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  1. New Pics Of Cruzer My Mustang!

    I've been staying away from HC... Only come on to lurk every now & then but, when I saw how awesome Cruzer looked I couldn't resist showing off Shock.
  2. New Pics Of Cruzer My Mustang!

    Here is my Mustang, AfterShock. I was told he was caught in Oklahoma but after researching his brand I found out that he was actually caught in New Mexico. I've had him since Feb. 2008 He is a 4-5 year old Gelding. Here are some before & after pix of him, I don't have any pix since the new year yet though... Before: 2/12/08 After: 9/08
  3. New Pics Of ~ Shadow! ~ ..and Why I Am So Busy

    Those are some pretty 'stangs! [Yay] & I love snow!!! I miss it so much, I haven't been near snow in about 17 years, I'm thinking it's time to visit Aspen soon!
  4. Ok.. So... There was a situation with a certain someone that ended up having 12 of these.... Long story short, they are 3 weeks old.. Lab mix (I personally think they are Lab & Rottie mix) their momma was unable to nurse them... So, A friend & I took 10 of them (the other 2 have homes already) I have 3 & she has the rest.. We're keeping them until they are 6 - 8 weeks old & ready to go to new homes. They are the cutest lil pups ever! Just though that I would share these pix of them. [smiley Wavey] ETA: We are taking all of the proper care of these pups, they will be going to the vet for a check up soon. They are getting wormed tomorrow. They are already eating a mix of (soft) dry puppy food & puppy food pouches. I asked the vet & they said so long as they are eating it, it's fine.
  5. Sorry.. But, I Gotta Show Off... *update*

    Marley: Hooch: Rambo: All 3 together: That's all for now! [smiley Wavey]
  6. Sorry.. But, I Gotta Show Off... *update*

    Hey everyone... As I mentioned the other day, here are the new pix of the puppies (the 3 I'm caring for) they are gaining weight & already learning tricks! Marley (Yellow) knows how to Sit & give his paw, Rambo (Black & Tan) knows how to Sit & lay down, Hooch (Black with White chest) knows how to Sit & learning how to give his paw. They all 3 know the word "Potty" they usually pee & poo on their lil puppy mat but, here lately I've been letting them outside about every other hour & they do their business in the grass. So, They are coming along nicely. They are just over 4 weeks old now. & Only eating (soft) solid food. Ok.. Enough with my mouth, here are the pix! Marley & Rambo: Rambo: Hooch: Hooch & Marley: Marley & Rambo: Rambo, begging to be petted: Rambo: Marley & Rambo: More pix coming!!!
  7. Sorry.. But, I Gotta Show Off... *update*

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be getting new pix of the puppies tomorrow.. The ones I have here any way.. I dunno about Mhuck's pups.. I'm sure she'll get some new ones soon.
  8. Sorry.. But, I Gotta Show Off... *update*

    They are awesome! I love these guys.. They are soo smart too! They have been pooping & peeing on their lil pee-pee mats.. My 3 will anyway.. I dunno about the rest of them. [Crazy] & Marley (the Yellow in the 1st pix) already knows how to Sit & give his paw!
  9. New School Pony Needs Name

    Charlie the Unicorn!!!!!!!! [ROTFL] "C'mon Charlie.. Let's go to Candy mountain! Yeah Charlie yeah.. Candy mountain!" *goes to youtube* [ROTFL]
  10. Australia - The Movie=hugh Jackman, A Horse's Nightmare

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed.. But, the pic in question is a full page size in Cowboys & Indians if you look very closely at the bit in the horse's mouth, it appears to be a Slow-Twist snaffle. Anyone else see that?
  11. Zesty!

    I still have Shock.. Theguy who's interested in him will be coming out the middle of the week.
  12. Felda & Mhucks

    Just wanted to let you both know that you have a PM. [smiley Wavey]
  13. Horse Drama

    Yes.. BUT.. Majority of injuries reported have to do with Barbwire.. Like cuts, scrapes, leg gets caught & tendons get torn, etc.. I have seen very severe injuries cause by barb wire, & I'm sure most people agree with me on this, that barb wire around horses is just a BAD idea. I'm not saying that horses don't get hurt with wood fences, **** you lock a horse up in a padded room & he'll still find a way to hurt himself.. It's just more likely with barb wire fencing.. Me & my Paint mare, Kenya.. Have matching scars due to barb wire.. That's why I'll NEVER use it again.
  14. How Do You Hide 50+ Horses

    [Not Worthy] to Goatmom
  15. Horse Drama

  16. How Do You Hide 50+ Horses

    "Oh well, if she's bred she's bred." [shocked] [bang Head] I'm sorry but, it's people like you that has made the horse industry the way it is... You have no right breeding horses, sorry if this offends you but it's true! Gawd!!! Such ignorance! [Duh]
  17. Horse Drama

    Barbwire & horses?! Not a good combo! [Duh]
  18. Update On Orphaned Foal (tuff) *pics*

    [Yay] [Yay] [Yay]
  19. Twh Soring

    Omg.. So I went today to look at a *POSSIBLE* new boarding barn for my boy.. only because it was alot closer to me.. well, the owner stated on the phone that he owns Tennessee Walkers.. Not a big deal.. Until I saw the barn & horses. There was 1 VERY skinny gelding, you could see all of the bones in his back & ribs. & The owner of the stable showed me his throphy room, full of pix & ribbons, etc. I noticed right away that the horses in the pix had padded shoes on.. so I asked the stable owner (he owns MOST of the horses at his barn) if that is all he does or does he make them wear the action chains.. His reply "Some horses I make them wear the chains.." & he walked me through the barn again, this time opening the stall doors to each horse we passed (2 of which were Studs) & I saw their ankles.. Covered in sores & he also told me not to be surprised if I came in one day & saw the horses legs wrapped.. I knew right away he was talking about the chemical wraps rather than just "wrapped up" So I started telling him that I was a member of FOSH & that I went to their classes & seminar in Ocala, FL. He tried to make it not sound as bad as it was.. That's not the extent of the probelms either.. the stalls are in need of repair, big holes in the doors, etc. also the fencing outside in the pasture where the "boarded" horses are kept is in dire need of repair as well.. Now as far as I know, there are no laws for this kind of thing.. Is there anything that I can do to try to help these poor horses in this situation? I could tell through the look in their eyes that they were in pain. I didn't have a camera on me so I couldn't get any pix.. but, I just know something needs to be done.. [Me Cry] Needless to say that I decided not to board my boy there. I contacted FOSH & HSUS about this guy... So, we shall see what happens. Anything else I can do?
  20. Dyeing Wool Pads?

    Just wondering if it was possible (& safe) to dye a wool saddle pad? & While we're on the subject how about dyeing a cloth seat on a saddle? My saddle seat is faded bad, it used to be black but now looks gray.. The saddle pad is gray so I was wondering if it would be safe for the horse to dye it?
  21. Teaching The 'rollback'

    Ok.. So, I'm new at the whole lingo & riding style.. I was brought up to believe if the horse goes, stops, turns, backs up, & neck reins then he's "broke" to ride. After watching several different horsemen on RFDTV I have seen that there is ALOT more to learn then what I know already.. There are a few things that I would love to learn to accomplish... 1) The Rollback. I was told in order to achieve this.. While longeing or riding make your horse turn into the fence & canter off. Does that sound right? 2) Side passing. Never tried that, would love to know how. 3) Lead changes. Can't figure it out. PLEASE don't flame me, I'm here because I want to learn how to do these things for the benefit of my horse. He is a 4 year old Mustang gelding. He is "broke" to ride & is coming along nicely... Just wanted to know how to do some "advanced" techniques. Thanks! [smiley Wavey]
  22. Looky What I Made!

    Ok.. This was my 1st attempt at making a video... I thought that I would share it with everyone.. What do you guys think?
  23. Update On Orphaned Foal (tuff) *pics*

    How about hand grazing him? I don't know if that would help or not.. But, at least if you had a rope on him & walked him around no stretch his legs a little & nibble on some grass. As far as "learning" to eat hay by watching... Do you have a grill stall front or solid? If it's a grill then you could try feeding your other guy in front of Tuff's stall so he could see what the other horse is eating & by stacking his hay in front on the door in his stall & your other horse's hay by the gate on the other side & letting him eat there... Maybe Tuff will think he's eating the same stuff & that he's *supposed* to eat it too? If you don't have a grill stall front, you could go get a baby or pet gate & use that as a barrier, DON'T leave him unsupervised like that (not that you would anyway, lol) & feed the horses how I stated above? That MIGHT work.. If not then Momma (talking to you) get on your hands & knees & start munching! It's fiber at least right? lol Good luck with Tuff... Keep remembering his registered name, he'll live up to it.
  24. Update On Orphaned Foal (tuff) *pics*

    Aww poor you & poor Tuff! You're in my prayers! [Huggy]
  25. Porsha's First Ride

    I'd say send her back too. That's what the whole "trial" period is for eh? Because once you're nervous or fearing a horse the horse will pick up on that & even if your hubby "breaks" her whose to say when YOU get on she won't try something stupid & may cause you to get hurt? I used to own a beautiful Paint mare, Kenya.. I'm sure most who know me on these boards know who Kenya is. Anyway.. She was MY horse, every now & then she would like to test the waters with me to see how far I would let her get away with.. ANY time I would let someone else ride her, even very experienced riders, she would act up sooooooo bad! One lady that trains horses for a living & rides Broncs on weekends got bucked off Kenya & told me that putting a bullet in her would be my best bet. Now once again, when I rode Kenya she was the most perfect angel, she would RARELY act up, but for everyone else.. she just would not have it. & If your back is really as bad as you say.. I wouldn't want to risk it.. It's VERY hard for me to trust a horse.. more so if they ever scared me or if I get a "vibe" from them. Good luck to you either choice you make.. I wish I could be more help. [Huggy]