau and filed a complaint against them (I see that I'm not the first). The horse will be sold. I will definitely disclose this info. prior to selling. I am checking on a couple of trainers that rehab and resell horses to see if they may be interested in taking him on. I know I am not capable of, or willing to correct this horse. Thanks again!
  14. Horse Reared Up And Flipped Over....keep Or Sell?

    Just to clarify....the first time he reared up on me, we were already on our way back to the barn. I did finish the ride that day. Did not ride him for a while after that, just did ground work and lunge line. I was told by others that when he refused to walk forward, getting off and making him move his feet and work harder would convince him to walk when asked....and it did seem to work. I have not ridden him in several months and he seems to have gone backwards. I am fully aware that this behavior is way beyond my skill level. I can handle minor attitude adjustments, but nothing like this. I wanted to know if you guys thought he could ever overcome this, or if he was forever doomed and needed to go on down the road. My intention is for my son to be able to ride him.....but not unless I am 110% sure he is safe. So my question is....Is this something that can be fixed successfully?
  15. Hi, I posted on here about a year ago. I had purchased what was supposed to be a ten year old kid safe gelding for my then 14 yr.old son. Once we got the horse home and to the vet, discovered he was 6 yrs. old at best. He is a very calm good natured, loving horse. The problem was he would not go when I was in the saddle. After doing some ground work and lunging, I began riding him. One day he stopped and wouldn't go and finally reared up, really high. So I went back to ground work and a lot of lunging. THen when I would ride and he would stop and not want to go, I would dismount and work him in circles for a couple of minutes and then remount. Usually this worked. If he would still not go, I would dismount and do the circles again. He eventually got to pretty good. On a long ride, I would have to dismount once. Well, I have not ridden him in 3-4 months. Saddled him this past Saturday, got on him, and he rode off fairly well. My daughter was on her horse, riding with me. About 25 yards from the house I stopped him to let my daughter catch up....her horse is 25 and verrrrrrrrry slow. Once she got even with us, I cued my horse to go, but he did not. I tapped him with my heels, he shook his head side to side twice, reared up and flipped over. Fortunately I was able to jump off in time. My initial reaction Saturday was that he has to if, ands or buts! But now, I am wondering if thre is any way to retrain this horse? Anyone have any success with this type of behavior? I am riding him with a hackamore, so mouth pain/bit trouble is not the issue. Is he worth the effort??