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  1. Freddy pictures

    great pics your horse looks so happy
  2. another critique please

    im no good for critiques but she is cute! what breed?
  3. Future hunter? 2008 filly...pics!

  4. splendor pictures! tonnns!

    very nice looking horse!
  5. i go to the barn to see this... (sorta graphic)

    aw i hope he gets better thats no fun
  6. a $20 bit vs a $200 bit

    if for example u are just getting a d ring snaffle i go for the cheapest because to me they are all the same when they start getting differently shaped mouth pieces i bring out the cash for a quality one like mikmar
  7. i've had this happen and she had even said she wouldnt use my horse till i gave permission but she still did. i went right too her and questioned her about it. and she tried to play it dumb when i had a few ppl say my mare was used in the lesson then after that she knew that my horse was not to be touched at all.
  8. Horse show consisting of an ambulance..

    very nice horses prince is sooo cute! glad ur ok!
  9. My colt, $10 mare, play! (bunch of pics)

    great pics! that appy is cute!
  10. Please Critique

    hey. just watch ur lower back other then that ur great! i lovee the last pic gorgeous horse!
  11. yes saddles do have a big effect where the knee roll is, the shape of the flap, seat, placement of stirrup bar etc. as far as the horse goes the only time it should affect u if ur not used to the horses jump other then that u should get used to it and build up the muscles to ride correctly
  12. Bourbon Progress Pictures

    i want to steal him! he is GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!
  13. Horse Show Pics

    5,14,15 are my votes
  14. Joining the Dark Side? *Pics*

    go for it. up here hunters is basically the stepping stone to jumpers anyway so see how it goes
  15. First Day at Spruce Meadows *2nd Pic Added*

    looks great glad its going good