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  1. Thanks. One of the reasons I applied for the job in the first place, was some of the positive feedback from a few people on here that already work there. It has turned out to be a wonderful company, and we have a great team.
  2. I have been working at Tractor Supply for almost a year now. Love my job! We had our full time Team Leader leave to become a assistant manager at a new store, so the position came open. I applied for it, and inverviewed yesterday. I so hope I get it. I really want to move up in the company. Wish me luck, say a prayer...I need all the help I can get.. Thank you guys.
  3. Hey

  4. Mo's New Bff

    Oh, I forgot to add, I have permission to use and post pictures from Dad. I will be sharing this with secrets. I just had to share, next chapter, hopefully more stories ahead...Jessica, Mo, and now Jayden.
  5. Mo's New Bff

    First I have been around but not posting, just too busy. But this was too exciting not too share... Jessica is off to college at UNC Charlotte, and doing great! I am soooo proud of her...Staying very busy. First I want to share a picture of Mo and Jessica from May 2013. Now because Mo has too much heart and sooo much to teach, we couldn't let him just sit in the field when he could be helping another boy/girl learn the ropes and what it means to love those crazy arabians. With out further adoo...Drum role please. Jayden and Mo, they had been together one day, this was their first lesson... And today!!!!! Champion 2' division at TTC in Mocksville! Only together 3 weeks! They received 1 first, 3 seconds, and 1 third, giving them the points for Champion. :yay: :yay:
  6. What Does Everybody Do For Work?

    I, also, work at Tractor Supply. Love it!
  7. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    more prayers from NC. Thank you so much for sharing the picture.
  8. Tractor Supply Coming To Taylorsville Nc

    UPDATE! I got the job! I am so excited. They had 290 applications, and 50 interviews. They filled 7 positions, and they chose me. I can't wait to start, but I have to wait until next Monday for orientation. :yay:
  9. Antique Bit

    Cool old bit, I looked at some of the pictures on line. It is hard to believe these were common Mexican bits. I think it would be cool restored and hung on a bridle in the family room.
  10. You Know What All You Moms? Those Who Have Been Pregnant.

    Multiply that times 2 babies in a small woman, I am only 5'1" and 110 lbs. Not fun.
  11. Well Im In A Pickle

    Everyone has already given great advice. Please consult a legal service. I personally know someone who lost their 4 kids by crossing state line when leaving her husband and taking the kids. :huggy:
  12. Hc Prayers Needed For A Kitty

    More prayers coming.
  13. Got A Spare Prayer?

    Prayers for the this special girl and her family from all of us in NC. :angel3:
  14. Tractor Supply Coming To Taylorsville Nc

    It is Thursday, time for an update. I had my interview with the new store manager. He seemed like a very nice guy, lots of experience. He would be a good boss. He said they had over 200 applications submitted. They narrowed it down to 50 to interview, they are filling 12 or 13 positions. That is a lot of competition. I think the interview went well, but he can't let me know anything until next week. My ideal position is a part time lead position of which there is one, to become a full time position when the kids go off to school in the fall. Please say a prayer, send good vibes, I really feel this was a door opened by God. I did my best, now I just need to wait and see.
  15. Tractor Supply Coming To Taylorsville Nc

    To update: I have an interview on Thursday. I am excited. Wish me luck.