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    My horse of course, otherwise I love being a mommy, the outdoors, and a good scary movie or book.
  1. Annie looks great! I've always loved your girl :) loved the pics of you on bareback. I can't believe she is 13. Your bf's is a nice looker. How fun to be able to go riding together.
  2. Just Some Green...

    Eskie, they TILLED the PASTURE???? Why???? I guess it would make riding nicer and we wouldn't worry so much with the horses slipping....but I'm with you....that's lame! Katy, I love the pictures! I am jealous of that nice green pasture and those are certainly some happy ponies :)
  3. Took Some Friends Riding

    Thanks guys! I thought the pics were kinda cute, but ya know....I'm kinda biased hehe. My friend's boy was so cute and wants to be a cowboy when he grows up.
  4. My Friend's Horse Had Her Baby!

    What a cute little stinker! Love that blaze!
  5. Stages Of Aging And Horse Riding

    Certainly a stage 4..... Stars, I doubt your a stage 5 my dear ;)
  6. Took Some Friends Riding

    My friends from California came last week to visit and asked if I would take thier boy Skyler horse back riding. The kids had so much fun riding. My munchkin Kassidy loved showing Skyler how to be around horses and how to ride. The pictures were too cute not to share :) Skyler and Kass on Smoke Kass taking Skyler for a ride. Such cute kiddoes Then we had to wear the cowboy hats.... My friend Angel had to go for a ride too :) And take her boy for a ride too. Snuggling with Smokey My kid is such a poser lol! And my fave :)
  7. This Year's Extreme Horseman's Challange Race

    Serah, LOVE that picture!!! How fun
  8. This Year's Extreme Horseman's Challange Race

    Ya......don't think my horse or me for that matter would like those wires.....have you done the tough misdeeds races before??
  9. This Year's Extreme Horseman's Challange Race

    Haha! You BETTER be there AND bringing Miss Piper to try out the course in the schooling division
  10. This Year's Extreme Horseman's Challange Race

    OMG, so I've typed up this reply like 5 times! For some reason I can't reply. *sigh* we will try again. Eskie, thanks for getting Spiffy all updated. Pistol is in a great home with a fellow BB and she is planning on doing barrels on him. I am lucky and get updates and pictures from her all the time :) Serah, wow, your doing the Tough Mudder race? Way to GO! There is one in UT coming up in Oct....not sure I'm up for it. I'm in descent shape, but MAN that race looks brutal lol! Kina, thanks :) The pictures were a combinded effort of our dear friend Eskie and my dad :) I took the prerace pics, but that's about it. There are some riders who do go over the larger logs. Smokey and I did the one my daughter is standing by, but it was at the other end and it was on an angle and not as hight :) It's a fun obstacle where you can choose which logs to go over and rack up as many points as possible. You just don't want to dilly dally with them too much and buggar up your total time. Thanks to everyone else! Smoke and I are entered in another race on the 28th. Wish us luck!
  11. Looking To Get Some Chickens And Rabbits

    Oh jealous! I want to get chickens but haven't gotten to the point where we could get them. One day..... I've heard Rhode Island reds are great layers as well as Australorps. I think you would want to look into different breeds for meat. I'm sure you could use laying breeds for meat, but they lack a little substance. Good luck!
  12. This Year's Extreme Horseman's Challange Race

    Awwww once again, thanks guys :) I was pretty excited and had to post. Ohnine, you SHOULD see if there are any in your area. They are too fun. Horsepoor, I bet you and Sage would tear a course up :) good luck finding some races :) Darn it dondie.....hopefully some will move up state so you could try.
  13. This Year's Extreme Horseman's Challange Race

    Awwww thanks guys! We sure had fun. I can't wait for the next one. Laramie, I swear Smokey likes the races as much as I do. Red, you crack me up. You guys and the Crack pony are welcome ANYTIME :) Spotted, just come in over and ride with me. Eskie, you should do the schooling class on the 29th :)
  14. Hi everyone :) Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I thought I would post about our race this last weekend. Sorry it's been forever. Life over here is pretty crazy and I don't get to be online as much as I'd like. Anyway, Smokey and I competed at the first Race of the season last Saturday. Our dear friend Eskie, her daughter, and our friend Marrianne all came out to brave the winds and give us support. Eskie brought along Miss Piper to give her some good experience and exposure. It was a great day for a race and we even hit a record high as it was in the 80's. There also should have set records for the insane wind that day. There were times you couldn't even see the course because of the dirt, grit, and dust. There were quite a few competitors this year. About 100 or more all together. There were 6 competing in the Extreme Catagory and they went second to last. So it made for a long day in the sun and wind. The race this year had some fun elements. Llamas, pigs, pool noodles, bridges, ect. The first obstacle was a tough one, at least for Smokey and I...we had to unbridle our horse in a large arena, then wait for a countdown, run in, catch and bridle, then open the gate and go onto the course. Well, Smoke was so amped up and just wanted to GO. SO of course he took off like a bullet running around the arena like a crazy horse. Thankfully after two good laps he was ready to go and I could get him bridled. We also took a bit longer sorting the cattle than I would have liked as well. Anyway, all in all it was a great day full of horses and fun. It was so fun hanging out with Eskie. Her and her daughter are troopers to be out in the sun and wind all day. Ok, how about some pictures? Here is a picture of one of the obstacles with my little munchkin :) Each log had different points and you could go over them as many times as you wanted without repeating the same log twice in a row if that makes sense. Here's a little digital edited snapshot of the sunset the night before. Chit chatting with another competitor (trying to calm my crazy nerves haha) Bridling Smokey after he blew off some steam getting extra credit points by stopping halfway over the bridge then backing off of it (thanks Eskie for the pic!) Heading up a hill and log obstacle One of the jumps Eskie and her daughter were so sweet to give my little kidlet rides on Piper while waiting. Thanks guys! And here is the result of being out all day at a horse competition....my grandpa and daughter :) Ok....one last pic. This was actually taken last year, but I didn't realize they had taken it. It was a jump out of the water obstacle and over the log at ground level. That's all for pictures and thanks for looking :) Oh and just a side note.....Smokey and I placed first hehehe. Just had to mention that :)
  15. Red, it's been FOREVER! Everyone is looking good and boy, what a fun day it looks like you guys had :) I loved the pictures and I bet those boys made some fun memories they won't be forgetting anytime soon. LOVED the pictures :)