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  1. Haven't been on in years

    Life sure can change in a hurry, and of course, I have spent a lot of time working on keeping my horses sound. We have had some really wet conditions that made it next to impossible to keep my laminitic gelding from having issues every spring...and then in the fall he was having trouble for a couple of years. I swear I've read all the words off the internet about sugars in hay and grass. While it was frustrating trying to keep Ace comfy, I learned a lot about symptoms, timing and overall management. I think I can safely say I have a hoof obsession. lol I'm very lucky that my other gelding has incredibly good feet, as Ace's are a full time job!! Yeah, it would be nice to hear from some of the old members here to see how they've been making out with trims...if they're still doing them and if they've converted others. :) Jubal, I'm sorry to hear that you're having some issues with your horse now. Hopefully the vet is simply overlooking something simple, and it resolves itself, or at least you figure out a treatment. How old is Jubal? I have no experience with Cushings, so I can't be of any help there.
  2. Haven't been on in years

    Hey all, I used to check out the hoof board a lot a few years ago, and I simply haven't been on in a while. Life getting all complicated, lol. So first, I want to thank Missyclare, and Trinity and a few of the other folks who used to be regular on here for all their long suffering help and advice when I had a lot to learn. Of course I am still learning, but I have become pretty good at keeping my two horses trimmed and no lameness issues from bad trims since I took over. I have been trying to advise some friends too, that they should learn more and take care of their own horses' hooves. It really is rewarding. If Missyclare will remember, I had a laminitic gelding whose feet were kind of a nightmare, and I have managed to keep him sound and comfortable even through his relapses. Of course, I am better at managing that too, so he never gets bad. he's 21 this year and that means I have been getting his barefoot trims in hand for 13 years!! Success! So just wanted to pop in and say hi and thanks! and if I remember, I'll try to post some pictures. Christine
  3. Lamenitis...need Answers

    I own a recovered laminitis victim, who remains sound as long as he doesn't get too much grass, or too fat and I keep up his barefoot hoof trims. He is ouchy on rocky terrain, but lives on soft footing that I can't change, but is sound and rideable otherwise. Vets and some old-school farriers really need to learn more about the advancement of horses leading productive lives post-laminitis. While most horses will never be high performance athletes once they have suffered it, they can still be used with discretion. Along the same line as Missyclare said, learn as much as you can about prevention, care and treatment of what your horse has, and you will be far better off to determine how best to handle the situation. If you are asking uninformed people you will get incorrect answers!! Even vets and farriers can be wrong in their prognoses. As for pictures, there are a few farriers/hoof trimmers on here that can give you some amazing tips if they can see what the condition of the hooves are...without Trinity and Missyclare (and the support of many others) I would never have been able to succeed with my horse!Post them pictures!!!! Christine
  4. Faraon

    Missy, you have to click on the picture. It take you to Dougal's album. I was pretty confused at first too...but I try clicking on everything! Gets me into trouble sometimes!! lol
  5. What's Wrong With These Feet?

    Obey the sole!!! Looks like you need to soak those feet. LOL
  6. Wondering What You Guys Think Of My Horses Hooves?

    If you are unsure that you might take too much off in one 'bite', its better to rasp off what you need to take off. I've been trimming my own for years and still get too much off with nippers. I do find at the toe, it is easier to take the excess off and then rasp. The key is to have a very sharp rasp!
  7. You're in good hands with Missyclare! Hugs to you LassieLu, I think this bizarre weather all over the continent has been plaguing many of us. I had problems this WET spring with laminitis, thrush, rain rot and dew poisoning...all within a few months. Wishing you better weather, and hope your horse gets some relief.
  8. My Horse Is Home. Here Are Her Feet

    Honestly, I see she's been self-trimming. Thy don't look all that bad except for flaring at the quarters, and needing bevelled all round. For being a rescue, she taken remarkable care of her own feet. Why the 'farrier' wouldn't have taken down the flares and smoothed the ragged chips and cracks is sort of beyond me.
  9. Ugh! -31C today. Methinks I have to move to a warmer climate!!!

  10. Learn From My Horsey Fail

    I LOVE these!!ROTFL From my youth...Never tie any horse in the yard to graze without keeping a VERY watchful eye on said horse. You will discover how many veterinary skills you have treating ropeburn, and proudflesh (in that order) for weeks after said horse wraps the rope around both back pasterns! Oh, and never try to jump a horse that has never been jumped, and not expect a bolting, wild ride terminating in a painful fall and bruised ribs. FAIL!!! (I had my most spectacular falls from that particular mare, also during my English saddle experimental period!)
  11. Wishes it would warm up to stay...and NO more snow please!!!

  12. 1912 Book Offered Alternative To Nailed On Horseshoes

    Fascinating, one day when I have time I will have to read it. I think the early 1900's were awash with inventions that would change the future...some stuck and some were none better than 'snake oil'. For some reason, I kept on thinking about an infomercial, with each page littered in amazing research. Bringing the old mare back to life. LOL I would love to find one of those old shoes to add to my collection. and to see how it was supposed to work!
  13. I'm all for improving Mac's feet and if this is working, go for it. I'm just curious about these plastic shoes as a person who's never had a shod horse. (For multiple reasons). You seem like a very reasonable person, who obviously cares a lot about your horses. Good on you!
  14. I think Daniel has great feet! You're doing a great job Kitten-Kat. He has filled out nicely too. I also have troubles with heel heights, and find that the pictures really help with perspective. I wonder why his thrush is so hard to kill?
  15. Congrats on Turbo! Great to hear that he is improving WITHOUT surgery. Those polysteel shoes look very interesting. Do they flex like rubber or is it a more rigid plastic?