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  1. Totally Spoiled By My Twh

    I have to get my morgan/quarter mare going this spring. I think it'll be good for me to ride a non gaited horse half the time. retone some of those leg muscles. I think it was having to use so much seat and leg to get her moving and stay moving. She isn't usually like that, so I'm a bit concerned there may be something else going on. Vets didn't see anything else during her three day stay with them. She's eating and drinking fine, she's just blah. The posting thing though, that's all me out of shape.
  2. Totally Spoiled By My Twh

    My saddle horse is a pinto TWH mare (se sig) for the past four years. A friend moved her morgan mare to a boarding facility up the road for the next two months after a colic episode. With the weather being so strange this winter with so much rain and up and temps, we figured it would be best for her, especially since she's an older mare with cushings. Anyway, it's a very nice facility with a huge outdoor arena and an indoor. She asked me to come over and ride Beauty to see what I thought. Mare has been acting a bit sluggish. I think she just doesn't care for the round and round thing, but having ridden for a whole 15 minutes, having to push her a bit and POSTING in english tack, my thighs are starting to hurt already! While my twh mare can be a bit idiotic about spooking at butterflys, she moves off at a touch and posting is a thing of the past. She has a slow canter that's like the proverbial rocking chair. I didn't realize how spoiled I am, and out of shape evidently!
  3. Many years ago, a friend's (ie: turned out not to be) 11 yr old son constantly tormented his sweet natured pony with this. Until said pony had enough and delivered a double barreled shot to the face. Boy survived, barely. Father blamed pony, walked out and shot him dead. sorry to be a downer.
  4. Hot Wire

    I have a solar charger. Touched the wire by accident about 200 feet up the line and it sent a pulse that numbed my arm.
  5. New Vehicle

    My last two vehicles were Jeep cherokee laredos. One Four wheel, one all wheel. Loved the cargo space. I could stuff 4-6 bales of hay in there. When the ABS system went on the last one, I replaced it with a jeep wrangler. 6 cyl/5 speed. Love it.
  6. Hi From Ny

    Always nice to see another New Yorker! Hi from Bloomingburg, ny.
  7. 6 Words

    Itchy dog. Bath time. Oh Joy.
  8. Easyboots Easyup Buckle

    I'm about to order the new easy boot Glove. No buckles. Anybody tried these yet?
  9. How Many Critters?

    Okay, honesty. I usually count cats by color. ie.- three black cats equal one cat, etc. so..... 6 cats 5 horses 8 dogs All but one in the small catagory. 1 African catfish about 8 inches long. My last fish and I've named him Methuzalah because he just won't go to the big fishbowl in the sky. Ever.
  10. I Really Need Your Input!

    mine spend their entire winter about ten feet from the fence line closest to the feed buckets. I tried round bales once. makes nice bedding as far as mine are concerned.
  11. I Am Getting Old

    I did that gravity thing at work. I leaned forward to pick something up, the chair kept going behind me, and boom. I just sat on the floor laughing. What else can you do! Oh, and I need a mounting block now. Me, who used to swing up from the ground. My knee locks up halfway up. stinks.
  12. Diabetic Cat

    Thanks for the replys everyone! Just ordered a case of Purina DM. A friend gave me a can to try and he LIKES it! Took him in to Dr. Kate (love her!) last night for his first follow up. His glucose has dropped to 328 from 500, so we're headed in the right direction. Next checkup is thursday.
  13. Diabetic Cat

    So I dragged Gatsby in to visit my vet. He' a 12 year old, long haired black cat. He's a big cat, but I had been concerned about his weight. I was starting to be able to feel his backbone. He was 14 pounds at his last visit, this time he weighed in at 10.5. No other symptoms of anything except I thought his coat didn't look as shiny as it should. Vet suspected perhaps a thyroid problem. So we ran a blood panel. Thyroid is fine, he's diabetic. So now I'm giving insulin injections twice a day. Luckily he likes his diabetic food, although it's hard keeping him out of the dry food everybody else has out to eat all day between canned food meals. That, and how do I get regular urine samples when multiple cats use the box. I've been following him around to see when he goes in the litter pan, but he won't if he's being watched. Has anybody had a diabetic cat go into remission? I sure hope Gatsby does.
  14. I tried that method too! I had White Cat, Red Cat and Kitten Face their entire lives! Love the Tortie point!
  15. Do We Expect Too Much From Doctors?

    Sure Drs. are only human. But I think the impersonal approach is way out of hand. I lost my mother to leukemia. While she was in treatment, they irradiated her throat. This eventually resulted in the loss of the ability to swallow. At one point she was unable to eat, anything. When her Dr. was called, they wanted to make her an appointment in TWO WEEKS! We took her to the emergency room. I go to my own Dr. for regular checkups because I'm on blood pressure and cholesterol meds. I feel like I'm on an assembly line. Everytime I walk in there, I'm asked if I've been there before. My file is three inches thick for crying out loud. In my history, I said there was colon cancer (my father had it and an aunt died of it) in my family. I had to suggest it was time for a colonoscopy. They removed four precancerous polyps. So in this new age of medicine timed by how many appointments can be seen in 15 minutes, I think it's become very important to be your own advocate.