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  1. let me in!

    What's the Facebook group?? I would love to join!! i haven't seen a lot of these names since I was a teen! Hellloooooooooo!!!!!
  2. Little John From Baby To Pre-Schooler

    I have always enjoyed your posts LC and seeing pics of LJ!! You have such a beautiful farm and care so much for your animals, you have always seemed like such an amazing women! Thank you for allowing us to see your little man grow up, he's just so precious
  3. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Good to see so many familiar names!! I rarely post anymore.. always been kinda a thread killer anyway I've still got my pretty paint mare, we shared our ten year anni back in august. Time flies too fast! Hi 440!!!! I've been here since 04... but was TurnAndBurn13 before that. I think I was 11 or 12 when I first started posting. I feel old Anyone ever hear from Bryna? Or SC?? TAZZIN!!!! Please put up new photos of Psaint. I have and always will be in love with that beautiful beast.
  4. So i possibly have the option of taking in "my" dog once i get settled in my house in a few weeks. I've known this dog since she was 8 weeks old, she's one of the farm dogs where my horse is boarded. She turned two this year. She has always been very much my dog since they got her.. very attached to me, prefers to stay by me even when they are out and about the barn. She is typically kenneled a huge portion of the day, so when i show up it means freedom, a clean kennel, fresh water, pets and loves and her frisbee thrown. The problem is is she's very shy. Didn't have any socialization outside the farm as a pup and it shows. She doesn't like to come up to strangers. She doesnt bark or growl.. just shys away and prefers to hide behind me or whoever she knows that is handy. I'm just worried about if I DO bring her home... what will it take to bring her around? First order of business would be to get her spayed.. but then what? Training classes? Taking her out and about the pet stores and exposed to people? I just can't have a dog that will want to hide every time someone comes to visit. I'm 23 and the first of my friends to buy a house, so there's a lot of bbqs and gatherings in the future and i don't want a scared pup. At two can she still come around and come out of her shell? She's a lab mix by the way... probably with some pit as she has the blocky body like one. Thanks!!
  5. Annie's Foal Watch -Colt!

    I would KILL for Annie's tail!! Just gorgeous she is! Can't wait to see this baby... Have you done an update thread lately? How's the rest of the kids? I Just see my boy Dusty... where's the rest of the crew?
  6. Facebook Question

    Hola! So when you block someone on facebook exactly how anonymous do you become? If your tagged in a mutual friends post does it keep it from showing on their page? Or does it just keep your name from showing up? Does it make it so they cannot comment on something you're tagged in? Can you see if they comment on someone elses photo/ tag of you in it. There is a girl from my BF's past that needs to go away. They are not FB friends but anytime he's tagged (they have a lot of mutual friends) she comments on it, and things that she is tagged in constantly show up on his feed. It annoys both of us and frankly I find her need to comment on the stuff immature and obnoxious. I'd love for her to go away as much as possible. What are you blocking experiences?
  7. Who's Expecting For 2012?

    Bryna- I was scrolling through this post quickly, got to your last pic and went "that's Annie!!" and rolled back up to read what you wrote! How very very exciting to have a baby on the way... She is such a phenomenal mare and I can only imagine how excited you are
  8. Pony Pics!

    Hey! What brought you to Cheney?? Shorty is gorgeous by the way.. love him!
  9. Weight Loss

    I'm doing pretty well in the last couple weeks.. down a total of 19lbs total. Been doing spin and zumba a few days a week at the gym, and lifting about two days a week as well (upper body one day, lower the other).. I feel a lot stronger and my legs are looking harder. My mom pointed out that my face is looking slimmer in some pics i showed her... that made me
  10. Where's the LIKE button!!!
  11. Jingles For A Bb

    :huggy: :angel3: :huggy:
  12. Weight Loss

    Thread Killer
  13. Meet...

    Aw Cowboy!! I too LOVED him when he was a baby... can't hardly resist that face . I'm super happy you got ahold of him and that you'll be able to keep us in the loop with his progress. Too bad we're going into winter and he'll get all fuzzy! But come next spring, slicked out, healthy, and muscled.. he's gonna be STUNNING. So is this hay guy cute?? Might not be a bad kinda deal to have someone like that around with the prices of hay these days!!
  14. Weight Loss

    I'll join I've been at it since the beginning of july... started at 215 and i'm down 20 pounds so far. Been a pretty steady one pound a week loss for me... not a ton, but the numbers are moving and my body is changing so I'll take it. I fit into a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to squeeze into in forever so that keeps me motivated... I have an outfit pictured that I would LOVE to get in to so I try and think of that when I get discouraged. My goal weight ideally should be about 150... but I'm not a small person and I feel like I would REALLY struggle to maintain that. So for now my goal is to hit 170... I have big legs, hips, bewbs, and a huge rib cage so I carry my weight pretty well. I feel like I could be a solid, in shape, and rock a bikini at 170 and maintain it without having to forgo everything that is delicious. I want to get to 170 by my birthday in april... that gives me a few extra weeks in case I don't lose on the occasional week. I'm really excited to feel comfortable in a swim suit next summer.. I was the biggest I've ever been this summer and it was really uncomfortable... I'm looking forward to not feeling that way. AND for buying a super cute new swimsuit!! I'm not doing a "fad" diet of any kind.. I agree with whomever said those DON'T WORK. It's a lifestyle change to lose weight and keep it off. Good ol fashioned exercise and eating right is what works! A typical day for me starts with about 8 oz of Chobani plain greek yogurt (super low calories, tons of protein, low carbs/ sugar and full of probios) with a 1/4 cup walnuts, 1/2 of raspberries, tblspoon of ground flax seed, and a squirt of honey and a sandwich thin (100 cal) with a skinny cow swiss cheese spread (35 cals). That's usually around 9 am, then around noon I eat lunch which has been about 6-8 oz of turkey breast and a handful of baby carrots, soup, or a salad with chicken... snack about 4pm, and dinner around 7. Dinner is usually something chicken based... chicken breast and salad, chicken breast an rice etc I try not to eat after dinner but if I'm up late and have the munchies I'll pop a bag of popcorn (not the buttery kind) and eat that... It's been pretty easy to stay on track about eating, plus I don't really think about it much anymore. Thankfully I don't get bored easily so eating the same thing every day doesnt bother me. I'm lucky in the sense that I live about a mile from the gym, so i typically walk there, work out, then walk back about 4/5 days a week. On tues an thurs evenings I do a spin class, and wed afternoons I've been doing zumba (which is a blast!!)... I have lots of time right now since I'm not working so I've been able to fill some of that free time by hitting the gym twice a day (weights in the am, cardio in the pm). I have really seen the changes in my body, my legs are definitely tighter and I feel like my core is much stronger. I like feeling like it's working!! Well holy cow I wrote a book it seems like!! Good luck everyone!
  15. LONG!! I'm not a fan of roaching unless it's on a mule