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  1. My sister has a foal due in the next few days with a mare that is foundering. The mare might not be able to nurse. Where can she order colostrum if she needs it?
  2. OMG!!! Like for sure!!! That's to great!!!
  3. Teampenninglady and I are on our way to the Dixie Nationals, anyone up for a boardbuddy meeting??!
  4. Teampenninglady and I are on our way up there right now if anyone wants to have a boardbuddy meeting!!!
  5. Crush's Fourth Foal Has Arrived!

    I have old pics of Prince. He was about a year old in that last pic, now he is 5.
  6. Crush's Fourth Foal Has Arrived!

    I only have this one I took this morning, had to rush to work. Now that I have my camera back workin, I can get some this weekend. He is so facinated by the colt, his stall is right next to his. And he has a little gap in the wall where Crush kept putting his nose in to try and smell the baby. It was so cute.
  7. Crush's Fourth Foal Has Arrived!

    Thanks MissouriDun, it's been a while since I've been here, but just had to show off this baby!! Teampenninglady, I hope I didnt take over your post! Hope u can get some action pics of him at the barn today!! He was trying to run in the stall!!
  8. Crush's Fourth Foal Has Arrived!

    Here r some pics!! U know grandma had to get some early this morning!! He is so cute!!
  9. Crush's New Baby Boy!

    He was born early this morning!! Dun stud colt!! He is very big, healthy and beautiful!! And a pic of the proud papa!!
  10. Your Dream Horse ---- Does It Change?

    When I was little i just wanted a horse, any kind of horse!! When I went shopping for mine i wanted a buckskin. The first auction I went to there was a skinny, buckskin, 2yr old colt. Not broke, and me not knowing what I was getting into!! No 10 yrs later I have that once in a lifetime horse!! Crush is everything u can ask for in a horse!! I love him to death!! But my new dream is a solid, black, Hollywood Dun It bred mare to breed to Crush!! I want to see if we can get a grulla!!
  11. How Many Of You Need To Stand On Something To Mount?

    I use a chair or anything available. I am overweight and I have no upper body strength to pull myself upand I dont like pulling on the horse like that.
  12. What Do Your Screen Names Mean?

    Imm-Yes that's my AQHA Stud "Investers Town Dude" AKA Crush. He is the love of my life!!
  13. What Do Your Screen Names Mean?

    My dad gave all us kids nicknames when we were little. He said when I stood up in my crib all he could see over the rail was my eyes and I looked like a possum. So it stuck. I even asked my mom one time if he knew my real name, because that's all he calls me!! And the 71 is my birthyear and 68 is my husbands. He also gives all the grandkids names, Lets see there is papoise, cricket, peput, pumpkin, peaches, and I really can"t name them all.
  14. Since Y'all Liked The Last One So Much......

    EricJohn, I didn't know you were still on here!! Always did love your stories!! Great Job Dad!!