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  1. What. What Is This Place.

    Greetings, you beautiful souls.
  2. Who Here Is Old?

    Hello old friends!!! :) I peak in from time to time but it certainly has been a while! Nice to see some familiar faces! I'm friends with a few of you on fb but glad to see the rest of you are still doing well!
  3. Help Me And Rusko Win!

    Hey guys!! I have a super huge favor to ask if you are bored and want to help me out. Rusko and I are a finalist in a contest to win a super neat hand-made dog collar! The company is Cowdog Couture and they make awesome custom leather collars/leashes. To help me win, you have to *like* this photo: & you might have to friend them to do it, not sure. Thank you soo much!
  4. Christmas Wish Lists

    being a broke college student (err, no longer a college student, just unemployed for the time-being hehe)... -a job -apartment necessities -yankee candles
  5. Got A Job... But It Sounds Kind Of Fishy..

    Dondie, Yep, I read a bunch of that sort of thing online. The sales people go to the house because they've "won" something and end up doing an hour long demonstration instead trying to sell their product. They guarantee a 3 day return policy and then don't answer when your product breaks on you. I don't think I could be apart of a company that lies and cheats good people out of money like that. It goes against everything I believe.
  6. Got A Job... But It Sounds Kind Of Fishy..

    So I've done a little bit more thinking and research and have decided that my gut is telling me that it really isn't worth my time. I feel about 85% sure that it's a scam and that's enough for me to not go back. I feel like even if it was legit, from what I have read the business is really shady, and I was getting that vibe yesterday. Just didn't feel right.
  7. Dog With Allergies

    My frenchie has allergies too and I spent forever trying to find the right food to put him on. I went through and fed him only 4-5* diets. Right now I feed him Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck. It is apparently a dry food alternative to raw. It is completely grain free and I read somewhere that feeding wild game like duck could help with food allergies.
  8. Got A Job... But It Sounds Kind Of Fishy..

    LoveMyDog, why do I have a strange feeling I won't be filling those out tomorrow? ...and when I ask about it they will have some elaborate response that just makes ya go, huh? I'm definitely asking though. Mack, it's Aerus.. probably the same deal. I have nothing else to do tomorrow, might as well go in and at least see what is up and try to get some straight answers. Will let you know how it goes!
  9. Got A Job... But It Sounds Kind Of Fishy..

    Hmm, I might be able to do that. I guess it depends on if I'm able to get any one-on-one time with them or if they are honest. I have my guard up... I feel like if this is one of those scam sales companies they will tell the employees what to say or they have been somewhat brainwashed themselves haha. I get this from my dad, he can't stand those kinds of companies or sales people in general.
  10. I've been looking for a FT job for a couple of months now because I am no longer able to pay for my education and pay my rent... I also REALLY need a car. Getting a PT job in this college town is nearly impossible (especially considering I can only apply to places within biking-distance). Anyway, I applied to this vacuum company and got a call yesterday to come in this morning for an interview. It is for an assistant manager position and it's supposed to be entry level. I walked in and they handed me an application (even though I filled one out online), it was a page long, didn't ask much on it. There were about 4 other candidates in the room at the time interviewing for the same position. Two people went before me, both interviews were short and it was my turn. The man interviewing me didn't ask me a whole lot of questions, and asked me mid-interview if I had any questions, I got in one question and he continued to talk. He mentioned that I'd be receiving 1,000 a week, the job description was basically to be knowledgeable of the products and assist in the hiring and training process. He said it wasn't like "cutco", there would be no door-to-door advertising, or phone calls, and I wouldn't be doing sales anyway. I'd be in charge of the sales people. Then he proceeded to tell me that I could come in tomorrow to start paid training, and walked me out... Then randomly asked me where a street was in my town. It was all very strange. I feel like I didn't get to ask any of the questions that I REALLY wanted to ask. He made it seem like it wasn't commissioned based but said it WOULD be 1,000 for FT per week. Anyway, I'm seeing red flags everywhere. If it is jut what he says, then that would be more than AWESOME but I'm not even getting my hopes up. I tried to do some research online to see what employees/former employees are saying about the company and found little.. I did find a handful of complaints on but I'm sure each individual location handles things differently and most people are complaining about the sales positions, which I can understand. I can send the company's name in PM. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts... I'm going to try to ask some more questions tomorrow.
  11. I Love My Dog.

    I love all of your dogs! :) Jenny, your corgis are TOO CUTE! I love them! My boyfriend would too haha. This is my 8 month old frenchie, Rusko. He is my first dog and my little baby, I love him! He's a momma's boy, always follows me around and loves to cuddle. He is also the silliest dog alive. hehe, I have a video to go along with this one here:
  12. Weekly Photography Challenge 7

    I'll play! I love showing off my baby This is Rusko, an 8month old French Bulldog. He is my first dog and I love him to pieces! He is the goofiest animal alive, I find myself constantly trying to explain to people that the silly things he does are normal. He is a momma's boy for sure, follows me everywhere. He really is a silly boy! I have a video of him swinging with that big grin on his face the whole time. Yes, I guess I am crazy! The king's throne :)
  13. Shevy Video!

    I can tell you must be a very proud mom! :) He looks great out there! When I was on IHSA it seemed like most horses hated having to pack around a bunch of new riders but I can tell your boy is having a blast! I bet he was a favorite pick that day ;)
  14. Your Most Embarrassing Photos...

    Most of these were taken as a joke.. I guess it was funny at the time.
  15. Signature Photo Question

    Haha, Rusko is actually named after the dubstep artist and yep! He's a frenchie! You got it right! Most people do guess boston. Casper is indeed a long haired Siamese, what they call a Balinese. :) Thanks again!!