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  1. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    I would be scared crapless without a good realtor.... And I've done the house buying thing twice now. Yikes.
  2. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Hey redrunnin' I'm OhMax on BHW. You got some good advice over there on the house. Get the truck straightened out. Keep a chunk back for a downpayment. I wouldn't cancel the card, use it a littl and keep it up to date, cancel it after you get the house if you want. Pull a credit report on each of you to see what goes towards your score and if anything is negative so you can try to resolve it. What % downpayment do you have? Is it possible you'll qualify for a loan other than USDA? The requirements are pretty harsh now like having to carry pmi for the life of the loan, if you could get something else I would
  3. As someone who just went through saddle fitting woes, work with an experienced fitter for sure. Mutton withers are not a bad thing, just difficult to fit. After trying many different saddle brands I settled on a Martin Crown C. It's as if he stood for the mold on the tree, just fits wonderfully. I also like that they are made to sit behind the shoulder, allows for the total freedom of movement that nick spoke about in the shoulder. As a barrel racer this is critical for us. Plus my horse has narrow shoulders and a wider flat back, he's deceptive to look at. So taking the shoulders out of the equation has made saddle fitting a much easier task. Had I stayed with the idea of a saddle made to sit on top of the shoulder, I would have almost certainly been looking at a custom tree. Ropers tend to be among the heaviest of saddles simply because of their job description. Most barrel racing saddles will be between 20 and 30 lbs while I've found most ropers to easily be 30-40lbs or more. I know a lot of folks who like to trail ride in barrel saddles because of the deeper more secure seat and high cantle for lower back support. Training saddles tend to be pretty comfy as well. I grew up riding In synthetic saddles and I think you either love them or hate them. Personally they don't suit my taste. I have hamley twists in my fenders so the stirrups are comfortably turned and there is no stress on my knees (I have bad knees, so they are sure to let me know when they are stressed). If I ever buy a saddle that doesn't have hamley twists in the stirrups, I will put them on myself before I ever ride in it. I do know a lot of folks who like the synthetics and I think the quality has come a long way in the last 15 years or so. If light weight is a priority you should most certainly take a look at them.
  4. Saddle Question

    Looping back around for my monthly breeze through the HC forums... I've struggled with the saddle fit as well lately and learned a ton. Ultimately, if the bar angle is right, it's okay to pad up. If the angle is wrong padding up to make it fit one place can make it pinch in another. After I custom ordered and waited 8 weeks for a didn't fit. The shoulders were beautiful, but as soon as his back muscle started to come back it was a vice grip on his ribs because the bar angle was too steep for him - he's narrow in the shoulder but pretty flat through the back. I ended up hauling him to a tack shop that carried 4-5 different brands plus has used saddles so we had a variety. I ended up with a Martin Crown C. It was more than I was intending to spend, but worth EVERY.SINGLE.PENNY. I've never ridden in a saddle I've loved so much and it fits him beautifully. Plus they hold resale better than almost any other brand. Good luck, the young ones are tough
  5. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    I saw that Krystal! CRAZY! You need to leave. I've never been a self motivated work-out person. I belong to a group fitness kick boxing and resistance band strength training gym. I love it. Although I'm currently on a 2 month hiatus to ge my asthma under control again...I kind of hope it doesn't take that long... Off to Lincoln this weekend for the Bonus Race...with a horse who's running better than ever. He's been a bit of a fireball this week, the weather is finally steadily warm and we've been able to get on our big outdoor with our big pattern. I think I'd better hold on tight.
  6. What Size Truck?

    I have a 2004 F150 5.4L v8 with 130,000 miles on it (bought it at 67k 3 years ago). It's pulled everything I've ever asked it too. Get a 4x4 for sure. I hauled to a jackpot a few weeks ago after we got a skiff of snow. The main roads were fine, but the side roads to get there I needed the 4x4 for sure. Pulled a bull nosed 3 horse with a tack room fully loaded once...I wouldn't have gone any farther than I did, but she got the job done. I currently have a 2 horse slant load Titan Avalanche with a dressing room and it pulls like a dream. 4300lbs empty I believe. Hauled it with one horse and half my worldly possessions from Michigan to Iowa and actually ended up with pretty good gas mileage really. I have a Tekonsha Prodigy P2 brake controller and I love it, we have the same unit mounted on our barn truck. Super easy to install (my truck was wired already and I installed the brake controller in about 6 minutes) and operate.
  7. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Yes please Carol Ann, I saw on Facebook and I hurt for you... Barrel schedule is getting jacked around because of EHV. sigh.
  8. Saddle Question

    Have you tried asking on the barrel horse world forums? Better participation ;)
  9. Soccer

    We always called it dribbling when I played soccer as well - the basic movement of the ball around the field/court was referred to as dribbling... Perhaps its an American/Canadian difference and nick has lived in the US as well as now Europe which is very heavy into soccer. Anyway yes, ball handling, dribbling, would increased a horse's lightness and responsiveness and I can easily see how that would convert to working cattle.
  10. First Time Trailer Buyer Questions..

    I pull a 2006 Titan avalanche 2 horse with a dressing room with my half ton ford. Drove the 9 hours from Michigan to Iowa with 1 horse and enough of my belongings to account for 2 more horses (we scaled the rig actually, within 2000lbs of max gross recommended weight). Trailer hauled great. All steel and very minimal rust. When I upgrade to a gooseneck I will consider a Titan also. The price range on a brand new maverick makes me nervous. They are cheap for a reason. Personally my last trailer was a 1996 s&h and it also hauled great and even being steel had minimal surface. I don't feel there is a difference in steel vs aluminum in a smaller trailer, not enough to make a difference anyway. I find I actually prefer a little more weight back there as the trailer tracks better and is less blown by the wind.
  11. Oh, Deer.

    Oh you just wait... Although my SO lived in Michigan for 21 years and never hit a deer, I lived there 3 and never did. We've been in Iowa 6 months and smacked our first one the other weekend in his truck. A 2 yr old buck, nice size, decided to chase tail and follow a little doe who was already across. We were on the brakes, but broad sided him. He was gone pretty quick. Our freezer is already full or we would have taken him. The police notified the local shelter program though and someone came and got him. I'm glad he didn't got to waste, but I am also glad we did not have to gut him. Road kill deer, especially those broadsided like him, are nasty to gut. We live along a deer highway, it's nothing to see 24+ in the hay field across the road. It's cool, but makes you keep both hands on the wheel. Surprised we don't see more of them hit.
  12. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    We had them in Michigan too and J misses them terribly! I never got addicted as I'm not much for donuts and folgers in the coffee pot at home is fine by me.
  13. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Krystal - we probably grab something out once a week? Maybe a little less now that j's on third shift. I'm on a diet/workout plan so I cook at home a lot since finding healthy stuff is hard. And I like to cook.
  14. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Yay Krystal!!!
  15. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Yup, never opened the door. The security kid had no idea it happened. He's new, the old guy was much better, drove around the lot, made a presence of himself. This guy just sits there. Hopefully the company will do the right thing.