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    I am involved in all riding disciplines from English and Western Pleasure to Dressage, Driving, Saddle Seat, and everything in between. I also love to read and watch movies with my loving husband!
  1. SCARYWOOD here we come!!!!

    1. figuresk8r


      Another Eastern Washingtoneer? ;-)

    2. BeRandee


      I've never been, but have always wanted to go! Enjoy!

    3. BeRandee


      I've never been, but have always wanted to go! Enjoy!

  2. Just updated Maddalynn's point sheet for WSH Year End Awards and realized aside from getting a 2nd at the first show of the year and a 4th from one of the judges at Eddie MacMurdo (not sure why) she was ALL FIRSTS!!! A perfect point total would have been 66 for her this year she has 62! My little girl is SO awesome, and this was her last year as a Leadliner, next year she has to go in that ring ALL BY HERSELF...better grow out my finger nails so I can chew them all back off next year. (I hav...

  3. Dark Oil Making A Comeback In The Show Ring?

    You can't be marked down on the color of your saddle. Go with what works for you. I agree...the Lt. Oil while very pretty and stunning on a lot of horses I think looks awful on Grays, Blacks, Dk. Bays, Bay Pinto (shouldn't add in more colors, looks like a party clown at that point), etc. And I do think Dk. Oil and Black are gaining popularity again for that very same reason. A black Western Pleasure saddle dripping in silver is just as beautiful as the Lt. Oil.
  4. Nothing Devastatingly Wrong.....

    Why not finish her as a Hunt Seat horse and find a Jr. Ex. who wants to show? If she's a good mover and consistent then being a couple inches shorter will really only hurt her in the major leagues. No reason she can't be a youth horse, or as CoolRabbit suggested a Western Riding horse. What about Trail? Or Hunter Hack? If you can find something that makes her truly happy you may be able to do All Around...the Western won't be her favorite but she may be more tolerant if she's also getting to do something she loves.
  5. Teaching A Horse To Flex

    I would use this on a horse who had been mishandled and had a hard mouth. It's how I fixed my gelding after 14 years of trying to rip the arms of the people riding him out of their sockets. We aren't stronger than them so sometimes this method is useful...however I would not tie to the saddle horn...thats too high and does encourage them to bring their nose up, so I tie to the girth behind the shoulder. I also make sure my bit is a full cheeck so that it can't be dragged through the mouth if the horse fights. And lastly never tie any tighter that bringing your horses nose to a 90° in if you were to mount a pole that ran across the horses chest you wouldn't want their nose past the pole. I also NEVER leave them this way...I actually ask them to move around at a walk. This keeps their head straight and pole area above the nose so they aren't leaning and dropping their weight to one side or the other...basically what you want is for them to walk little cirlces down the rail...always making sure you are making progress around the round as to keep forward momentum. The way you described is NOT the way this method should be practiced but done correctly CAN be useful in certain situations. eta: I do not (would not) USE this to TEACH flexion...I use it to create suppleness and give in horses who are having a tough time or have been improperly taught.
  6. Re Training An Ottb

    I wouldn't give her too much time "just being a horse"...she's been a horse for a year now. Also if you give her time to settle in you also give her time to establish her pecking order. You have a rare opportunity to shape that relationship before it has to be REtrained...may as well take it. You don't have to do anything fancy but some groundwork for 10-15 minutes a day would go a LONG ways. JMO
  7. Yesterday I was SuperWoman! I took everything out of the garage and swept it out including debugging the walls and ceiling. I then reorganized and placed it all back in there. I took down all my Christmas decorations including tree and put them all away (I even cleaned the boxes inside and out), I cleaned out the office and reorganized the closet (twice) and put Maddalynns painting supplies back up. I also vacuumed and did a few loads of laundry. All without a single OUNCE of help! GO M...

  8. 1.)Find out the song that was #1 the week you were born 2.)Find that song on youtube3.)Post that video on your wall without shameI unfortunately can't do this as the #1 Song on my birthday was "When Doves Cry" by Prince and he doesn't allow any of his songs or videos on Youtube...I didn't have much respect for him before and now I have none!

  9. Tie Down On Higher Level Speed Event Horses

    I second this...if your horse is properly trained and you have good communication then those types of training aids aren't necessary. I feel that in those types of events your horse is who knows best where and how to put himself. Put a bit of trust in him. He needs to know he can bend and flex and move his head and neck in a way that will allow him to most comfortably balance and navigate. Be a partner with your horse, not a dictator.
  10. OK SERIOUSLY...anyone have a proven method for making Deviled Eggs you can peel without having them tear apart!!!!!!! I'm starting to freak out here!!

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    2. Desert Lane Training

      Desert Lane Training

      Thanks Ozland...guess this will mean I have to be a better planner! :) LOL

    3. Desert Lane Training

      Desert Lane Training

      Thanks Ozland...guess this will mean I have to be a better planner! :) LOL

    4. Alaskandraft


      add salt and VINEGAR to yoiur boiling water..vinegar breaks down the shell and membrane..perfect develed eggs all the time.. Also..NO BROWN EGGS! Only white..Buy the cheap 18 pks they are older

  11. Up because Maddalynn has a headache from her braids she refused to let me take out...I'm a quick won't happen again...morning is going to come way too early!!!!!

  12. Experiencing this odd sense of vertigo this morning...when I lower my head or tilt it to the side, or get up too's not diziness it's definitely looks like everthing else if moving...weird...I feel PERFECT otherwise...we'll see how it goes...just kind of feels funny right now.

  13. How Many Of You Need To Stand On Something To Mount?

    I'm 5'9" and most horses I ride are 16.2 or better and I can mount all with or without a mounting block and with or without a saddle. I always try and use a mounting block for the sake of my horse but I also mount often enough without to keep myself in practice. Where I show the judge is required to inspect the bit of all horses in at least one English class and one Western class and I am one of the very few who can get back on my horse after dismounting to show my bit. I think it's important to be able to mount your horse in any situation but it's as equally important to do what;s best for your horse.
  14. Liability Question

    This is can't actually sign away your rights to sue entirely.
  15. Check engine light on my car came on and my "Cruise" light is flashing and my cruise control isn't working :( ... Anyone know what could be wrong BEFORE I spend the money hooking it to machine to tell me something simple?

    1. DiluteMe


      Not sure if you ever got this fixed? Some places (like Autozone) will check your check engine light for free. Other than that pm me your year make and model of the vehicle and I can give a guesstimate.