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  1. Mane And Tail Braiding Products.

    Use a 3-piece tail tube for her tail, braid it down, fasten with 3-4 rubber bands, and the tie the end in a big knot. That will hold it in place even with tail swishing. Cowboy Magic is great, but terribly expensive! If you are cheap (like me), buy Infusium Leave-In Treatment at your local department store, and SOAK the mane with that every couple days. It leaves it really soft and tangle-free. You can buy a huge bottle for around $7 or so.
  2. 100 Years Of Purebred Dog Breed "improvement"

    Bwahahaha! Way to bring it back on topic
  3. 100 Years Of Purebred Dog Breed "improvement"

    Again, videos not shot in the US. All I can say is from what I have experienced FIRSTHAND as I have attended shows throughout the region here, the GSDs I see winning look NOTHING like that. When I am home, I will look up some videos of dogs I have actually seen in person and witnessed winning and you can see the difference for yourself. While in the show ring, these dogs (the ones I have seen) do crouch down low in their hind end, it's really based on training, and when they are out playing or running around they move quite normally. Not sure why they have to be shown like that when no other breed is like that, but that's another question for another day LOL! BTW, in thge first part of the video (I assume shot in England???) that show is in no way a "top" show. they show the GSD pacing in the show ring and that is a HUGE penalty for any breed. No winning dog will be pacing in the show ring, even if it is the only dog in the class (I see judges withhold ribbons all the time from dogs that might have gotten a placing by default, but were not worthy - a practice many horse show judges should embrace!).
  4. 100 Years Of Purebred Dog Breed "improvement"

    Yes, and do you see those shepherds in the AKC show ring? Heck, that video wasn't even shot in the U.S., so you can hardly blame AKC and show dog breeders for that. Dogs like that would never be placed in the show ring. It's like looking at a malformed quarter horse at the local kill auction and blaming the entire AQHA and show world for that horse that some idiot backyard breeder bred. There are lots and lots of beautiful show dogs that are athletic and fact I would go as far as to say 99% of them are. Here is mine: Show dog... ...And athlete And you know what? This isn't all that unusual, because if a sporting or working-bred dog is successful in the show ring it generally has the conformation to do athletic events also. You can't really compare this to companion breed show dogs like pugs or other toy breeds, because they were bred over the years to simply be a companion and lap-warmer...not perform. Many many show-bred GSDs go on to do obedience, agility, and other specialized events that showcase their talents. Those icky-looking ones in the video are NOT typical of what you see in the USA at AKC shows.
  5. 100 Years Of Purebred Dog Breed "improvement"

    I think things here are getting a bit exaggerated. In all of the shows I have been to, I have yet to see a "mutated" or "fatal" dog that was so malformed it was a death sentence. I have seen a handful of animals who were bred to the extreme, so maybe their angles were a bit more extreme...but they certainly weren't "fatal". Granted, most dog breeds have changed from their origins 100+ years ago, but then so have horses, and for that matter so have people! Has society's needs and lifestyles change, so do the people and animals that share it. It's not necessarily a bad thing. I am not saying that there are no bad examples out there, but overall I think the majority of dog people want to produce a successful puppy that is not only conformationally correct, but talented also.
  6. 100 Years Of Purebred Dog Breed "improvement"

    Here is a link to the AKC breed standard for GSD. What about it do you not agree with? Granted, many of the breeders have taken the words and pushed them to the extreme, but like I mentioned before that is hardly the parent organization's rests on the breeders and judges who reward them.
  7. 100 Years Of Purebred Dog Breed "improvement"

    In reading some of the AKC standards for the sporting breeds, it does seem that they are stressing movement and ability. However, just like in AQHA, they can say all they want about standards and judging criteria but until ALL of the judges follow them, it will land on deaf ears. Having been in the dog show world only a year and a half (but still managing to finish my athletic and talented sporting=bred dog on my own) I have seen both ends of the spectrum - the judges that look for function and the judges that look for extreme. It is so similar to AQHA, because the judging really isn't standardized no matter how hard the parent organization attempts to make it so. (I have been around...coming out of hibernation after a long football season )
  8. 100 Years Of Purebred Dog Breed "improvement"

    If people didn't buy inferior quality dogs, they wouldn't be bred. You can hardly blame an organization for the mistakes of it's members. If you want to find a quality bloodline then look farther than just the conformation ring. The truly outstanding individuals will win in the conformation ring and then go on and be successful in other venues - hunting, agility, obedience, flyball, lure coursing, etc.
  9. What Does Everybody Do For Work?

    I am a high school band director. In the midst of football season, I rarely get to spend much time with my horses, and I hate that! But I love getting to teach kids who truly want to be in your class.
  10. Dental Implants, Q's

    I am in the midst of my implant procedure. It is a 6-12 month process. Last May I had the titanium posts put in (I needed 2). They let the posts sit for a minimum of 4 months, then they x-ray to make sure your jawbone has adhered to the posts. I then went back in September for them to cut away the tissue a little bit and install the raised screws. I go back next month to have the actual crown (tooth) made and fitted. To be honest, if I had realized all of the costs involved, I probably would have gone with a bridge. I am at $4700 and counting, and I haven't even paid for the actual crown/tooth yet! My insurance covered a whopping $500 of that.
  11. What's Going On With The Derby?

    My pick is Overanalyze. His last race showed some incredible last minute speed. Am I the only one that is thoroughly annoyed by Calvin Borel? He drives me nuts.
  12. Nbc Features Emaciated Horse As "feel Good Story"

    God truly does protect the idiots. For one thing - she breeds her mare, then doesn't even bother to take precautions of watching over her when she is due to foal...and of course we all have noticed how emaciated her mare looks. *sigh*....
  13. Owner Tattoo's His Dog

    Docking tails is not just for cosmetic purposes. Most working and sporting breeds with docked tails have them docked because their natural, long tail is extremely thin and fragile, and breaks easily. I know with my breed (Weimaraners) their tail is very thin and the bone structure in the tail is also very thin. If you leave one undocked, your dog faces a lifetime of pain as the tail gets constantly broken when working out in the hunting field. People started docking them hundreds of years ago to spare the dog multiple injuries throughout his hunting life.
  14. Where You Married By A Priest?

    I teach in a Catholic school, and I can say with assuredness that a Catholic Priest cannot marry you outside of the church walls UNLESS another denomination minister is there for the ceremony and the Priest gives a "Catholic blessing" to the marriage. I went through this whole rigamarole with my marriage - ended up being married by a judge in a courtroom and the Catholic church will not recognize it as a marriage because I am Catholic and didn't use a priest. Here's the oddity - both my husband and I were married before. My husband is not Catholic, and his first marriage was outdoors with a Protestant minister. The Catholic church recognizes marriages between non-Catholics, so if we were to get married in a Catholic church he would have to get an annulment. My first marriage was to a non-Catholic in a Baptist church. Since I was Catholic at the time, the church refuses to recognize that marriage since it wasn't performed by a priest, so I don't have to get an annulment if I want to be re-married by a Priest. Makes no sense at all! meanwhile, we got married by a judge, the church now says I am living in sin and I am not allowed to take the sacraments (Communion, confession, etc.). It's their loss, IMO!
  15. What To Do With A 2Yr Old- Keep Her Interested

    I have several videos on my youtube page ( of my yearling/2yo playing with the ball. I used a large exercise ball, it was indestructible even with him leaping on it...until my dog got to it and bit a hole into it. The videos are hilarious and you can see how much he really enjoys playing with the ball. It provided lots of entertainment for both of us!