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  1. Who Needs A Pool When You've Got A...

    I have been thinking about doing the same thing! Free pool and no chlorine!
  2. The Dangers Of Overfeeding

    I have a friend that has rehabilitated a laminitic horse with 18% rotation. She took the horse in from a home that was going to euthanize the mare. The very first thing she did after the vet xrayed the mare was stopped all grain! Put her on a dirt lot and gave her hay and a hoof supplement. Her farrier started immediate trim with shoes on backwards. This horse now competes! To answer your question about feed: Cheri is correct: watch your horses weight, watch Alfalfa, if the horse is currently of good weight and not yet IR then I would turn her out on pasture and feed hay. Mineral block. A little low starch feed or oats to mix supplements. All feed weighs differently. pick up a feed scale. But honestly: I maintain all my horses on good quality grass pasture /hay and mineral block. Their feet are great too! I do take precautions about introducing the horses slowly to pasture in the spring. I also have a 17-3 hh Percheron. she has lived here several years on hay and grass. Best wishes.
  3. I Just Adopted My Second Mustang Part 2

    Such a cute liuttle mustang! Congrats!
  4. Gelding Help He Hasn't Dropped!

    The only Mare I have here is 18 hands and he doesn't react to her on the other side of the fence. She doesn't react to him either. I had 2 mini stud rescues that I gelded last October 3 and 4 years old that did fuss over her being on the other side of the fence. When he was rescued he was wandering with a foal also possibly a stud he is 6 months old and almost didn't make it. He has goats that are with him for companionship now.
  5. Gelding Help He Hasn't Dropped!

    Strange that he is so quiet, willing and sweet! Doesn't have a care in the world, follows me like a puppy dog. Hangs out with my goats.
  6. Gelding Help He Hasn't Dropped!

    The vet aged him 2 1/2 to 3 years old in April. 2 months ago, when he came in. I will wait until the fall to see if he drops now that he getting good nutrition. He is in a separate pasture. We did the testasterone test to see if he was gelded. He is a rescue and I don't have any history on him.
  7. Gelding Help He Hasn't Dropped!

    Thanks for the opinions. I am going to hold onto him to see what more time and nutrition will bring for him to drop. It's fly season anyway.
  8. Gelding Help He Hasn't Dropped!

    I need advice! The 2.5 to 3 year old Appaloosa horse I rescued has not dropped! I took him back into the vet. He can't feel anything. So we ran a testosterone blood tests. The results came in yesterday. The vet said he is still a stud. So..........Is he at the age where he won't drop? He came in with some malnutrition but not bad. So we thought he might still drop. He has shed out to be a beautiful horse He has a very sweet disposition. Is calm, unexciteable, friendly He doesn't act like a stud at all. Never offers to kick or bite. He is about 13 hands and I would like to adopt him out to a good home. My trainer feels he doesn't have a lot of courage. And he thinks he will make a great horse for little kids. Grab the lead rope and take him whereever they want and he will follow. Please offer your opinions. My vet said just leave him ungelded! From what I have read he may be crypt orchid and that the ring that the testicles would pass through is now probably closed at this age. Crypt orchid would also make him most likely sterile.
  9. Feed Through Fly Control?

    My farrier just recommended Apple cider viegar in the water trough. 100 gallon water trough 1 cup Apple cider vinegar. I'm going to try it. also I heard 1/3 acv 1/3 water 1/3 skin so soft from Avon as a spray.
  10. We Got The Tox Results For Tae...

    I don't have any suggestions. But wanted to say I'm sorry you lost your dog.
  11. Vaginal Discharge

    I would be interested in the photos if you can post them. I was just called out to look at a similar problem with a rescue mare. Have you checked her again to see if her pee is now clear?
  12. Need Opinions On This Leg Added Picture

    He said if the vet doesn't put her down he will never let her be bred again. He will make her a seperate Paddock of her own. I'm still negotiating for what is best for the mare.
  13. Need Opinions On This Leg Added Picture

    Oh boy this situation takes more turns! We found an owner of this mare from 2004. Her husband brought home 4 horses that were going to be euthanized. Which they probably should have been . It turns out that this Mare has had an old break in that leg for longer than the neighbor thought. She has been like this since 2003. She has had at least 2 foals. The owner of the property is deceased since 2006. The Estate has now sold these horses! ugh! The new buyer doesn't want to euthanize the mare. And the donkey mated with her so there is another foal coming. I'm just Sick for this Mare. He promises to get another vets opinion on her leg. And he wants to give away one of the studs so I'm trying to find a home for him. This is him with the mares last foal a mule.
  14. Need Opinions On This Leg Added Picture

    Good news we have the ok to get in there and get the horses! The farrier thinks her leg is a lost cause. Still waiting on the vet report.
  15. Need Opinions On This Leg Added Picture

    This mare has been injured for almost a year. Last year she was impregnated one of the donkeys She has been breeding with a chesnut stallion as well. The other stud is 3 years old and her last foal. She is most likely in foal again