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  1. New Saddle

    Unless I misunderstood something, your saddle fits her just fine currently? And you understand you can't buy her one she will "grow into." So why would you buy her a new saddle right now? Quality saddles can last decades...if it fits you, her, and the horse, I wouldn't personally buy a new one at all. But if you're going to buy one, I'd buy yourself a new one since yours fits her fine, and you never know if she'll ditch the sport in a year.
  2. The Government Has Your Childs Dna

    In the article I read about this, the family was quoted as saying that they now understand why the cells were taken for research, and were happy that the research could help others so many years later.
  3. What's For Dinner?

    Shepherds pie
  4. The Government Has Your Childs Dna

    Why is this a bad thing? Lets say you have a baby, DNA is taken and put on file, and 20 years later your baby ends up raping some teenage girl and his DNA is taken out of her. Problem is girl can't or won't ID him. It's then put into the database, and comes up with a hit. Why would you not want this to be possible? If DNA is used in criminal convictions, it's because one committed a criminal act.
  5. Pregnant And Still Riding

    Absolutely positively not worth it. I have had the calmest of horses have an unexpected spook, and had one many many years ago that was the most dead broke horse you could think of trip badly while cooling out and go down to his front knees. I flipped right over his head without a seconds warning. Why would you want to risk your child, it is only 9 months (8 really, since most people don't know for the first month or so).
  6. Hey Dog Nutrition Gurus

    My guess would be a bit of stress or somethings up with the dirt. If the food was the issue, you would have seen a problem by now because I remember when you switched to EP and it's been quite some time hasn't it? If it's not watery runny I wouldn't worry too much unless it's prolonged over a period of several weeks. I think Solid Gold makes a pretty decent probiotic if it's something you're interested in trying.
  7. Peppers Dad

    So sorry to hear this PD. I'm sure her years were much loved by you.
  8. Nuetering A Dog

    Don't you sometimes wish it did....hehe ;)
  9. Dog Is Suddenly Having Accidents...

    Have a urinalysis done to rule out a UTI.
  10. "click Here If You Do Not Wish To Wait"

    Yeah, the Slowsky's. Thus the joke. :)
  11. Tenting Camping?

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I've heard Turkey Run a few times, so it's definitely worth checking out. Brown county is certainly on the upper part of the list as well. I will check out those links after work today. We're pretty negotiable to most anywhere in Indiana, would prefer to stay within state lines though.
  12. Tenting Camping?

    Obviously that should be "tent camping." LOL Does anyone here tent camp? I grew up tent camping and in later years we had a pop-up, but now it seems most of the campgrounds are simply clearings with RV pads. I'm looking for the old fashioned senic somewhat private camp areas with some trees and brush between the sites. How does one go about finding this? I've been searching online, but most places don't offer anything in the way of photos or true info, and only talk about RV hook-ups and whatnot.
  13. Rare "panda" Gsd

    I've not met a single breeder who thinks they are pure GSD's. The theory is that aussies or similar breed was mixed in to create the unique coloring. Regardless of the companies that are trying to pass off the DNA testing, there are countless stories of people DNA'ing their obvious purebreds and the results coming back with completely different off the wall breeds. The ONLY DNA testing on dogs that can currently be done with actual reliability is to DNA that puppy A came from parents A and B. You can NOT DNA test the dog and determine it's a purebred GSD with no outcrossing.
  14. Help Finding A Puppy

    Exactly. I can't believe any dog person wouldn't understand the meaning of "backyard breeder." Of course it doesn't mean just because you have dogs and a backyard and they are homebred that they are "backyard bred." This term has been around for so long I'm baffled why a dog person wouldn't understand the meaning. Don't really know what else to say in response to that. Regarding price....there are different meanings to the words "titled" being used here I think. When I refer to working line dogs, I'm referring to schutzhund titles. If someone can please direct me to a high quality working line puppy from a quality breeder who has two schutzhund titled parents for under a grand, please shoot me a PM, because I've not seen it. I'm sure they're out there but.....
  15. Never really understood this msg. Why would anyone wait unless they are related to the Slowsky family?