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    I'm a big fan of Jesus! I'm an all-around animal lover! Dogs and horses mainly. I have a creative, artsy side too.
  1. Indiana Trail Chat

    Well, I've been trail riding already more this year then last!! And it's all cuz of my new trail horse!! She's 8 yrs. old, seal bay/brown, 14.0 hh and she's 1/2 gaited with something! This is my first gaited horse, even of she's only half gaited! My vet said "maybe Rocky Mtn or Foxtrotter?!" I really don't care cuz we have bonded more than any other horse I've owned and I've owned alot!!
  2. What Kind Of Gaited Horse?

    Would be 13.3-14hh?
  3. Indiana Trail Chat

    Man, we r slacking here! Myself included!! I for one vow to spend more in the saddle and talk about my adventures here!! So, I guess thats my early New Years Resultion!
  4. Indiana Trail Chat

    Wow, that's sad!!
  5. Indiana Trail Chat

    So, anyone going 2 ride the weekend of the 4th? If so where ya going?
  6. My Search Is Over...please Welcome Dusty!

    Thanks guys!! I want 2 really hit the trails this year. Cuz the past 2 yrs I've hardly gone. This is my year!!
  7. Dusty a 5yrs. gray, reg. AQHA. He's 14.1 hh. He's super quiet and has got a trot as smooth as silk! And he likes a BIT!! (if you read my other post you know what I'm talking about) A o-ring snaffle at that!! I actually road this horse in November but the seller changed her mind. Well, 6 mos. later she has changed her mind again. She's a 12 year old girl who is a pre-teen and she's into other things. So, cuz she's into other things she hasn't done her job shedding him out. So, the pics are full of left over winter hair!! Dusty
  8. Bit Or No Bit?

    I think I'm gonna pass on this horse. The no bit thing has been weighing on me. I went back over there and he was hard 2 halter cuz he was affraid I was going 2 stick a bit in his mouth. He's greener than I really want 2 mess with right now.
  9. Bit Or No Bit?

    He has had a snaffle bit in. But we also saw a wolf tooth, that could be the problem.... He's kinda half'n'half with the whole direct/neck rein thing.
  10. Bit Or No Bit?

    I'm looking at a horse who is 5yrs. old. Both the owner and the horse prefers the "no bit" approach. Meaning bosal, side pull or hackamore. I've never ridden a horse that didn't have a bit in their mouths. Should this be a red flag? Or go with the flow and purschase one of the above. I rode him in a halter and one piece reins. He was a perfect gentleman. If this is not a red flag which of the above would you purchase?
  11. Wtb....a Trailhorse

    Thanks guys! Eeyore-its great to be back. Crazy Trail- that figures! He's not coming through Indiana anytime soon is he? lol PD & ConniSB-Yeah, but I knew is was going to be okay. God gave me this peace that is still hard to explain even now. It was the 25% of my brain thats a big tumor. And I got this peace that it was gonna be beign and it was! Now, I just have to go back every year to do an MRI. I just have to find the rt horse now. I'm trying to not get in a hurry!! But its hard, esp. with the weather getting warmer!!
  12. Is Anyone Going To The Hoosier Horse Fair?

    I will be there on Friday!!
  13. Wtb....a Trailhorse

    I'm horseless right now. And I'm in search of a gentle GELDING. Who will be patient enough while I get my confidence back. But will keep up with me when I do!! I'm looking for a forever horse. *I had a brain tumor removed and have spent alot of time out of the saddle. So my confidence is really low. I also wear a helmet!* Age: 5-17 Height: 13-14.3 ~the shorter the better~ A gentleman on the ground. Stands for grooming,ties without pulling back, stands for tacking up, stands for mounting. Easy to worm. Great for the farrier. Very easy to load/unload by myself. Will go out with a group or alone. Will go trailriding, road riding and maybe some parades! I'm in west central Indiana. Can't spend too much over $1000.00
  14. Indiana Trail Chat

    Thats too bad about Salmonie! I know some people who go there. I cant believe falls already here and its getting cold outside already......I'm not ready!!!
  15. Indiana Trail Chat

    I'm doing better each day! I should get to ride after June 15!