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  1. Involving Children In Adult Things...

    Maybe they could not find a babysitter that day?
  2. Changing Defination Of Autism

    I think that autism is not like a broken leg, that is either broken or not and you know if it is. The severely affected, yes, there is the equivalent there of an obviously broken leg. The less severely affected, then you have to go thru differential diagnosis to decide if to go on the path of helping them over what the "normal" individuals with their own problems, that also could use help, even if they are not pathological problems, are being helped. We already do that, intervene with any kid that has problems, but when we are talking autism, the field is so new and interventions in it not all based on science, but testimonials, it is hard to decide how to allocate finite resources, thus the tweaking of guidelines now, in our current situation, resources only going so far. I think that there have been so many now diagnosed in the autistic spectrum as that being a mental health crisis, definitively at the school level. Some of those are maybe not truly in the spectrum, thus this attempt to clarify the definitions.
  3. Changing Defination Of Autism

    So, what do you think?
  4. The reason he is against slaughter is because in his opinion, there is no good reason for it. I would not bother trying to explain to a closed mind why it should consider any other.
  5. Do you ever stop to think why we think like we do? I think that, if you stop and question yourself, don't let the decades of animal rights propaganda drive your thoughts to a mere knee jerk reaction to slaughter, that eek! process, you would maybe quit claiming the high moral ground. If we look around us without animal rights tinted rose colored glasses, all of us grew up with those and have to learn to see past them, we would understand that horses were first eaten, before we found other uses for them. Yes, we really did. Even after we found other uses, we have still been ultimately eating them and using them that one more last time for all kinds of products. Horses are basically first one more natural, renewable resource in this world we humans make all kinds of uses of them, some of those uses for some of those horses, thru slaughter. In the USA, we are right now, were not before, may not be in the future, a very rich nation, with the highest standard of living of any nation in the world. We are letting other's agendas guide what we may do, like the agenda of animal rights fanatics to eliminate ALL use of ALL animals, yes, that includes your horse too. How can animal rights fanatics be getting away with this? Because we are not thinking this thru and because we are rich enough to have choices. I think to follow behind animal rights bandwagons to ban horse slaughter, which is one of the AR causes of the moment, intended not to stop slaughter, but to be a way to keep getting their anti-animal use propaganda out there, is very shortsighted by anyone wanting to keep our rights to use animals. Lets not let animal rights bring the abuse card to the table. Sure, there was abuse in slaughter, there is abuse in churches and colleges also, but no one is banning churches and colleges so there won't be abuse, are they? OF COURSE we want whatever we do to be abuse free, but to use abuse to ban use? Not much logic behind that, "throwing the baby out with the bathwater", like banning driving because someone may drive drunk. I wonder about people some times, especially those that want to feel superior by questioning why others do what they do in a derogative manner: ---"Personally, I think that slaughtering horses for meat is barbaric and something that I can't imagine any horse owner with a conscience doing"--- Personally, I don't think banning horse slaughter has anything to do with anyone's conscience or lack of it, but with the agenda of animal rights fanatics and those too simple to see thru it. Remember, NO ONE is demanding everyone slaughter their horses. The question here is why would anyone expect to tell others what to do with THEIR horses? If we think we need to ban horse slaughter because of some abuse, really think this thru, do you really think there is no abuse in all and any other we do with horses? How soon do you think that same will apply to whatever YOU do with your horses? Right now there are many in the public that already think just riding a horse is abuse, the horror. Do we really want to keep promoting that by getting behind any one propaganda animal rights fanatics want to use to divide and conquer the horse community? To ban or not horse slaughter is a larger question than the knee jerk reaction I see by so many, that don't know what all is involved here or seem to care.
  6. Add to that the requirements to sell to most foreign markets demanded USDA inspected meat, of any kind, so that is one more reason the plants closed, once inspectors were not there any more. Private paid inspectors were not acceptable, according to those requirements. This goes for all meats, not just horse meat.
  7. Thrive--

    Except that with WNV the immunity, if naturally acquired or thru vaccines, only last a few months, it is gone by next year, when mosquitos reappear and infect horses again. Some viruses are like that. I had a horse die from WNV the third year, a horse that had been vaccinated. Any vaccine is not 100%, WNV is about 95% effective, good enough for most horse populations. Then some vaccines happen to get inactivated, get too hot or cold or contaminated or out of date and those we can't expect to work. I would not know why a tetanus vaccine didn't work there, but as I said, they are not 100% perfect, sorry that happened, it is very sad to have to see that. Decades ago, a friend's stallion, an own son of Three Bars, came down with tetanus and he was one that survived, against the odds, but it took months of excellent care. Still, it is very, very rare today to see a tetanus case.
  8. Thrive--

    The reason we use the same amount of vaccine is because the biological processes the immune system works in are very, very small, at the cellular level and at that level, they are the same for all, the big and little individual organisms. It is not that simple, that is a generalization, but what you are guessing at is like a blind person describing an elephant and it's features and characteristics by touch, way off from what reality is. The reason vaccines are not 100% is because the organism that gets it may not be right to mount an immune response. Neonates and those in the first weeks/months of life have immunity from maternal antibodies, so vaccinating them for many diseases is questionable, although safer than not vaccinating. A sick or weak individual may not respond to vaccines. WNV first came here about ten years ago and that first year, over 200 horses died from it. By the second year, everyone was vaccinating and there were a handful only and that was all in unvaccinated horses. The third year, there were even less come down with it, as more and more were vaccinated. All those years, we would have had hundreds of horses get it if we didn't have a vaccine for it. I grew up before we had tetanus vaccines and I tell you, you don't want to see a horse die from tetanus, it is horrible. With the vaccine, most vets today have never seen a case of it. Oh, yes, vaccines work.
  9. Thrive--

    I knew that in the USA, schools are not always up to par, but honestly, that is an appalling level of ignorance. By the way, we used to conduct vaccine trials for companies, we know what works and why and yes, vaccines work for the intended purpose and the science behind them is very solid. One question for you, do you know why you give a chihuahua the same dose of vaccine you give a great dane, not less, according to their different sizes?
  10. Thrive--

    ---There will always be people who discover things and that when they come forward, if it threatens a lot of people with a lot of money, they will be shot down as a "conspiracy theorist" or a "nut." "--- Then, some are truly "nutty". I agree with you that we need to think about all and any around us. Then, the word there is THINK, even you, when you find something like this way out there documentary. Taking this at face value, on the word of that one video? That would be even more senseless than what they are saying is out there.
  11. I tell you what a lawyer told me and others have confirmed. "Give a lawyer a person in a wheelchair and any one worth it's degree can get a settlement out of the lawsuit. WHy? The sued party can't win, the legal and social cards are stacked against them. It is the way the game is played. I bet the school will settle.
  12. I like her spirit, but think she needs to mature a bit more, get a bit real. I am 4'11" and was very good in basketball in the small kid's group, where we were not that different in size from each other. Once we were growing up seriously, should I have demanded they accommodate for me, shorter than all in my class and the one behind us and ask they lower the basket so I could keep competing? Some times, fighting for the right causes is commendable. Others, hitting your head on walls is, well, not too smart. Now, the school could have made a special category of cheerleading to accommodate her and not have this controversy. Schools do that regularly and maybe that is what she should ask for, not that they change everyone's rules to fit her.
  13. Pp "taking Your Showmanship To The Next Level"

    Ok, whatever you say. On critiques, I meant other than PP's techniques, that I agree are up for question, big time. I was talking about his other "large attributes" some were commenting on.
  14. Pp "taking Your Showmanship To The Next Level"

    I agree, their programs started questionable with their rough methods and got worse with crazy ones now. Still, no one should take personal shots at anyone else, like some do about the size of anything, no matter what, even if it is PP's ... mustache. As for copying anything in those videos, they are copyrighted. You are breaking the law posting any of it here, I think. May want to delete that, or at least run it by the moderators for approval. Those not familiar with the PP system are not aware of the many really odd things they do, like fluidity, monkey riding and other such.