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  1. Help With Cell Phone/simcard

    i locked my simcard on my at&t any of you guys know how to undo it or unlock it????if so please parents are going to love me..
  2. Medieval Times

    Name: Cara Elliot Age: 17 Gender: Female Appearance: Cara is a scrawny looking girl, standing at a mere five feet on a good day. With brunette curls cascading past her shoulders, and a well balanced complexion of natural tan, she suits her job well. Glossy brown eyes, and a petite yet powerful frame top off this, as to say, tiny wonder. Personality: Cara is quite the shy girl, not one to immediately voice her opinions, though who is in this day and age. However, she is loyal, and caring. Often out does herself, and does not watch for her own well being. Yet if angered enough, she is known to let rage overtake her and it's yet to be discovered what could happen. Stature: A maid to the royal family. (If this is alright.) History: She grew up in a normal, working class family. It went well until their village was overtaken by a stray band of rebellions. Her mother and father both brutally killed. Cara was lucky to be taken in though by a cook of the castle, and found herself as an important piece of work among these walls. She has forever had a growing passion for knight hood, and foolishly practices movements on her family's old horse, Santiago. Name: Santiago Age: 13 Gender: Gelding Species: Horse Breed: Andalusian Color: Grey Other: Once a jousting horse, but given to the Elliot family at retirement. Pic: Santiago
  3. Anyone Remember....

    Just want to pop in and say howdy to the oldies! It has been forever. I'm glad to see that most of us do continue to lurk.
  4. Autumn Photography

    BEAUTIFUL! Love them. I am so showing my dad that one with the cross on the tree. He will melt. For some reason ha ha.
  5. Videos Of Comic

    Downpour! He really is quite stunning Laura! Can't wait until you get to do more with this boy!
  6. Photos From Chelsea's New Barn

    Laura, as you know I LOVE these pictures. I am waiting to secretly run over to someone's work and print them out for Diane who wants to rub it into a certain old trainers face. XDDDD And she would like to recruit you for a photoshoot at the next lesson to get Sahar pictures! And also, Sherri would like one of these free lunging shoots like you did with Tucker. Cherry. HAHAHAHA. xD I almost died reading the comment. I'm 5 foot, and Gunner is 17 hands. Honestly when I'm riding in actual Dressage, you don't notice the difference. But since the irons are cranked up to Jumper style. So yeah, he is huge, and I'm tiny. Thanks for the comment though. And thanks to everyone else who thought he was so pretty, and the poopies were cute. Sometimes I wonder if people think were weird for shaving Tinks, but gosh, she certainly hasn't a problem with it! But she's long in the winter. I apologize for the lengthiness. Wasn't necessary I guess lol.
  7. Picture Of Yourself

    It's so true. Everyone has grown up so much!
  8. I Bet You Didn't Know That Chelsea Has A Pony...

    I'm around.. Sometimes. o.O Laura, the pictures are to die for! I've shown him off to plenty of people now too and everyone doesn't believe it's him LOL! I think someone asked how old he is and I'll just say it, he's 18. And thanks for all of the wonderful comments on him! Ugh, you all should have seen him in draw reins yesterday! Were pulling in the frame a bit more.. You know collecting him more. And OMG, trot to canter transitions TO DIE FOR! Never been better. And Laura... Must say I love the Yes song you were listening to. I think my all time favorite.
  9. Where Did Everyone Go?

    Yeah, exactly. I had that happen to me awhile ago ha ha. So now I just write short stories. xDDD Anyways, I may or may not be able to start more RPing this fall. I mean, I have work, then school, then I go and ride Gunner and that's from 4-6, and then I need to ride my sisters horse but I don't think I will be able to at that time for much longer because the days are getting short... So it may end up being very early in the morning before work, instead. Or something. So that would leave my evening open? Sort of. I don't know. Suddenly I have become very busy. I don't know where my time went. It's quite upsetting. UGH. Sorry guys ha ha. We'll see what goes down. :tongue9:
  10. Where Did Everyone Go?

    I miss the people around here. And I love stable RPG's, but if you post them, people just complain it's nothing new so it's like. What's the point? And I never know anymore, where to go in them. It's just hard to spark everyone's interest.... And somehow I have been sort of busy but sort of not.. No excuse. I've just got no muse. I don't WANT or feel the need to post. You know?
  11. Keeping Your Hinney In The Saddle Beware Of Video

    First off, happy your alright! Not quite sure what happened, but with what you've said you came out as minor, well. Hooray? Anyways, I may have misread, but referring to the topic title(haven't watched video yet), to keep your bum in the saddle, I would just suggest half-halting, and putting your shoulders back. Or the Shoulders back, looking up combo, it works wonders. I'm a Dressage rider, so I MUST be sitting completely up or I'll get marked off for it during a test. I hope things work out for you soon! And if this was all off topic, just disregard it!
  12. The "i Wish I Was Shorter" Capchat

    But you should be so happy to be tall. I'm 5', and have chosen my profession in Dressage. But gosh, let me tell you. HARD. I don't have long legs, obviously, so I have to work to hard and appear to look taller. You have to distinguish your own techniques that are suitable for certain aids. It get's tough. And go figure, I ride a 17.1 hand Hanoverian stallion. But the pony is adorable. Looks like one I ride on occasion at my jumping barn. And I'm so sorry to hear about Yoda, but it's nice that your doing SO much to help out. Gosh, were all wealthy people right? Though non-Equestrians probably think we all are with the prices of everyday needs! Hope things get better soon! And good luck with jumping the poneh'!
  13. Md Horse Trial -pt. 4 Pictures

    As I suspected, your pictures are amazing and perfect and wow like. I really enjoyed re-living it all without my face crumbling up! Loved it all. And I had an absolute blast, even if I was the only one who did. xD And I hope this posts correctly because it's my first with this whole new layout, thing... o.O
  14. I have no idea to work this. SO overwhelming. But ilu. :)