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  1. Dennis Reis? Ca? Parelli? And Others?

    [shocked] [shocked] [ROTFL] [ROTFL] You just made me spit out my tea! Of the Guru Trainers, I like Chris Cox the best. Overall, I like my Trainer, Matt Sheridan - he's a nice guy and his clinics are fun and you learn alot! I also like Jake Gorell, Russell Dilday and Mark Matson - I do reined cowhorse clinics with them. They have a TON of knowledge and really give you a bang for your buck at clinics!
  2. You are just up the mtn from us. come on down and ride red rock in october with the eti group!

  3. Trail Riding Etiquette?

    I went trail riding a few years ago in Hawaii. Hadn't been on a stable horse for decades, but needed my horse fix and was looking forward for a beautiful peaceful ride. Too my Mom and at the stable they asked our horse expericence. My Mom offered up that I had horses. They asked if I rode. I said,"yes." I wanted a nice quiet been-there-done-that stable horse so I could sit and take photos. MY horse is an active ride; I was looking for something less active. Despite my Mom's efforts to exalt my expertise with horses ( [Duh] ) I got what a wanted - a nice quiet lovely dead head horse. I looped the reins on the horn, let him follow who ever and spent the whole ride taking photos from his back. It was lovely!
  4. Horse-man-what?

    Linda Parelli's response:
  5. How Long Do You Wait To Work A Horse?

    My thoughts, too!
  6. Chris Cox Saddles?

    I've looked at these saddles online and liked what I saw - nice to hear from someone who actually HAS one! Thanks for posting!
  7. Certified Trainers...

    For me, certification means little. However, I'm not in your discipline, so maybe someone who is would find it helpful.
  8. Western Pleasure? I Dont Get It!

    The serach function is your friend. There have been TONS TONS TONS of these posts and some extremely long ... you can find them all by doing a simple search. These threads are constantly popping up going over the exact same ground as all the previous ones. Take a look at them - it'll keep you busy for quite a while! [smiley Wavey]
  9. Anyone Else Having Issues Selling A Horse?

    If I were closer, I'd take a serious look at her - not really looking for another horse, but am casually looking at horses for a next cowhorse project; would take one if it was too good to pass up. She almost is (based on her price), but it's a bit of a hitch if I can't see a horse before I buy and that I would have to pay to have one shipped out to me ... But you can't beat her price! I'm sure with some good confo photos (agree winter woolies don't detract at this time!) and another write up (suggesstions above have been fantastic), you'll find her a good new home quickly! Good Luck with finding her a nice new home!
  10. Wade Saddle (new, Found Another That I Like)

    I have a wade saddle w/out bucking rolls. I love it!! I had the saddle maker make it a little lighter than usual and with a smaller horn. It's nothing fancy (I didn't want any tooling on it) and it's way cool! I can't post a a pix while at work (they block all photo sites), but will when I get home.
  11. Ranch Cutter Saddle

    Not a brand I've ever heard of and I'm not real impressed with the specs. While deals can be found on ebay, this looks like a "too good to be true" situation. If it were me, I'd put the money towards a good quality used named cutting saddle. Good luck in your search!
  12. To Buy Or To Wait?

    I'd wait and get what you want. Keep looking though as you don't know when that bargain/less expensive Paso will turn up! [smiley Wavey]
  13. "gimmicky" Training Tools

    LOL, that's the FIRST thing that came to my mind, too!!! [ROTFL]
  14. What Kind Of Cinch Do You Prefer

    That's my choice as well. [bat Eyelashes]
  15. Ranch Horse Show -- Had A Blast!

    I've done ranch horse shows with my horse - they are a TOTAL blast. I could only do one show this year, since I injured my knee and had surgery on it - I was so bummed cuz they are too much fun and my horse really liked it too!!! Glad you had a good time!! Anyone take any pix??