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  1. New Puppy Pics

    He's so adorable! And Railroad Woman - I have yet to meet a Chessie pup of any age that doesn't immediately go into the water - after all, it's what they are bred to do! Love that he is laying in what I refer to as Frog Dog pose!! My 6 year old still lays like that. :)
  2. I found a place for you to hang your hat, nick. Maybe they will appreciate you brutish behavior over there... http://www.politicalforum.com/index.php
  3. ireland repeals the 8th amendment

    Right back at you! :) I just don't understand why nick has to be such an abrasive A$$ to everyone. I don't normally respond like this, but I'm just so tired of little miss know it all being so dang condescending to everyone. And yes, nick, you do that.
  4. Puppy search

    I did take a look at it. I REALLY like all the testing they do. That's just not normal for a Chessie breeder (even though it should be!!!)
  5. ireland repeals the 8th amendment

    Crawl back into your hole, nick. I don't think anyone wants you here.
  6. Silly Trot Question...

    Because I've been riding English the last 5 or 6 years, but just recently switched back to Western, it's just a habit at this point. Even if I definitely prefer sitting the trot. :)
  7. Puppy search

    Little Cow, Have then sent you any pictures of the pile of curly haired freaks yet? I'm jonesing for some Chessie puppy pictures!!!!
  8. Puppy search

    I think Chessies are more of a working mind and will serve you well and you will be delighted. Chessies are of the mind that what you ask them to do is simply a suggestion. They will do so if they choose to. Nothing like a Lab or Golden. :)
  9. Puppy search

    We tried Dock Dogs with Kona, never did it with Kali. Although, we live on a lake and she does jump off the dock! And try having two female Chessies, that was super fun when Kali hit about 2. Fights almost every day. Once she got spayed it was much better, knock on wood, it's been at least a year since the last fight! Fortunately, it was just wrestling and growling, never any blood shed. Except for me trying to break it up!!!
  10. Puppy search

    The wood is only that top piece, the rest is carpet. But that wood piece needs refinishing pretty bad as does out kitchen floor which is oak. Kali does the Fred Flintstone thing when it's time for food and has scratched the heck out of our floors. I keep waiting for her to realize that I will STILL feed her twice a day, but she hasn't gotten the memo. Every meal is her last meal in her mind so she gets fired up!! Do you know if you are getting a male or a female? My experience with males is pretty limited, but the ones I have known tend to be more aggressive and pig headed. :) Not that the females are any better, the breed is just a very stubborn yet sensitive breed. But honestly, I wouldn't have any other breed, but we do use them for hunting so they are working dogs as well. :) Good luck, and can't wait to see pics of the pup!
  11. Puppy search

    These 2 pics shows the cray-cray my 6 year old possessess...ses...
  12. Puppy search

    Have you owned a Chessie before? They can be challenging to say the least. I'm on my 3rd, all females, and they are a great breed for the right home. I've got faith based on your posts I've seen over the years that you will do just fine with a Chessie. I've always referred to them as the most hard headed, sensitive breed I've ever seen. This picture is 2 of my girls. Kona in the background sniffing the air, she was 9 at the time (she will be 15 next Saturday) and Kali was 3 months old at the time. Does the breeder breed for hunting or show dogs? Would love to know who the breeder is, we've had a heck of a time finding GOOD Chessie breeders... Would be willing to have one shipped once Kona is gone, which we think will be this summer.
  13. Polygamy

    So, I'm not a fan of polygamy, just not my cup of tea. BUT, while being married to more than one person is illegal, a dude have a legal wife and other wives that aren't legal is totally legal. It's not sexual abuse if the women CHOOSE to be a 2nd or 3rd "wife". This is called de facto polygamy. Which is 100% legal. But I'm not sure where Harvey Weinstein comes into play. That is completely different than women who CHOOSE to be a 2nd or 3rd "wife." Mods - how come Nick is back? It was peaceful without her...
  14. Snotty Nose

    My first thought was Strangles. If your other horses haven't had it before, it's likely they will get it... Do any of them have bumps under their chins?

    Someone on a FB post was asking about Ozland, aren't you friends with her? Can you let us know how she is and what's going on in her world?