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  1. 3y Old Needs To Be Broke Cont.

    ok i see what you mean, at first i though she had a back strap along with the girth on the front of the saddle. Also, I do this everytime I ride, but after you tighten the saddle a bit see if he will let you grab his front legs and stretch them out, it helps somewhat to make sure none of the skin is pinched in the girth ( I dont know if it actually works, but my horse seems to like it).
  2. 3y Old Needs To Be Broke Cont.

    What kind of bit do you have on him...I recommend breaking him in a snaffle, an O-ring or eggbutt or somethign want him to have a light mouth, so you want to start in a light bit. Also, looking at your saddle, do you have the back strap and the girth on the same hole? I can't tell what that strap is going behind the stirrup is from the pictures?
  3. Tying The Head To The Side

    My horse is five years old, I broke her when she was 2 and a halfish, but very slowly, just a lot of walking and trotting till she was 3...she is a small horse and quit growing early (hasn't grown much since her original owners bought her at the auction at 1). She is very stocky tho, I actually thought she was very overweight but the vet said she is fine shes just big....When I was training her I made the mistake of teachign her to lower hear head off of my hands, so now I am stuck holding her to keep her in somewhat of a frame, and I need to get her to push more from her hind and lift her shoulders so she can carry herself without me holding her babysitting her (this is how the trainer explained it too me and i realize how much i do have to hold her).....She is more trained as a trail horse then a show horse, but she knows she what her job is in the ring, but when it comes to the canter she just misbehaves a shows, she isn't nearly as bad in our home ring (she does have her days though, but she is still young) and I admit I do not have the time to work her as much as she needs (full time high school student, 3 jobs, and softball)...but she is turned out 24/7 in a very hilly pasture (helps her keep her butt nice and big lol ) And i realize that she is not going to be a finished show horse, but I want to get her there and I do not have the knowledge to do it (never took real lessons except for some last year, just kinda learned from watching and reading and riding the "crazy" horses, typical teenager). Which is why I am looking for a trainer to help me finish her... If you need any other background on my horse and her training to help me with some exercies please just ask.
  4. Tying The Head To The Side

    Ok, Smilie, what are the best ways to get shoulder control...I started bending and counterbending a little in the saddle, but how exactly do you go about teaching it? Anyone else is more than welcome to say how they get shoulder control
  5. Tying The Head To The Side

    ok, so I have another random question that just came to do you get a horse to have a bend on the lungeline? And I don't mean using the lunge line to teach it (though if someone has an idea on that) but I mean after your horse knows it in the saddle and say your lunging because for some reason you cant ride...will your horse transfer the bend to the lunge line or do you have to teach it?
  6. Tying The Head To The Side

    ok, so GlowingTrickPony, if the trainer is using it to loosen up a stiff horse, then plans to get me in the saddle right after (which I'm pretty sure she is), you don't think it's too bad of an idea?
  7. Tying The Head To The Side

    Truthfully the way she described it it didn't sound too bad, not like the old cowboy was of tying crazily...idk tho. I just don't want to loose a good wp trainer because most here are Hunterjumper, but I don't want to get into a situation i don't like...I mean i guess i could see it and see if I find it humane and helpful at all....There is one more trainer I could try to that emailed me so I might check that one too.
  8. Tying The Head To The Side

    Okay, so I'm trying to get help finishing my horse, and I'm looking for a western pleasure trainer, which is difficult to find in my area...I found one and had an introductory lesson today. The trainer had me working on bending my horse by holding my inside rein and pushing with my inside leg. She said my horse has to learn to not be held and is very stiff (which I sort of knew). We worked on true bending and counter bending. I liked her, but one thing bothers me, but it might be because I don't know a lot about it...She wants to tie my horses head to the side and get her moving forward from the ground to teach her to go forward with her head still bent and lifting the shoulders? is this a decent and safe training method, or is it seen as inhumane...I do not think she wants to do this for an extended period of time, nor at a standstill...from what I understand as soon as my horse begins to walk straight we will switch sides. I just don't know what to think of all of she a good trainer because she uses this method...She said we could do it all in the saddle but it would be longer and harder especially with me riding my horse..I also am trying to get to states and my district show is in a month, so I don't know if shes trying to rush for that...It is hard to find a good western pleasure trainer in my area and she showed me videos of her horses and all seem very well behaved trained...Also she spur trains her horses and they have a spur this respectable...I am not around true western pleasure trainers enough to know really what is out there. Any comments are appreciated.
  9. Fat Ponies

    You may also want to get your vet to check their thyroids...i had a dog with a slow thyroid and he picked up a ton of weight, as soon as we got him on the medicine he began dropping weight. We have several horses at my barn with slow thryoids (including mine), and they all had a nicer body weight and better coat once they got on thryoid medicine...only thing is you have to make sure you get it checked a couple times a year so you can hopefully wean your horse off of it (or at least thats wat I heard you can do, haven't been able to do that with mine yet).
  10. Riding In The Cold

    I think my cities problem is just that, where a big city. When they go to plow, especially weekdays, there are so many cars driving, cars stuck, and cars parked to clean it quickly. For example, we just had a huge snowstorm(for the region) a couple weeks ago and the city took over a week to get all their roads cleaned, while suburbs had been done for a while. We had a week off of school, that was ridiculous and got old fast. Plus 3 more snow days throughout the winter. Plus all the 2 hour delays.
  11. Riding In The Cold

    45 degrees. I wish it was that warm here all winter. I am soo tired of this cold and snow, our worst winter in over 15 years. The worst part is when Im cantering and the wind (we have our doors open) freezes the front of my thighs. I just bought underarmor pants though and that helps a ton. Its also bad when my toes get really cold and I go to take a shower and they burn soo bad in even cold water.
  12. Riding In The Cold

    I have a blanket to throw on her if she sweats. But as for the buses, they changed the gas to be more enviromental friendly, and it gets wierd, i guess kinda freezes, when its that cold. This year, it is a little warmer and it hasn't been a problem (they fixed it too i think). Plus they called school off cuz they were worried about elementary kids in the cold.
  13. Riding In The Cold

    I'm one of those people that ride year round, though i live in a somewhat cold/snowy region. This year we've got a ton of snow, but I have an indoor that I ride in. My question is how cold is to cold to ride? My horse isn't clipped, goes outside almost 24/7 except to eat, and is not blanket. When I ride her in the cold she rarely gets sweaty or hot (doesnt get hot easy, plus i usually can't ride long, and dont work her too hard due to time). Last year it was in the single digits for a while, so cold we were off school because buses wouldn't start, and I still rode. Is that bad for my horse? When I canter her i only do for a little. So basically, when do you stop riding, and is there any health risks of riding in the cold?
  14. Changing Email

    Nevermind I found out how.
  15. Changing Email

    Hey I'm not new but I was just wondering if there was a way to change your email adress without getting a new account. I have a new email and i would rather get emails on that account.