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  1. Remember When.......

    Ahh, the good ole days! It seems fb has put an end to a lot of forums, big and small. Way back when I first started here I would put up a pic every morning of what the day looked like while the kids were waiting for the bus. I wandered here when I lost my job. Somehow that didn't bother me when things were really going on here, lol. This place gave support to people when they needed it.
  2. How Old Before Left With Others?

    Hi Oz.
  3. How Old Before Left With Others?

    Haha, It's actually fun to read all the way through this and see the young-ness of it. Ivory Annie, you were definitely stating your opinion. You were definitely sounding rather high-handed about it. I can be nice if I want to be or I can be snarky, too, so I won't go into how you sounded, but it did make me laugh. If you read though everything in one shot maybe you will see what some of us see. You put this on the debate page why? You knew it was going to have an affect on people. You could have put it in GC if you were just being chatty and wanted opinions. I also think you wanted a pat on the back for being a *good* mom. You haven't made it there, yet. You have many years to go before you can congratulate yourself. Have a few more kids and lead a life that many people have to that includes both people having to work and only getting a few weeks off for maternaty leave. Be kind to the children and teaching them well has a potential to create a good human being. That's more important than spending 24 hours a day with a baby. Especially if the care giver also loves the child. I do have some experience at this. My youngest is 20. My oldest is nearly 26. The first I didn't leave over night for quite a while. It was because of me not her. I was dependent on my being her mom and not just me rearing a good kid. I was selfish about it. It's lucky she turned out well the way I started out, lol. You sound a lot like I did at the time. I grew up.
  4. The Incredible Dr. Pol

    I watch it for the entertainment value, which is probably why the editing leaves a bit to be desired. When you live in an area where farms are spread out, there aren't usually very many vets to choose from and you are grateful for ones that will make farm calls. A lot of farmers are "old fashioned" and the younger ones go in for more of the industrial type of farming where they have large acreages and slews of cows where it's economical to get a vet from farther away that you hire for the whole day to process a herd. My own vet does some of the rougher field surgeries and is very sucessful with them. The nearest actual clinic is quite a ways away and you have to trailer there if something is really serious. Of course there is Michigan State that's about 3 hours from here, but costs more.
  5. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Hi green!! Have you heard from Kas at all? I remember when she moved up here and then I lost track of her. I knew she went your direction on holidays sometimes...and her brother Bill? That's where HTTY came from. I miss those days alot. I wasn't working then, so I had time to be here. It's so cool to see everyone!
  6. Have We Come Very Far In Race Relations?

    It dries the skalp.
  7. Have We Come Very Far In Race Relations?

    Okay, so here it goes... Racism is alive and well and living in all colors. I'm a white female that went to school in a mostly black school. My parents went to the same school when it was mostly white. Google Benton Harbor Michigan and see what comes up. In the late 60's and early 70's, when the color predominance started changing, there were riots. My grandparents lived about a block from the high school and remained there until the last grandkid graduated from school so we'd have a place to run to if we needed it. My brother graduated in the 70's and he did. I graduated in 80 and I didn't, but I did see shotguns at school and they weren't attached to a cop. I think in alot of cases it's a mob mentality and level of education that make the most diffence. The city now has an emergency financial manager and they are close to getting the same for the school system. There are parents who don't care if their kids get an education. They seem to perpetuate the racist mentality more so than a kid that is willing to learn. It's like it's a mark against you if you want to learn. Most drop out, and what have they learned? Not much but the "man" is killing them. It's easy to go along with the mob thinking that it's not your fault that you aren't making something of you life. If you want to learn you're a pariah in your own neighborhood. An example is Nikki Harris. We graduated the same year and the girl can sing! She got called an oreo because she had white friends. She went on to be back up for Madonna and a choreographer. She comes back to town to do benefits. Another is Sinbad. I was in the same grade as his sister and his dad is a preacher. He was big so I'm not sure how he was accepted by the black community and his brother Mark was a great high school basketball player. I have black friends that would protect me if necessary and I'd do the same for them. They have open attitudes and I hope I do, too. There was a riot a few years ago, on my way to work I saw the smoke. I'm begining to feel that these problems wlll always be with us if we don't educate ourselves and our families. It makes me very sad inside that people could judge me without knowing me so I go overboard to go in the other direction myself. Sorry about the rambling post!
  8. Heidi!

    At least some of those are photoshopped. Look at the two with the splash from the water bowl. The splashes are exactly alike. Great pics otherwise.
  9. Cactus Rose

    Gentle hugs CR, you scared me! Mend quickly!
  10. Ok Kids, Looking For Advice Here.

    Yay! I'd do the braiding for you!
  11. Topical Fly Protection

    I use TriTec. It's the only thing that seems to work here. The spot ons had very little effect.
  12. Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder...

    I love this kind of stuff!!
  13. Ok Kids, Looking For Advice Here.

    Could you do a running braid? They are really easy to do and don't take long and you'll be able to see his neck without actually cutting his mane.
  14. Just Got A New Horse

    Nice Mare! I guess I don't know much about bloodlines, either, so it doesn't make much difference to me what she is, but she is really, really nice, lol.
  15. Any Military Out There? Women? Anyone Enlisting?!

    PD, I love you! My son is going in the marines if he passes the physical. He has aspergers, but they thing he'll be fine with it. He's not sure yet what MOS he'll go after.