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  1. Alright Computer And Camera Geeks

    wow!! that was pretty awesome! you know i've always wondered how certain videos/movies did that effect xD
  2. This Or That

    ohhhhh thats a toughie! both are DELICIOUS! butttt i would have to say... Tacos. Tap water or Bottled water?
  3. This Or That

    TB Breezeway Barn or paddock stall?
  4. ** Happy Birthday Sherrell **

    omg, Im sooo sad i missed this! I just did a random search for my name trying to find an oldpost and i came across this, thanks so much you guys!!! I know this is like super late. I've been soo busy with the new horse!
  5. This Or That

    Tobiano Day or Night?
  6. Work In Progress

    I havent touched it in a while sadly! I've been so busy! in fact, Im hoping its in my drawing book or i might have even misplaced it >_< Work and the new hoss has been so time consuming
  7. This Or That

    Palomino Indoor Arena or Outdoor Arena
  8. Jumping Pictures

    Amazing pictures! :] cant wait to see more. What kind of half pad are you using? I'm in the market and i love those really fluffy ones i just cant ever find the right ammount of fluff.
  9. lol xD no problem. I wish i had more time to spend on HorseCity editing photos, I love doing it but work makes it hard to have the free time. But im glad i didnt miss the deadline. :] You're very welcome.
  10. Help!? Horse Skin Problems

    Well Exactly a week later, and his skin has stopped getting flakey, I've been washign him daily if i can but every other day in the least with a anit-bacterial shampoo. Its starting to look better, the spots arent hot any more. just a little ugly now where he lost his hair ha ha. But things seem to be clearing up! Im way happy about that :] ********* Cactus Rose: Thats exactly how i felt, Its a complete business killer especially because she's never met me before. even now if i need a vet, She prob will not get called unless im seriously desperate. that was extremely rude, seriously while on the phone i was jaw dropped in shock as she said it, i couldnt believe it. But i didnt say anything i just kind of ignored it. But i just really couldnt believe it. I've never et a vet to be so rude such as she was too me. All my prior vets have been so sweet and understanding. But im not going to let it get to me, as i said she doesnt know me... She doesnt know how i treat my horses. I would run myself into the ground to take care of them and make sure they got food and everything. Heck... I skip out on lunch at work sometimes just so i know ill have a safe-fall if i need some emergency cash for the horses. So technically my horse eats more/better than i do at this point ha ha! Ah well. *********Completely off topic from skin, Below************* So I've come to the conclusion that with my horse, if its not one thing its another ( this is going to kind of vere off from the skin problem right now.) So at the beginning of the month i had his track shoes pulled off and his feet trimmed, the toe grabs were causing him major back pain, so as soon as i found a farrier i got him out. Mine apparently went M I A and away out of state for 6 months without telling anyone. Anyways, So about when this skin thing really took a turn for the worse, I also had noticed a day for 2 before his feet were starting to look bad... The same day i posted here about the fungus i realized he had tore the heck out of his toe on his feet so i immediately called the farrier that day as well. I was already up in arms about possibly needing to pay for a vet, Now i had to pay for my farrier to come out again, Fantastic. This was all before some of you informed me of a possible fungus as well as my friends on facebook. So i was pretty much freaking out over how was i going to be able to afford both. The farrier said he could come out the next day, Wonderful! As soon as i read the forum post about the fungus. i felt relief and went and got the shampoo for it. So now a week later ( this problem arose about 3 days ago) My horse is starting to look better skin wise, He got shoes put on because he apparently cannot have bare feet, and thats fine Im all about shoes on horses unless they are ponies/minis. Its instead of paying the 30 for trimmings i have to pay 75 for a full shoeing, Which is still not all that bad(bout 100 overall with my mini's trimming included) its just putting that kind of money upfront makes me slightly sick ha ha, I hate spending a lot of money in one place. But the good part is, Him wearing shoes i wont have to worry about him tearing up his feet. So Money saved in a sense. But i digress, i got off track here... So 3 days ago... Everythings looking good, right? My horse is now all the sudden limping on his right front, I havent seen him limp this bad since the day i saw him, but that was in the opposite foot do to a abcess. Great... This time its in the opposite foot, the one that he has an Oslette in his ankle with. So i checked for heat in the hoof and all through out the leg, His knee seemed a little tender of all things when i would touch it he'd pick up his foot and he was not wanting to stand straight/lock his knee. I've been cold hosing it along with his osselette for the past 3 days. He's starting to not limp as dramatically. So im hoping it was nothing really. I partially think its from the shoes, When the farrier came out to put the shoes on we had to clip more of his foot just to get the shoe on... even then there was amost little to no wall to grab on certain parts. So when one of the nails got driven in it went up a bit far, Not far enough to make him bleed but i think to that point of uncomfortableness, it was towards the heel the 3rd nail down the row. So im thinking maybe his foot is just a little sore on the heel still and he doesnt want to step down on it all the way. The whole knee thing wasnt really a red flad too me because he doesnt seem in pain when i would touch it its more so he was lifting his foot to avoid me from locking his knee andmaking his foot be flat on the floor. Also just the fact that his feet are really short right now just so we could get the shoes on another nail might be just giving him slight discomfort, so im really hoping thats all it is and that we'll get to a good spot again where nothing is wrong. Ah yes, gotta love horses :]
  11. Help!? Horse Skin Problems

    Yeah im going to take the blankets to the laundromat, our washer at home is already on the verge of dying and i dont want my blanket to be the reason it does. I've gotta sew the butt end before i do though or all the fill is going to fall out ha ha I bathed him yesterday with an Antifugal shampoo i had a friend from my old barn tell me it looked like a fungus aswell. so Im really hoping thats what it is. He's not in any immediate danger, and im not riding him so its not like hes getting any extra pressure on his skin/coat. Yesterday he goth bathed twice in fact, once in the morning with tea tree oil shampoo when i first started freaking out about it spreading, then later in the afternoon after i bought some anti fungal shampoo. I got a gallon of that stuff. All my brushes have been soaking over night. So they should be good. Im probably not going to brush him til he gets this stuff gone, The girl who told me it was prob a fungus said her horse had something that looked identical and that she bathed him every day and it went away in a matter of weeks. So He's not gonna be too dirty if being bathed. xD When i was washing him with the anti fungus stuff, i dont know if it has a collant in it or something but he wasnt giving me heck when i was trying to wash the hot spots really good, as he was earlier that morning. I'm starting to feel a lot more alleviated that he's just got a fungis, Mostly because all the vets i've been getting a hold of are ridiculously priced and right now in the economy they arent doing checks or payments (ouch.) My vet that i originally used for the 14 year's i've been around horses, apparently he retired 2 years ago :/ The vet i got a hold of yesterday kinda put a bitter taste in my mouth about finding a new vet... She basically told me off on the phone and told me i shouldnt own a horse because im not responsible enough and that people with minimum wage jobs shouldnt own horses. I was shocked a vet would say anything close to this to a Potential New client... Im definitely not calling that one if i ever need a service. Im going to give this whole antifugus bath thing a trial for the next 2 weeks, til the end of the month basically And if i havent seen any slight improvements, ill decide where to go from there. Or if the hot spots start turning into open sores... Im slightly expecting more possible hair loss but... Things usually have to get worse before they can get better, right? isnt that the saying? Im just keeping my fingers crossed its going to be something minimal instead of something outrageous.
  12. Help!? Horse Skin Problems

    Funny you should mention EQ solutions! i just had a friend on facebook tell me it looked like the same thing her horse had and she used an anti fungal shampoo on him for a couple weeks and it cleared up! And it honestly makes sense! I brush him daily.. it was very minimal from the beginning and now its spread like crazy?! well< brushing would do that the brush will spread the fungus which explains why it in random spots. Im actually heading out in a few minutes to get some anti fungal sprays and Shampoos for him and im gonna bathe him as soon as i ge thome, the sun is out all the sudden and i wanna nip this in the bud asap! Ill keep you guys updated though. Im not as worried now that i have a bit better of an idea what i might be dealing with 30 dollars for a shampoo, or 120 dollars just for a vet to come out and examine not including the medication fees. Ill take the 30 dollar attempt and yep! Far from his heart :] He's not dying from this, He might go bald! but not dead! ha ha ha Thanks Manes :]
  13. Help!? Horse Skin Problems

    Well hes pretty much blanketed every moment that it isnt hot out. And he only lays down and rolls in his stall which theres nothing but dirt in there.. He's never rolled when i let him out to be turned out. The first 2 weeks of me owning him he didnt have the condition. It just started these past 2 weeks and keeps progressively getting worse. The reason i rule out rainrot is he's not been wet, his coat is too short to not ever be dry. and its not rained since i've had him. the 2 times i've bathed him he was back combed, towel dried and walked out til fully dry. Also rainrot accumulated mostly on the back region, this is all mostly in his mix section/lower region. I've never had a horse with skin problems so I must admit this is a completely new topic for me in the 14 years i've been around horses/owned them. I've seen rainrot cases on friends horses and it just didnt seem like that. This whole thing is just a huge mystery :/ Im just wondering if the track owner knew he had it and thats why they were "really" selling him. Horse selling/buying is a shady business. always a gamble it seems.
  14. Help!? Horse Skin Problems

    My horse has hot spots, I originally thought they were him peeling from a sunburn.. from the flyspray i was using (oil based) but it is spreading and its in patches, And now his hair is falling out. Im pretty sure its not rainrot. My assumptions are Mange or Sweet itch but im starting to get concerned, its not going away and they are slightly painful to him. He steps away from pressure when you touch them. I'm trying to get a hold of my vet but i thought maybe some of you with horses might have an idea what it might be. Sorry for the bad quality pictures. I keep him blanketed at night and if its cold/drizzling out. Hes never wet, always dry but even when i take the blanket off, these spots are usually covered in a grase like black film. that is really sticky... its almost like swear but with a lot of dirt. He's always clean i brush him daily, Im now having to avoid these skin spots as they are uncomfortable for him and he usually will try to move away or bite me because it hurts. There is an abnormal amount of heat coming from them. He's also got some under his chest (in between his front legs) as there were 2 patches that were on his croup but those were there before i got him so im not sure if those were just scabs.. But they havent healed and ive had him for a month. I've scrubed them all down today using a tea tree oil shampoo, i heard the tea tree oil is good for healing but im really up in the air about this one, I've looked up so many skin conditions online but none really seem to match whats wrong. Seeing as how im having a hard time getting a hold of my vet... I might try some others. Also this has been mostly right side dominant i dont know if that would matter... Hes got a bit on the left but its no where near as bad. We've also got the really bad spring/summer biting flies right now. My mother thinks hes allergic to something, and i kind of believe that but i havent exactly found out what. PICTURES: Left Side Neck: Right Side Barrel: (hair completely fell off when i was brushing him, In clumps) Right Side Neck: One of the worst spots in my opinion, Its rough, Flakey and painful to him Right front shoulder/leg: Right Girth heart: Right Hip/Flank area: ( as i was writing this message i've called 3 vets for price quotes and such. left messages, waiting for them to call me back now. Please leave any information if you have any, thanks. Im seriously worried right now)