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  1. New Pics Of Cruzer My Mustang!

    I've been staying away from HC... Only come on to lurk every now & then but, when I saw how awesome Cruzer looked I couldn't resist showing off Shock.
  2. New Pics Of Cruzer My Mustang!

    Here is my Mustang, AfterShock. I was told he was caught in Oklahoma but after researching his brand I found out that he was actually caught in New Mexico. I've had him since Feb. 2008 He is a 4-5 year old Gelding. Here are some before & after pix of him, I don't have any pix since the new year yet though... Before: 2/12/08 After: 9/08
  3. New Pics Of ~ Shadow! ~ ..and Why I Am So Busy

    Those are some pretty 'stangs! [Yay] & I love snow!!! I miss it so much, I haven't been near snow in about 17 years, I'm thinking it's time to visit Aspen soon!
  4. Sorry.. But, I Gotta Show Off... *update*

    Marley: Hooch: Rambo: All 3 together: That's all for now! [smiley Wavey]
  5. Sorry.. But, I Gotta Show Off... *update*

    Hey everyone... As I mentioned the other day, here are the new pix of the puppies (the 3 I'm caring for) they are gaining weight & already learning tricks! Marley (Yellow) knows how to Sit & give his paw, Rambo (Black & Tan) knows how to Sit & lay down, Hooch (Black with White chest) knows how to Sit & learning how to give his paw. They all 3 know the word "Potty" they usually pee & poo on their lil puppy mat but, here lately I've been letting them outside about every other hour & they do their business in the grass. So, They are coming along nicely. They are just over 4 weeks old now. & Only eating (soft) solid food. Ok.. Enough with my mouth, here are the pix! Marley & Rambo: Rambo: Hooch: Hooch & Marley: Marley & Rambo: Rambo, begging to be petted: Rambo: Marley & Rambo: More pix coming!!!
  6. Sorry.. But, I Gotta Show Off... *update*

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be getting new pix of the puppies tomorrow.. The ones I have here any way.. I dunno about Mhuck's pups.. I'm sure she'll get some new ones soon.
  7. Sorry.. But, I Gotta Show Off... *update*

    They are awesome! I love these guys.. They are soo smart too! They have been pooping & peeing on their lil pee-pee mats.. My 3 will anyway.. I dunno about the rest of them. [Crazy] & Marley (the Yellow in the 1st pix) already knows how to Sit & give his paw!
  8. Ok.. So... There was a situation with a certain someone that ended up having 12 of these.... Long story short, they are 3 weeks old.. Lab mix (I personally think they are Lab & Rottie mix) their momma was unable to nurse them... So, A friend & I took 10 of them (the other 2 have homes already) I have 3 & she has the rest.. We're keeping them until they are 6 - 8 weeks old & ready to go to new homes. They are the cutest lil pups ever! Just though that I would share these pix of them. [smiley Wavey] ETA: We are taking all of the proper care of these pups, they will be going to the vet for a check up soon. They are getting wormed tomorrow. They are already eating a mix of (soft) dry puppy food & puppy food pouches. I asked the vet & they said so long as they are eating it, it's fine.
  9. New School Pony Needs Name

    Charlie the Unicorn!!!!!!!! [ROTFL] "C'mon Charlie.. Let's go to Candy mountain! Yeah Charlie yeah.. Candy mountain!" *goes to youtube* [ROTFL]
  10. Australia - The Movie=hugh Jackman, A Horse's Nightmare

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed.. But, the pic in question is a full page size in Cowboys & Indians if you look very closely at the bit in the horse's mouth, it appears to be a Slow-Twist snaffle. Anyone else see that?
  11. Zesty!

    I still have Shock.. Theguy who's interested in him will be coming out the middle of the week.
  12. Felda & Mhucks

    Just wanted to let you both know that you have a PM. [smiley Wavey]
  13. Horse Drama

    Yes.. BUT.. Majority of injuries reported have to do with Barbwire.. Like cuts, scrapes, leg gets caught & tendons get torn, etc.. I have seen very severe injuries cause by barb wire, & I'm sure most people agree with me on this, that barb wire around horses is just a BAD idea. I'm not saying that horses don't get hurt with wood fences, **** you lock a horse up in a padded room & he'll still find a way to hurt himself.. It's just more likely with barb wire fencing.. Me & my Paint mare, Kenya.. Have matching scars due to barb wire.. That's why I'll NEVER use it again.
  14. How Do You Hide 50+ Horses

    [Not Worthy] to Goatmom
  15. Horse Drama