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  1. The Front Porch

    That is so interesting!!!
  2. The Front Porch

    I have yet to find a location that there is no cell service. EXCEPT highway 2 between Ashland, WI and Superior, WI!! My cell worked in Ixtapa and our property 45 minutes south of there (the middle of NO WHERE), St. Kitts and Nevis, and South Africa, 4 hours north of Johannesburg where we were hunting in September. :) Cell will work in Canada and the Bahamas, but only if you are willing to spend $10 a day for coverage (which I am willing to pay...) :)
  3. South Africa

    Pink Tractor - I sent you some pictures. :)
  4. We finally almost finished our lying down trick

    How on earth do you teach a horse to lay down? I've always wondered that...
  5. South Africa

    I'll try to remember to post a picture in 8-12 months when I get it back! It's amazing hold long it takes!!
  6. South Africa

    Got home yesterday and it was AMAZING! Certainly not a cheap trip. We are getting shoulder mounts of the Wildebeest, Gemsbok and Kudu that my husband shot and European mounts of the Impala and Warthog that he shot on a shield. And my Zebra is going to be a rug. Don't know yet what the shipping cost will be, but the taxidermy costs are about $4,000 (don't have shipping costs yet so that's going to up the price), and that's on top of the $8,800 we spend on tags for the animals, and still had our costs for travel! We ate steaks of all of the animals and the rest of the meat is sold to our outfitters brother who owns a butcher shop. And the best steak in my opinion, Zebra. I'd post a picture of my Zebra, but know it will upset some people so I won't. Honestly, they are NOT an easy animal to hunt. Very, very jumpy and take off at the slightest sound. And as you know being a bow hunter, they have to be pretty close. The one I got was about 15 yards out when I got my shot.
  7. South Africa

    As for goose, we made a ton of sausage and snack sticks with goose last year. SOOOO good!!
  8. South Africa

    Pink Tractor, He got a Blue Wildebeest yesterday on his first day out. Today he's going for Kudu. I'm going out next week and am going for a Zebra. If I don't seen any Zebras then I'm up for a Kudu! He would also like a Warthog, a Sable and a Gemsbok. I sat in one of the blinds yesterday and saw tons of Guinea Hens, Warthogs and a Kudu cow. Saw Baboons and Giraffes just driving around. This place is so amazing. 3,000 acres of private land and NO ONE else is here!! Just us, the family that owns the place and their workers. It's like visiting friends and hanging out with them. If this isn't on anyone's bucket list, it should be!
  9. South Africa

    I'm so excited! Tomorrow my husband and I leave for 10 days in South Africa! It's been on my bucket list for years, but this year on our 20th anniversary, Chad surprised me with this amazing trip. We will be going mostly for him to bow hunt, we debated bringing my bow with so I could hunt too, but since I've only turkey hunted since I got my bow last year, we decided it'd be best for just him to hunt. We will be at www.africanbarefootsafaris.com and they are mostly focused on bow hunters. There are only 3 huts for people to stay in so it's going to be very personal and focused on us! Just wanted to share my excitement!!
  10. New Puppy Pics

    He's so adorable! And Railroad Woman - I have yet to meet a Chessie pup of any age that doesn't immediately go into the water - after all, it's what they are bred to do! Love that he is laying in what I refer to as Frog Dog pose!! My 6 year old still lays like that. :)
  11. I found a place for you to hang your hat, nick. Maybe they will appreciate you brutish behavior over there... http://www.politicalforum.com/index.php
  12. ireland repeals the 8th amendment

    Right back at you! :) I just don't understand why nick has to be such an abrasive A$$ to everyone. I don't normally respond like this, but I'm just so tired of little miss know it all being so dang condescending to everyone. And yes, nick, you do that.
  13. Puppy search

    I did take a look at it. I REALLY like all the testing they do. That's just not normal for a Chessie breeder (even though it should be!!!)
  14. ireland repeals the 8th amendment

    Crawl back into your hole, nick. I don't think anyone wants you here.
  15. Silly Trot Question...

    Because I've been riding English the last 5 or 6 years, but just recently switched back to Western, it's just a habit at this point. Even if I definitely prefer sitting the trot. :)