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  1. Apple's Foal Watch

    One Week Old!
  2. Apple's Foal Watch

    This is daddy...String of Lust...out of Imaginate A few spot varnish
  3. Apple's Foal Watch

    Thank you all very much!
  4. Apple's Foal Watch

    I have no idea what he will do. His father was a solid red dun with a blaze and socks as a baby and now is a few spot varnish roan...and his babies are like chameleons, they change colors all the time so there is no telling what he could do lol. Thank you all!
  5. Apple's Foal Watch

  6. Apple's Foal Watch

    Thank you! Yes daddy never ceases to amaze...and to date he has never thrown a solid foal
  7. Apple's Foal Watch

    I conveniently named him, relation to todays date. He was born a day before my birthday what a nice birthday present!!!
  8. Apple's Foal Watch

    Well I went out last night and checked on her, her bag had definitely changed, much fuller and teats pointing down but not as full as I would have thought she was got so...I knew it was coming but was not expecting this morning!!! Its a colt, huge, blaze, socks and a blanket!!! Pictures to come!!!
  9. My Daughter...

    That is beautiful, your daughter is gorgeous...that is so awesome what she did with her hair, the peacock feather is very unique and stunning!
  10. Apple's Foal Watch

    Yeah there is def a v-ing in the belly and the bag seems to be filling in the morning then shrinking at night, not alot but...I did not go out tonight to check her out...its a full moon but I dont think we are there yet...a couple more weeks maybe...I hope so I dont think she can get much bigger lol
  11. Apple's Foal Watch

    5-17-2011 Pics from this AM I think I am starting to bug her...she used to be fine with me snapping pictures but now she walks away from
  12. Apple's Foal Watch

    This was from this morning. There was an obvious change in bag shape from this morning to this evening...I think it I dont think we are at the staying full in the evening yet These are from tonight...tomorrow is a full moon...not getting my hopes up lol. She is becoming more relaxed in the vulva but will squinch it up a bit when she knows Im back there...but it is much more relaxed. I think I have some time to be patient yet!! But I dont know what her "signs" are so...things still could happen who knows Bag from tonight It looks like they are pointing more straight down
  13. Anyone Remember This Face?

    Thank you all, yes Sanga is never far from our hearts or thoughts...
  14. Pepsi's Foal Watch....15 Days Old! Pictures

    Oh yay! Congratulations!
  15. Apple's Foal Watch

    Confetti's Mom, Dont you love Appy's! They do look alike...your girl is that awesome varnish! Well if the daddy stays to what he does, I can guarantee a star or a blaze, and some white socks...soooooo...what I am hoping for is a black with snowcap...right at this point I dont long as its healthy! Daddy is String of Lust out of Imaginate from Sheldak Ranch Mama is out of Streakin Dandy Don and My Apple Annie I am expecting MUCHO color out of this one...fingers crossed!