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  1. Naming a new horse :)

    Haven't been on here in YEARS but where better to ask for name suggestions? This girl was picked up from a feedlot, I don't know much about her other than the vet said she is about 2 and is healthy! My other horse (palomino mustang lurking in the background) is named Ruger.
  2. What Does Everyone Do

    I'm in the Army :) Love it!
  3. Who Here Is Old?

    Wow... Decided to check out horsecity again... It's been YEARS!
  4. Gallop Off.

    Good to hear she is a good girl!! =] Good luck!
  5. Horse Lying Down In Water On Trail! Help!

    *cough* Dressage whip! *cough* [bat Eyelashes]
  6. Gallop Off.

    Actually, to me in sounds like a respect issue. I could be wrong, but maybe try this. Free lunge in the round pen both directions, when asking to stop, put your hand out in front of the nose and ask to stop. Does she stop and swing her his towards you? Or her shoulder? If its her hip, thats a DEFINITE sign of disrespect. I know it sounds a little wierd, but I just went through something similar with my mustang on the ground, so I would think there would be a connection when riding? I don't know, I could be crazy. But let me know what happens!
  7. I Absolutely Hate Extreme Home Edition

    [Crazy] hehe, thats what my mama always says and she is bawlin on the couch.
  8. Has Anyone Had Surgery On Hip?

    Kinda of ironic, I am going through the SAME scenario. I had hip problems from when I came off and my horse came down after me. 4 years later, I gave in and saw a sports doctor. Did xrays 3 weeks ago. I have a semi-fused fracture (tried to heal itself) L3 vertabrae, which affected my hip and could potentially lead to paralysis (which I experienced at the time of the accident). I go for my MRI on Tuesday to make sure thats all it it. Figure I would tell you my story to let you know, your NOT ALONE!!! Prayers comin' your way!!! [Angel]
  9. Yup, head up to Oregon, there is a TON there! Whenever we go camping up there, we have to go. NOT ANYMORE!!!! I remember when I was really little I went into one of those kids care places while my grandparents shopped and the lady put my paper drawing through a slit in the glass wall and gave it to my grandpa. I thought it was amazing. lol.
  10. So, Results From That Race...

    I went to that race the other night! I got an exhibiton/time only run (which was nervous about, i thought she was gunna be super hot), we ended up running an 18.67? (BIG pattern) and I didn't push her or anything. I was EXTREMELY happy with the run! People were starting their horses way back before the alleyway and shooting their horses through gate, then at least half of them would stop at the first barrel and threw a fit. We walked in, trotted, loped a circle and then went (the only ones to do that, so it felt wierd). Pics from time only: Just chillin' lol: Second barrel (NOT disengaging the hind end! YAY!!!): So, our actual run was just as clean as out time only. Came out of it with an 18.07? The 1D winner had a 16.69, there was no 2D at all and I was #1 for the 3D and came home with $40.60! woohoo! Thats the most I have made at one time and it covered my entry (maybe not diesel though.. lol) Pics from the run: Happy horse is trotting: lol! NO idea what this is, but whatever: Second barrel: Coming out of the second (no swinging hips! yay!): Unfortunately, I don't have a video, but I am VERY proud of the run. It was VERY clean! =]
  11. So, Results From That Race...

    [Yay] oh my goodness, thanks so much! That means a lot to me =] Critiques are MORE than welcome. I need ALL the help I can get!
  12. Disengaging The Hind End

    So, we have the pattern perfect at a walk, job and a long trot. Speed control and rating are doing great. We can stop at any point during the pattern. Turns the first barrel without stopping (use to be a tard at stop to look at it half way around), but for some reason, the last little part of the second barrel (turn to the left), Mariah disengages her hips, swings them around to get situated and then continues. I tried a TON of leg and hold her head a little better/different, but she still does it. Should I try spurs? I have some dull ones. Or maybe those bumper spurs a couple times so she KNOWS I am there. We worked with cones tonight for the first time. I know people use them, but I never figured out why. I put them about 1 1/2 feet from the "in" part of the barrel (the widest part of the turn), so I would be able to come "out" of it tighter. Is this correct? It worked, but I'm not sure if thats what people typically use them for. We have our first race in two months tomorrow night. I have one time only and then I have one go. The race is at 7pm, the time only is at 6pm. Should I ride her in the morning, or just hope for the best?
  13. New Job.. Nervous

    Well, I got hired for a new job yesterday. After I quit my job at a dog kennel on Tuesday. The dog kennel (not to be named), had me doing a lot of work irrelevant to the business (cleaning THEIR house) and I found an infestation of maggots. MILLIONS of them in THEIR dogs food and, their carpets and some of the dog runs. I told them I was done and walked out. After two months of doing every little thing they have asked me, and more, that I was NOT hired for, I was MORE than done. I hated that job. There was a ton of down time where all I did was sit and watch the dogs sleep, for me that is not fun. If I am WORKING, I need to be actually WORKING. So yesterday, I got hired at a vet clinic. Very respectable place and very well known. I start today from 3pm-8pm. I normally woudln't be nervous, but I REALLY want to like my job. I am not 'legally' a vet tech, since I haven't done the training, but I am going to be doing the same type of work when I am asked. I am going to be given a task list everyday and once I am done with that, I will be able to assist with surguries and medicating animals. Do you think me quiting was legitament? Everyone is making me feel really guilty about the situation, like I shouldn't have quit, but for $8 an hour (in CA mind you), It was NOT worth it. Is/Was anyone here a Kennel/Vet Tech? What should I expect?
  14. Clothing Sizing Query.

    I think the easiest thing to do is measure your waist and inseam in inches and then compare. I wear a 1 and i am 25", so a 3 would be something like 27"? Anyways, thats the best way to do it =]
  15. New Job.. Nervous

    Thanks so much! I appreciate it!! I loved looking through all the rooms, like the surgery room, xray room, etc. Fascinating to me. =] I just REALLY hope I stay busy and the 5 hours goes fast.
  16. Getting Ready For Sunday...

    So, last night I took Mariah to the arena (empty arena) and worked on sliding stops, rollbacks/spins and speed control. All of those things were just about flawless. We also worked on loping small to big circles and the same with trotting and she was a little loose with her hind end (which she tends to do when she is hot, ugh). Now... I will be able to ride Thursday (at home, only light work since the ground is hard, but I have barrels), I can ride Friday night and Saturday. Race is on Sunday. She is in shape, I have been riding her butt up and down the trails a TON lately and ponying the mustang (and of course riding at home, just not on the pattern). So, what is the best way to take advantage of the time I have? She knows the pattern, but if I don't work her butt of this week she will be too hot and will blow it. The race is an NBHA so the entry is something like $25 and only one go. So I DON'T want to waste it if I can. There is only going to be about 20 racers in my division, so I may even have a tiny chance of winning my entry back! Help?
  17. Let's See Your Significant Other!

    my bubby and i One more where we arent so... clean? Been together for a year and a half =]
  18. Dog Groomers, A Question Or 3

    Do they routinely trim nails, wash, blow dry, shed out and express the anal gland? They should. Usually places meant for grooming or kennels will definitely do it. Petco, Petsmart, etc. will just do the trim and nails. Is there a good housekeeping seal of approval type thing if they've gone through classes or passed tests? Or is it all mom and pop backyard DIY learning curve? Its like a horse shoer. They can do, sure, but they can also get certified. And appx. how much can I expect to spend? On that size dog and with that much hair, probably anywhere from $50-$85 Is Pet Smart a decent option to use? I'm not sure about Pet Smart, but Petco doesn't clean ears and other things. So, yea...
  19. So, I Bought This Phone...

    I haven't paid for it yet, but does it look like it's worth $150?
  20. So, I Bought This Phone...

    [Yay] Thanks =] It looks a lot like the iPhone, just a heck of a lot cheaper. I don't like the stilus idea, but whatever, I will use my finger. lol.
  21. !

    Thats awesome! I got my license two weeks ago after having my permit for a year. I get insurance on Friday (my 17th bday) so then I will drive on my own =] LUCKY DUCK! Congrats! [Yay]
  22. Number 5000

    That deserves 5 dancing bananas! [Yay] [Yay] [Yay] [Yay] [Yay]
  23. Pregnancy

    Best thing to do is relax. Early miscarrages can often be caused by stress. So, RELAX. What ever happens, was planned and happens for a reason. My mom is a midwife/doula, so if you have any questions she and I are more than welcome to help out! =]
  24. Some People Really Need To Be Educated!

    I feel better now knowing the listing is gone. Hopefully they catch the hint... [bang Head]