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  1. New Year's Resolutions?

    Organization!!! We had a new years party today so the house was cleaned very well. I have made a chore chart and plan to spend my life enjoying my time instead of cleaning house/washing dishes/laundry/picking up etc. any moment I have. Everyone in my family now has a daily chore, and am truly hopeful this will be the key to keeping my house functional.
  2. Home-Grown?

    As I cuddle my new Christmas bunny (for cuddling, not meat) I am slightly mortified by the bunny ingesting. But, I fully support knowing where your food comes from, and home grown is always tastier! We bought some grass fed, organic beef from some friends of ours and was HANDS DOWN the best meat I've ever tasted. Mmmm... that was one of the best burgers Ive ever had.
  3. Christmas Goody Baskets

    Every year! This year I haven't quite finished my list, but better get on it before Christmas is over! This year so far, I've made banana bread, cream cheese mints, fudge and a jar of dry rub that I love. To make still, is raspberry truffle brownies, white chocolate cinnamon pretzels, cheddar sticks and snicker doodles. That will probably be all this year as I am running out of time and money, but annual baking is one of my favorite times! I had planned on making a perfume bag for each basket (orange peel, dried apple, allspice and cinnamon stick) but accidently tossed my orange peels and don't think Ill have time to harvest enough before Christmas haha!
  4. Anybody Want One Of The Horse City Cookbooks?

    Smoke I would be glad to send it your way! Just send me your address in a PM :)
  5. We are downsizing, which means I lose a lot of kitchen space. I bought one of the horse city cookbooks when they came out but rarely open it, would anyone be interested in it? Just figured I'd offer it to someone on here before I donate!
  6. To Hades With The Daily Grind

    Dream job.... That would be my bakery. IF I had one, it would have big windows, bay windows, that I would get to sit in and sip coffee before the morning crowd. Pastries, donuts, bagels, quiche...for breakfast. Cakes, pies, cupcakes, homemade ice cream. Coffee, fresh, hot all day long, begging for fresh heavy cream and a swirl of sugar. If only!
  7. Blackberry Pickings...

    We went to a u pick farm and it was $1.50/lb! We spent about an hour (me, my five year old and two year old) to pick the three pounds. I could've easily kept going but the toddler was O V E R it! Will definitely be doing a cobbler, with icecream it's a favorite!
  8. Blackberry Pickings...

    Dondie that's a great idea! We have used all te blackberries, ate most them plain and did many pies. But this morning we went and picked BLUEberries!! Three pounds to use up now haha!
  9. Blackberry Pickings...

    We picked a huge bucket of wild blackberries out at granddaddys yesterday. Most family members don't enjoy them, but I could probably eat the whole bucket myself! Aside from cobbler or blackberry pie (this is the one I make What else can I do with then? Does anyone have a good blackberry jam recipe?
  10. If You Ever See The Headline

    As I wind the cord up on my vacuum I can only be jealous poco that your man will actually accomplish the vacuuming in the first place! My guy completes one task for the day (picking up toys or books) and calls it a day. WOW such effort!
  11. Everyday Victories Thread

    That's the thing with dieting that I can't get a grip on- what about the other three people who aren't dieting in my family?? We eat healthy, but where the little ones need differing foods(ie; carbs that I'm avoiding) and the husband who turns his nose up at most veggies and fruit, will I cook a seperate meal just for me? Not likely. Breakfast and lunch are easy to fix something different for everyone but dinner is one for all. Keep up the great work everyone!!
  12. Southeast Ohio Magazine Did A Story On Shyanna

    What a wonderful article! And the picture is absolutely beautiful, Shyanna is so grown up now! (I thought it was funny they also included an article about the best hotdogs in town, hopefully Spring won't be offended LOL)
  13. Updated Turtle (Sphynx Cat) Pictures/videos

    Look at her sweet kitty belly in the harness picture!! I never get to touch or rub my kitties tummies, it's so cute! Her eyes are just stunning, what a pretty girl!
  14. Moving In With A Roommate

    I lived with my best friend in college and well... We haven't spoken in six years. I don't recommend living with a friend at all but since you've done it before, just split bills. She can give you half the bills or you can give to her. Good luck!
  15. Prayers Please

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers. They let another guy go but it (hopefully!!!!) seems to be calming down and they are not giving any indication that they will be letting anyone else go. I'm resting a little easier now that they let this other guy go, but I do feel terrible for him. He atleast doesn't have a young family, so he will bounce back quickly.