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  1. Halter Class

    Start 1st with ground manners. She must be extreamly well behaved! and getting her to square up when you ask her too. Also the appaloosas competing at the national and world level are not ridden ( at least the winners I know). Many are trotted long distances behind ATVs ( at a slow pace) to help build muscle. Neck sweats, and most of the time stalled. But for starters, ground manners, walking and trotting next to you. Stopping when you stop, turning when you turn ( without putting your hand on them). As for grooming, Brushing daily, keep face, ears etc trimmed. Keep feet trimmed and or shod. keep mane pulled. I do not compete in halter at the national or world level, but at the local level and local breed shows. Halter is not really my thing, performance is. But there are a few things to get you started. Oh!! A well fitted halter!! it needs to be snug, and against the face, not hanging. Not a pro in this area, again halter is not something I train for, but I do keep my horses fresh with the basics. ps. way of going at the walk and trot are the biggest. who is the Sire and Dam?
  2. Your Opinions On Using The Saddle Horn And Tie Downs!

    As far as tie downs go...well its just going to depend on the horse. I have several that need one and several that don't. Just if you decided to use one, don't put it on so tight as to restrict your horse's ability to run and turn. As for the horn, well I use mine, but only in my turns. i see no other need to use it unless I am turning. That's how I learned at well. Been barrel racing since I was 4. Started on ponies, and by the time I was 10 I trained my 1st barrel horse. But again its going to be dependent on what your horse will need, and how you ride. I recommend using the horn in turns.....nothing like getting left behind has your horse comes out of a turn. in between the barrels you may need both hands to help set your horse up for the turn.
  3. Is There A Age Limit?

    There is no age limit to gelding a horse. I normally geld my horses between 3 and 4 yrs old. I have had a few that were gelded in their mid to late teens, after having sired several foal crops. They were great stallions, but were being sold to tween girls as show horses. So the "manhood" had to go! But no age limit!
  4. Question For Vets/vet Techs Or Knowledgeable People

    Wow you are being charged a lot!! I am currently living in VA and I only pay $160.00 for the same plan you have. It would actually be $180.00 because I get discounted on the intra nasal strangles, and PHF. I get a 10% discount on all other services as well. and a reduced farm call fee. I normally have the horses get Rabies, Flu/rhino, VEWT, WNV,PHF, Strangles. If i decided to not do the vet plan, I just order everything from Valley Vet, and show my barn manager. I can even get rabies, I just get no proof of rabies vaccine. But I liked the Plan thing last year so I am doing it again this year.
  5. Warming Bits When Its Cold

    I use a bit warmer. It wraps around the bit and it keeps it nice and warm. I have a couple of bit warmers.
  6. Starting A Horse On Barrels

    Starting a horse on barrels...... slow slow training gets a safe, fast, and sane barrel horse. I can walk my horses in the arena, do my run, and walk out. I see too many horses that have been fried mentally and have to be backed in, rearing, dragged in....... You have to do lots of walking the pattern. Lots of stopping. backing up and waiting. You have to get the horse on their butt!! I would suggest that you try to find a trainer in your area, or even some professional training videos. I have always started training on barrels with lots of walking the pattern. I normally just walk the pattern not looing for perfection, but adding my pockets for my turns. This gives my horse a chance to start learning the pattern. After a while I start adding in stops and backing up at each barrel. After stopping abd backing up always make them stand quietly for a few seconds; before moving forward and around the barrel. I may continue this for two months before trotting to each barrel, stoping and backing up, and waiting. I normally in a session I will trot the horse through the pattern completly 3-4 times, and walk in between each trotting run. And thats it. I do not practice the pattern for hours everyday. Eventually ( 4-6 months) before they even lope a full pattern ( not blow out, just lope without stopping and backing up). I work at every speed the same. lots of walking, stopping, backing, and just waiting. After the 3rd barrel and your coming home, i never, ever lope past the 1st two barrels! I lope half way and then walk back to my start point. Stop turn around, back up and just sit ( I have sat a horse in front of barrels for 30 mins before). 2-3 days before a competition I will warm my horse up well, lope the pattern a few times ( always walking the pattern between each run) and then may do two blow out runs, but thats it! I do this with all of my speed events. The same horses that run barrels, also show western pleasure, reining, roping, hunters,jumpers, and dressage. So Barrel horse are more than just barrel horses.
  7. Question About Charging For Training...

    I don't think it was becasue of the ad that I found many/most people lied. I think they just didn't want to tell me about a problem horse. I had many people tell me " oh he just needs a tune up...." then I get there and find out the horse has never been backed.....or he likes to dash right to the gate with his rider....etc. I have tried explaing to people that if I know the problem up front ( if its for a problem horse and do not have to hunt for it) I can start working to correct the problem. I may have lost business with the ad stating no rearing horses....but my neck isn't worth it! I have 4 children at home and the fact of I want to LIVE. I think people who have a rearing horse have a few options 1. never ride that horse again 2. send to a trainer who is willing to make the attempt ( though I would be with number 1. I would never trust that horse again). 3. put him down ( I would never advocate selling a chronic rearing horse). Back to the ad: I have just found that a lot of people, mainly those who have had horses a long time, and those who know more about horses than the beginner have been the ones to not tell the whole truth and have left many things out. So now I do contnue to train, but only in 30 day incriments, and the horse is brought to the barn where I board and train my horses. WOW that was long and drawn out!!! maybe a little off topic too...oops
  8. Question About Charging For Training...

    OMG I haven't been on here in AGES!!! anyways...... If you want to do this just to get more riding in, and exercise horses I could see 20.00 maybe 25.00. But the owner MUST ride the horse 1st and in front of you. Like Cheri said you cannot charge as a trainer unless you ARE a trainer. Just saying you are doesnt make you one. This can be a nice little way to make a few bucks, but you'll not get rich doing this......remeber to factor in time, fuel and distance. I have already tried this, and as a trainer! The entire craigslist thing and all......unless the horses are local, and you can get a few in the same areas of town, to me it was not worth it! I had several clients that I would drive to several times a week. I gave discounts for multiple booking, refferals. In the end The time and wear and tear was not worth it. If someone wanted a tune up, great no problem....its the people who think they are going to hand me a 3 year old with nothing done to him and end up with a dead broke horse in 3 -4 rides. My ad always stated that rearing horses would not be considered, because it is my thoughts that a chronic rearing horse and/or flipper cannot be fixed or trusted. Yet I would constantly get calls requesting to work rearers/flippers. Biggest thing.....Becareful!!!! Everyone does lie!! And only accept cash!!! checks bounce, and then you play **** trying to collect!
  9. Saddle Talk

    If your lookin for a good 16in barrel saddle, try a Dakota. I have been using my Dakota barrel saddle for 5 years now and it is great. It is made well, and it cost me $850 brand new!! I am not sure if they have a website or not, but I am sure you can find them at a tack shop!! [smiley Wavey] take care
  10. Do YOU call the Farrier when it's time........

    The barn i am at here in VA has over 140 horses here. So the farrier has a set day of every wed from 9-4. and second farrier comes every tues. and one other farrier comes up from NC 1 time a month. I like my farrier. He comed every wed. and twice a month we talk. 1 time for one mare, and another time for another mare. works for me.
  11. Yes, or No? All I need is one word from you all!

    they should have to qualify
  12. Yes, or No? All I need is one word from you all!

    they should have to qualify
  13. Round skirt barrel saddle?

    I use a round pad!!!
  14. my new dressage pony TATTOO!!! ** pics**

    I like a lot!! very cool
  15. My colt, $10 mare, play! (bunch of pics)

    If tha appy comes up missing, do not come looking here. i repeat do not come looking here!! LOL
  16. Rick Mercer and the Canadian Eventing Team

    i loved it!! too funny!!! I especially love the "show jumping" lol
  17. dilema, need everyone's thoughts

    Hi everyone!!! gotta a problem and I am needing some in put. My mare Faith, is currently being leased by a 14 yr old girl. Well this girl rides at ( well I am not sure what you would call the level beginner, intermead. etc).She has been leasing faith since last nov. Now I noticed she was an ok, rider, but i was told she would be riding with her instructor at least 1 time per week. Well here things are a few months later and in the last 2-3 weeks things have gotten really harry. Faith Med-wide english saddle no longer fits her. so we moved her back to the Med, and maing sure it fits. The rider is riding in an old 17in saddle of mine, as it was the only one I currently have that would fit faith. Well its about an inch too smaall for her leasee. Now she is continuously bucking and crow hopping nad even half rearing with this girl. I ride her and I have no issues. I took her aside today for 15 mins and told her how to ride this mare, and gave her very prescies instructions.With my help faith became softer, more forward, and trying to round up through her back, and all around became softer. When the girl rides her, right now she becomes very stiff, hollows her back, and turns her nose to the outside or oposite of the direction of travel. I have explained to her mom that a saddle to fit her and faith is paramount as is dressage lessons, or lessons with an excellent trainer. Now the problem is the mother seems eluctant to purchase a saddle for her daughter, for her to keep riding. I can't and have no desire to buuy another english saddle because I have been riding dressage for several months and spent money a few months ago of a descent dressage saddle. So I guess my real question is what would you do in my situation? would you cancel the lease, or require that she take dressage lessons, have her get a new saddle? what? I just need some ideas.
  18. dilema, need everyone's thoughts

    Well the lease has been canceled. And again i had another ride in the arena with no issues ( other than Faith doesn't like working at the far end of the arena. so we worked at the far end until she relaxed). Heck even my friend Marie rode Faith yesterday, and she had never ridden Faith before. Marie had no issues. She can see why my instructor feels Faith can go Prix St. George. so no loss for me. I just will not ever lease my mares again. 2nd lease I have done that has just gone south. I am just going to focus on Faith and out training.
  19. (Another) Major Life Dilemna

    PACK YOUR BAGS!!!!!! I would have already packed and been gone!!! LOL Dressage is a major part of riding, and as another said it is 1/3 eventing but actually its more than that. To have a better show jumping round and XC a solid fondation in dressage is paramount!!! So pack your bags and move your feet!!! go go go!!! after all its only a year correct? thik of the fun and the learning expericance ou will get, instead of the eventing for only 1 year you will miss. jump on it, and good luck

    if he is giving you issues with a bit such as tossing his head, you may want to have his teeth checked. it could be anything from lacerations in his mouth to wolf teeth ( if her still has them) I would get the teeth checked out. Kim

    if he is giving you issues with a bit such as tossing his head, you may want to have his teeth checked. it could be anything from lacerations in his mouth to wolf teeth ( if her still has them) I would get the teeth checked out. Kim
  22. dilema, need everyone's thoughts

    I don't find two hours excessive, especially when there is a lot of walking in between. Faith is in great shape as far as stamina and strength endurance is concerned. Just working on remuscling her. She has too much muscle on the underside of her neck. From tensing, and raising her head to protect her mouth from the girl leasing her. She has hollowed her back to protect herself as well. so I am working on rebuilding her topline muscle and such. but I understand the concern.
  23. dilema, need everyone's thoughts

    ok here is an update. I am going to go with the fact its the rider. The girl who is leasing Faith rode her tuesday in a lesson after I had given her another 15 min of instruction. ( the girls take a lesson every tuesday with an instructor). Now with the instruction from me everything was great. 3 mins later into another arena faith began to buck, and rear, and become a total monster. She started to refuse jumps ( which the mare has never done, even in training). I then found out that after her lesson was over and she was ridden out of the arena she started to buck and rear more, and harder. the girl jumped off adn started to hand walk her after loosening her girth a bit. Long story short faith continued to buck and rear and the girl for safety reasons let her go. Faith took off across the pasture contiuously bucking and jumping the xc jumps. it took her over an hour to catch her. So i came out yesterday and caught and saddled Faith. No issues at all. I worked this mare for almost 2 hours, 20m circle, serpentines, figure 8, lef yield, walking shoulder-ins, etc.( lots of walking). and nothing not a single buck not even a switching tail. The only reason I brought up her getting a new saddle of her own is for a few reasons. Her own saddle doesn't fit her, its a 16" she needs an 18", and she is not tacking care of my tack. I recommended a wintec 2000. I have been riding dressage and use a Wintec Isabelle (I love it). But i am not going to go out and purchase another english saddle just to fit the girl who is leasing her. I may just cancel the lease. Save the girl from getting hurt, and save my mare's,safety sanity/ride/ability just venting.....
  24. What breed do you race?

    I run my appys in barrles and poles and keyhole. My fastest time in poles was a 19 sec run. Barrles are a little harder to judge because the barrle patter size usually goes with the size of the arena. but i have had times from 15-18 depending on the arena size. My fav. racer i have is Silver and she is just a little mare at 14.2hh but mand she can turn and burn!!!
  25. check this out!!!

    I am not sure if anyone has heard of this site but i find it to be very cool; so i thought I would share. Nicker Network i love the section called Piaffe TV. check it out. It has some really interesting clips [ 02-20-2008, 11:19 AM: Message edited by: Double or Nothin ]