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  1. Active Members

    I haven’t been here for years but thought I’d pop in and see what was happening
  2. Charro Saddles

    Hey! Its a very different saddle to ride in, the tree is much bigger thickness wise. I struggle to put any leg on my mare without really stretching to reach lol! It also has a very flat seat so riding downhill has also been a different feeling. In saying that Im starting to really like it, its been great for trail riding. This one sells new for $4000 AUS, top leather etc, over priced really. I traded a wade saddle of equal value on it. It weighs about 15kg. Jabal I prefer the halfbreed Aussie saddles to the old style ones. The fenders on this charro dont pinch at all. they do however keep your legs in the correct position. Thanks Pinky! Love it so far :)
  3. Charro Saddles

    Hey Nick! Its been a long while since Ive dropped in :) Its a heap of leather yes, strangely enough its very comfortable. Top quality as well as it cost a small fortune hahaha!!
  4. Charro Saddles

    Hey all I havent visited in awhile but I figured Id share my new saddle with everyone. In Australia you get looked at oddly if your not riding in a stock saddle, or western saddle now also. I decided to go crazy and buy a well built charro saddle just to really stand out hahaha! Does anyone else own one?
  5. Another Possible Girthy Issue

    I completely agree with you, I think its way to much for a young horse to deal with mentally and physically
  6. Another Possible Girthy Issue

    She was with a reining trainer from when she was broken in till she turned 2yrs 9months 😊 I gave her 6months off when I got her so that she could go be a horse.
  7. Another Possible Girthy Issue

    Its funny how after a few more days of riding that you can normally answer them lol!
  8. Another Possible Girthy Issue

    She is very broke so just being plain naughty. She will do it after being trotted around in a few circles. When Im just walking her and she isnt having to think. As soon as I get her thinking and moving she stops :)
  9. Another Possible Girthy Issue

    Im thinking after riding her today that she is just being a pain in the so and so. She was swinging her head around again this time to both side. I counterarched her when she did it haha! Made it work for her. Pushed her out and then bought her in and worked on her spins. She may have had that bur stuck in her the first time but these other times Im thinking she just doesnt want to work. I sure hope I right as I gave her mind a big workout today and made her puff. No signs of soreness after the rise anywhere so yes hmmmmm to her haha!
  10. Another Possible Girthy Issue

    Ive tried a couple of girths, from mohair to the prochoice neoprene one thats on her now. I had a thicker prochoice 20x saddle pad on her and changed it to a thiner one that made of a better material than the 20x. Thinking it could be a bug bite thats annoying her at this stage She swings her head to my calf.
  11. Another Possible Girthy Issue

    Oh no to the hoof polish!! Thats something I would do hahaha!!! I hope I can figure out what it is, its getting hard to leg her up when we run into these annoying little problems.
  12. Another Possible Girthy Issue

    Hi all! My 4yr old mare was broken at 2 and the old owner trainer put her straight into reining training. I bought her just before she turned 3. I gave her 6months off and rode her on and off for the next 6 months. I bought her back into work about 3 weeks ago. She would trot round well but then would swing her head to the left like the girth was annoying her. I went back to lunging her. 2 weeks later I found what looked to be a little bur that was stuck where the girth sat. Rode her a week later and she was great again. Now this evening she started swinging her head to the right. Only got to trot her for 10min and she was getting too annoyed. I found a slightly swollen bug bite up from the girth under the saddle pad. Could that be making her sensitive? It was clearly annoying her and she isnt a nasty mare at all so I dont want to push her. The saddle fits and Ive changed the saddle pad and the girth. Should I perhaps just continue to lunge her to get her back into shape for awhile? She is a tad over weight. All this head swinging is driving me nuts!!!!
  13. Runny Nose

    Thank you for that reply. There is a fair amount of dust in the air where we live and unfortunately Im not able to do anything about it. I dont have an arena and work her in the paddocks, something that Im sure wont be helping her situation at all. I found two small sarcoids on her shoulder a couple of days ago. Folk tell me she is lacking in something. She has a lot of grass in her paddock and gets a small amount of lurcerne aslo
  14. Runny Nose

    Ive just heard i may need to supplement for her immune system. I will look into that
  15. Runny Nose

    We have a fair amount of dust around the farm which cant be stopped. So you think pretty much just get use to it? It doesnt seem bad just doesnt look to pretty when I try and show her haha!