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  1. Im Back! [Not A Rpg]

    *coughs and crickets* I have no idea who I was before... Hisoka maybe? BUT I saw Sakura and WildHorsefeathers, adn Tuckaway, and jeeze... I remember a chunk of you. Just... hope you're all doing great!
  2. Happy Birhtday and May God Bless You and Yours!! xxoo!

  3. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    *waves* popping my head back in HC for a bit...
  4. Anyone Remember....

    Holy cow the boards are quiet...
  5. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    This is probably the last update i'm gonna do. her PF looks fine. She jumped over the tractor recently so her chest is swollen back up and sore. But nothing from PF... Zoom in of her chest and the one on her shoulder
  6. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    went down today, nothing really to update. She's not sore there, it's closed up, just needing fur back...
  7. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    Zeusyboy ~ must be.
  8. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    her shoulder PF is just pink flesh now. Waiting for fur to grow back... there's some darker pink in the center, but nothing big. Chest one I rubbed with a damp cloth and got the pus crust off. pink flesh there too, healing up nicely :)
  9. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    Zeusyboy ~ So if you do know, I hope you can understand why I don't. Especially since I had my first time bailing out a couple weeks ago. I'm not a huge fan of dieing.
  10. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    RixKatToy ~ thanks! :) Yeah it's amazing... and here I was so worried. LOL XD
  11. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    Topaz ~ :) Thanks. I could tell you weren't jumping on me. Your comments were helpful and appreciated anyway! Poor Bailey! I hope she has a fast recovery :) anyway, a picture from today. Just had to pick off a bit of a falling off scab from her fur. It's not tender at all. :)
  12. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    mrs ~ I don't mean to be a 'grump'. But I dislike when multiple people say the same thing to me. It's very nice that you are all able to do things. I'm sorry but I am not. And I wish I didn't have to repeat myself multiple times to people stating this very same fact. I am doing my personal best. Trust me, it doesn't make me happy either. Times are rough right now and I don't need people on the internet biting at me for it. and truth be told I'm not angry, just a bit annoyed. On the other hand; Her PF is doing so incredibly well BO advised we leave it alone now. It's all clean and scabbed over. we cleaned it out once more and it's really looking healthy and trying to heal up. I'm quite happy I let it run its course, it's one of the healthiest PF's the BO's seen. Kandy's healing and doing better then any of the other horses did. On the side note, her back leg cut still isn't healing well. It's clean, and is no longer an open wound, but it's going to leave a nice scar... Luckily you can't really see those on her whiteness. Today. after being flushed.
  13. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    Zeusyboy ~ 2000 feet down only got one foot. 2000 feet above me got over 3. Sun was out the day after it snowed in the valley. We still had a good deal of snow when I left my house. I was rather 0_0 myself when I got down there and there was no snow (just...wet..) That, and it's the mountians. My side of the street can get pummeled with snow and wind, and across the street from me could get nothing. That's nice that you can get to your horse. :) personally i rather enjoy life (well, most the time) and I'd like to keep my body intact so i can continue to enjoy it. I saw enough cars on the side of the road and new skid tracks yesterday that made me very happy I decided not to go out. Also, my barn owner has stepped in and is helping out so really I'm quite happy with how things are going. And I don't need people like you telling me how to live my life. Thank you. if you lived in my house, in my families situation, drove my cars, and drove the same canyon I did to get down and see her then you'd probably understand. But you don't, so I appreciate you keeping your nose out if it.
  14. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    Kandy was so precious today. Luff on her. So pictures. It popped last night. It's been cleaned and clipped (both of them). All the ooze is clear. there's a bit of a 'pocket' (white lump..) in there. Just trying to keep it clean. there's no infection and vet gave her the good to go. All that needs done is for it to close up. And cross our fingers it doesn't appear again. On the other hand, this horse is getting FAT. her chest, zoomed out (there's nothing from the side) zoomed in and her shoulder. and just to show how cute she's being... '
  15. Pigeon Fever In Colorado

    Topaz ~ thanks for that! Kandy's just ruptured today. Apparently she had two! One on her neck and the one on her chest. BO is actually helping, so that's fantasitc, I'll be down tomorrow.