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  1. I haven't logged in in a few years and now after the recent Facebook reunion thought it'd be fun to come back. Except my display name Smokum is no longer my display name and it's the beginning of my email :/ Tried changing it back but it says that username is already in use, searched that username and it is someone who's never logged in. Can anyone help me get my username back please? Thanks so much! Smokum :)
  2. I'm sorry about Tucker I am still at same place, I still have Smokey (who is 26 now ) Rona, and a mini named Hunter. I have 3 kids now, Rylie is going to be 6 in October, Will will be 4 in Oct, and James just turned 1 in March. Needless to say, the horses are fed and groomed but not much more happening with them
  3. Since These Boards Are So Dead

    Very empty, I am gone for weeks at a time and come back and there are only 2 new threads started... Maybe people are enjoying what nice days are left before the snow flies? Or have migrated to one of the more active forums.
  4. I don't decorate until Dec. 1st. I may start getting a few things out after Thanksgiving but nothing goes up until Dec. 1st. except maybe lights, which need to go up before the snow flies and it's too dangerous. Christmas stuff has been out in the local Walmart since September I was shocked! Christmas stuff was out even before Halloween stuff was out.
  5. Halloween Decorations.

    Saw this story on our local news station. There was a guy who put up a Halloween display in his front yard, a man being hung from a tree. Some people became offended that it could represent lynchings and confronted the guy who ultimately took the decorations down but this created quite the stir on FB. Keep in mind that the decorations were hung (pun intended ) by a man of Asian descent and those offended are African american. What do you think? Are there limits on how far you can go with your decorations, costumes, etc? Do these people really have anything to be offended about or are they being overly sensitive? What do you think about ban on certain costumes in school (no witches, cowboys or indians, masks, or anything overly scary) and do you agree or disagree? http://www.kare11.com/story/news/local/2014/10/29/n-mpls-halloween-display-taken-down-after-complaints/18141611/ I know growing up anything was fair game. There were your average mild displays, ghosts, witches, spiders, etc. all the way to the most awesome haunted houses with bodies hanging in trees, beheaded, zombies, missing limbs, chainsaws, fake blood, and torture. Costumes could be anything from cute little princesses to pirates and mummies, zombies and witches, dead people or cute little fuzzy animals. I can tell you I was never once offended, what happened?
  6. Election Ads

    Nope... I got rid of my home phone last month because I was getting calls at all hours of the day about the elections, wanting me to do surveys, donate money to this or that charity or organization. Last straw was when I got 3 calls in a row from the same number and it woke my sleeping kids up... The only channels we watch are movie channels or the Disney/Nickelodeon channels. I can tell you there aren't any campaign ads on the Disney channel. Scott Walker is the Governor of WI, wonder if you were hearing about him Serah.
  7. Our Newest Addition

    We weren't entirely looking for another pup at this time (we were going to wait until spring) but I put one of my Garmin astro tracking units up for sale on a FB "hunting stuff for sale, barter, trade, etc" page and got offered a nicely bred 10wk old papered treeing walker pup plus some cash. I know the owner and know he has some nice dogs. I told hubby that I sold it, someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse and it was already a done deal so no use in trying to talk me out of it... I think I'm in trouble.. Hahaha So we went and got her and now she needs a name! But first.... I mean, who can think of names without seeing pics first? They have claimed eachother already...
  8. Anybody Want One Of The Horse City Cookbooks?

    Awesome! PM sent, thanks!
  9. Anybody Want One Of The Horse City Cookbooks?

    I would love it! I lost most of my cookbooks because boxes were left on the trailer when we moved and it rained I haven't bought any since so I am definitely in need.
  10. Barn, Yes!

    Thought this might help... Complete with diagrams :) http://pubs.cas.psu.edu/freepubs/pdfs/ub036.pdf
  11. Barn, Yes!

    Well drained dirt floor with rubber mats on top for stalls. It allows drainage and gives.
  12. Our Newest Addition

    Hahaha, I tried, but hubby vetoed. To be honest he doesn't know what a Tennessee walker even is so he just looked at me like when I said it's a breed of horse, get it, she's a walker, Tennessee. Walker. ok
  13. Our Newest Addition

    We decided (ok, maybe *I* did all the deciding ) to name her Gem. I am incorporating Gemini into her registered name to tie it all together.
  14. Jingles For An Unusual Rescue

    Wow that one IS really dark, it's beautiful! Glad you let it go, so many will just kill without thinking about their value as rodent control. I had one in our garage this spring, we got it to go in a garbage can and relocated to the adjoining field. I think this color is a bit more typical. Still, they do give you quite the fright when you nearly step on them and they stand up like a cobra hissing I honestly didn't think they were venomous, I was told by a supposed snake "expert" that their venom wasn't potent enough to cause a human any harm, I should be more worried about bacteria, maybe he was wrong? I'm glad we don't have many dangerous snakes up here, the only ones really prevalent are garter, hognose, and the biggest being pine snakes.
  15. Our Newest Addition

    Awesome! We are hoping she turns out, some don't and it's always a bummer. I like savage and Abby. I have been saving a few names for my future dogs (anyone else do that?? Lol) Hobo, banjo, and ninja, not sure if ninja fits her tho.
  16. Really Pretty Color Around Here, How About You?

    Our color has come and gone already. Only the oak trees are hanging on to their leaves.
  17. How To Shop For My Next Horse

    It was at the Manes and Tails sleigh rally at Washington Co. fairgrounds (Stillwater, MN) Some people like frumpy... Hmmffff
  18. How To Shop For My Next Horse

    I LOVE Fjords, but as someone who rode and drove them on a daily basis for years, I will be honest and say they are not very smooth to ride and could probably wreck an already tender back. Granted the ones I rode were of pulling type and not riding type, we did both though. I have a few pics of me driving them but not online... These are the geldings I used to drive Bendik and Kyzar, very laid back and extremely safe but bumpy as heII to ride. Thunhild came from Norway As others have already said, don't narrow it down to one breed but do have specific goals in mind before you start shopping. My last experience horse shopping was to find an older (was OK,) sound, trained small pony or mini as a ride for my daughter/pasture buddy for my gelding, whom I would also like to drive. I looked at a few before deciding a mini wasn't for me, but then my friend was needing to rehome a welsh/arab weanling filly before moving and I fell in love with her right there. She wasn't what I was specifically looking for as far as size and breed at that time but it turns out she was EXACTLY what I needed. Another thing to think about with drafts, not that I have anything against them... If your back is bad, will you be able to mount and dismount such a tall horse without hurting your back? What about on a trail ride or wherever a mounting block is unavailable? I like to make 2 lists, a list of attributes you must have or like, and a list of attributes you absolutely do not want or dislike. Good luck in your search, nothing feels better than finally finding "the one!"
  19. Thought people here may be interested in this story... This link is complete with a footage and news story. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/malnourished-dead-horses-found-in-black-forest-barn This shouldn't happen to any horses, but I am just having a hard time wrapping my head around how someone can do this to such high caliber horses. I can only imagine that they are all of the caliber of Dual Peppy, and they were just left to die there. There would have been no trouble at all finding homes for these horses, if not selling them, giving them away. Just sickening. The remaining horses had been left in the care of the owners since their discovery last Friday, sheriffs office stating that there was not enough evidence for seizure, but today they had a vet out and the horses and llamas on the property have been seized and criminal charges will be filed.
  20. Controlling Mold In The Hay Stack

    Dang do it yourself people and their trendy pallet furniture!
  21. Controlling Mold In The Hay Stack

    Definitely air flow. I am lucky enough to get pallets whenever I want so I use them everywhere I store hay and unopened bags of feed, horse or dog.
  22. Baby On A Food Strike :/

    Will she eat cold foods? If it's pain/teething related you could try homemade frozen fruit puree, popcicles, frozen yogurt, or homemade "stuff" put in ice cube tray. My son just had hand foot and mouth and was refusing to nurse or eat anything except cold stuff because of canker sores on his tonsils (very sore throat ). Does it get better if you give tylenol or ibuprofen? IME the eye teeth (canines) are the hardest on the babies to cut followed closely by the molars. Any fever?
  23. Hey all! I am just so excited to be getting chickens again, I thought I would start a thread for everyone who has or is getting chickens this year! Hubby is building me a new chicken coop and I am getting 5 chicks from a breeder tomorrow, as long as they hatch on time. I haven't had chickens in a few years and this is definitely the earliest I have gotten chicks, only by a few weeks though. I will have them in the basement in a brooder until they are big enough to go outside. I also ordered 15 chicks of various laying breeds to arrive April 21st. The first batch will 50/50 chance of hens so I will either rehome or eat all but one of the boys, the rest are female. So my line up will include: 3- Barred Rock 2- Black Australorp 2- Partridge Rock 2- Dark Brahma 2- Columbian Wyandotte 2- Rhode Island Red 2- Partridge Cochin 1- Rare exotic free chick with my order and 5- Blue laced red wyandotte
  24. Plastic Packaging Has To Stop

    I agree, I try to use paper as much as possible but there are stores that do not even offer paper bags. I have a few cloth bags but never seem to remember them. Paper for us serves a dual purpose, I can use it to carry groceries home and we save them for fire starter all winter, we exclusively burn wood for heat. Also, it keeps my husband in business as a logger and is, despite people thinking otherwise, a renewable resource.